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How to Tell if a Rolex is Real?

Rolex – the real status symbol for all the watch collectors. 

This brand is the epitome of elegance and quintessence. Owning a Rolex is one of the biggest fancies for the connoisseur of watches.

Every bit of this timepiece is crafted with quality, minimalism, and class. Rolex is one of the most distinguished names in the watch industry. But sadly, some people have started selling the dupes of this timepiece.

With so many copies of your favorite watch everywhere, how do you determine if yours is a real one? Here are the points that lay down the difference between a genuine Rolex watch and its copy.

The Case Back 

One of the quickest means to spot a genuine Rolex watch is to check out its case back. All the models of this watch feature a smooth metal case back.

If you notice that the backside of the watch is clear or see-through, know that it is a replica, and you must stop buying it. The brand believes in smooth polishing and refinement of its case back. Thus, you will never spot a see-through glass in a real one. The finishing of the case back remains smooth.

Engraved Serial Number 

Every timepiece that this brand produces entertains its authentic Rolex Serial Number. Even though the dupes often copy the number, no rogue could copy how the brand engraves it on the watch.

These serial numbers are precisely engraved on the metal body and are an easy point of distinction between a genuine Rolex watch and its copy.

The Heft of The Watch 

Another way to spot a fake Rolex watch while shopping is by looking at its heft. The copies of this watch are usually lighter in weight. On the contrary, if you feel that it is heavier to lift, it is a genuine one and a worthy buy for sure.

Rolex is made using high-quality metals that weigh significantly more than its dupes.

The Crown Logos 

You can also distinguish between an authentic Rolex watch and a fake one by looking at its crown logos. A genuine Rolex watch has a crown logo right at the center. You will find it a little raised. On the other hand, a fake Rolex watch tries to copy such a logo but ends up miserably.

You can also use a magnifying glass to decipher a small crown etching in the glass covering of the watch. It rests at 6 O’clock on all the models manufactured post-2002. The etching is so tiny that you may need a help of a professional jeweler to spot it.

Tips to Avoid Buying A Fake Rolex 

  • Never buy your Rolex timepiece from a non-reputed location. Cross-check the authenticity of the store you are buying your watch from. Even when looking for it online, ensure to check their certification.
  • To avoid getting duped, always buy your watch from an experienced watchmaker or a jeweler.
  • You may get tempted to buy your timepiece from an auction. But do you know these are very unreliable? Imagine putting your hard-earned money in buying a Rolex from an auction and then finding it is fake.

We hope you take the above-listed points seriously while shopping for a Rolex. For more updates, keep in touch.

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