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Kate Moss is Launching a Wellness Brand ‘COSMOSS’

Kate Moss has made her way through the goop era. Four years ago, the supermodel decided to go sober. Now, she is all set to launch her new brand COSMOSS, flipping her reputation from a party girl to a wellness guru. Read on to know all about it.

Follow Me To COSMOSS…

The legendary 90s supermodel Kate Moss has come up with a new range of “mesmerising and magical” line of several lotions, potions and elixirs, courtesy of her latest venture: a wellness brand called COSMOSS.

Per COSMOSS’ official Instagram account, the imprint — dropping on September 1 — is “self-care created for life’s modern journeys, drawing on the extraordinary experience of Kate Moss.” The brand will reportedly sell detox tea, CBD face oil, and a “Sacred Mist” fragrance.

The caption on the Cosmoss IG handle reads: “Soulful, sensual, self-aware. Introducing COSMOSS. COSMOSS is self-care created for life’s modern journeys, drawing on the extraordinary experience of Kate Moss. Coming 01.09.22.”

Kate Moss also shared a controversial video of herself as she launched her new wellness brand. In the video, her voice-over seductively says “follow me to Cosmoss”, while the guitar intro to Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon” plays on. You know what? We think we will, actually. While I can’t share it here, you can always visit her Instagram to watch the new video.

Experience The Wellness With Cosmoss…

It’s no secret that Moss is a confidence queen, and in a recent interview, she revealed how she gets it for herself. “Don’t be scared to love what you love. Whether it’s a man, woman, or clothes. Whatever you love, you should be able to say you love it. Just be true to yourself.”

As for her wellness brand, COSMOSS will expand Kate’s empire to the wellness side of the business world. The brand is inspired by her own experiences. Set to be released on Sept 1, it’s all about healing, self-awareness, and being in tune with oneself.

Per several outlets, Moss’ fragrance provides “emotional balance and a sense of inner peace,” while her special tea can help “‘protect the body against toxins.” COSMOSS appears to fit nicely into a phenomenon of beauty brands adopting the language of wellness, self-care, and psychology.

One Instagram caption describes COSMOSS: “Each COSMOSS product has been meticulously crafted with well-being in mind, using potent, natural substances,” one Instagram caption continues. “Each ritual opens a door to balance, restoration and love. The Cosmoss scent re-centres and completes.”

COSMOSS comes as a surprising move from Kate, who struggled with substance abuse and once served as the poster child for “heroin chic.” The model has since taken up meditation, gardening, and going to bed early, according to a recent BBC interview.

Once nicknamed “The Tank” for her ability to drink vodka for hours, Kate Moss is all about sleeping early, meditation and focusing on positive energy. The transformation that this actress has undergone is plausible.

And who wouldn’t want to buy up products curated by one of the most beautiful women in the world? “If it makes your bum look that good I’m getting some,” declared fashion designer Bella Freud in the comment section.

While the brand continues to serve customers an extraordinary wellness journey, it’s this personal journey — Moss’ transformation from Indie Sleaze god to wellness sage — that just might attract customers in search of their own reinvention. What do you think?

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