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How to Spot Fake Yeezys? 9 Keys Things to Check

If you are a sneaker collector, Yeezys is the next big thing to check out.

Kanye’s Adidas Yeezy shoes are the hottest sneakers in the market. No wonder their popularity is increasing after the star was seen spotted them. They are the best thing any sucker for sneakers would want to spend their money on.

Yeezy Sneakers belong to a new line of modern shoes which combine style and comfort to perfection. They are so cool that you can pair them up with anything – from your casual outfits to a mix and match formal wear, and even as trainers. As they are so much in demand, it is careful to buy an authentic pair. After all, you will not want to invest your hard-earned money buying imitation Yeezys.

The below-listed guide covers all the minute details that will help you spot the difference between real and fake Yeezys. Make sure to read it till the end and save yourself from getting duped.

How to Spot Fake Yeezys?

According to fashion experts and designers, the most effective way to authenticate a pair of real Adidas Yeezys is to check their inner details. The intricate details, when checked correctly, ensure that you do not blow your money buying the wrong ones.

1. Start with the Labels and Logos

First things first! The starting point to check the authenticity of this pair of sneakers is to check the logo and labels. Producing quality logos is an expensive drill. Thus, the knock-off companies will often settle for low-quality and inferior creations.

Fake Yeezys come with a different logo size than the real ones. Their logos occupy a larger space on the sneakers where they are located. A fake Yeezy comes with a big and poorly done logo at the side of the shoe. It is probably the quickest way to distinguish a copied sneaker from the authentic ones.

2. The ‘Made in China’ Phrase

The phrase, ‘Made in China’ does not disqualify the authenticity of your sneakers. But if the shoe is fake, you will find an imprint of ‘Sample made in China’. The fake ones will also have other extra information written, including the shoe name on the size tag.

An original pair of Yeezy will never be so wordy. Beware!

3. Examine the Insole

One of the areas to distinguish a knock-off Yeezy from a real one is its insole. It is expensive to print and design the right insole, because of which these manufacturers use low-quality and counterfeit insole designs. A fake pair comes with white texts on the inside. Moreover, the words are never a mirror image of each other.

The original pair of Yeezy reads as ‘Adidas YEEZY’ with a patent Adidas trefoil located inside the two words. And if you do not spot it at the insole, stop yourself from buying the shoe. The insoles of an authentic pair of sneakers are also mirror images of each other.

4. Look Keenly at the Lettering

The distinct lettering on the shoe makes it look pretty. Most counterfeit brands cannot record such precise lettering on the shoe, thus making it easy to spot the real ones from the fake ones. The lettering does not line up correctly in a fake Yeezy shoe.

The letters run straight across and do not assume shapes and curves. Fake pair of Yeezy also uses the letter ‘v’ instead of ‘W’.

5. Cross-Check the Stitching and Patterns

Another way to differentiate between fake and real Yeezys is to check their stitching and patterns. If your shoe has messy stitching, know it is a fake product. This kind of stitching also follows a criss-cross approach.

Image Via Legit Check App

On the other hand, an original pair of Adidas Yeezys boasts neat stitching, which creates an X pattern on both sides. It is further separated by a square to make the stitching look neater.

6. Count the Number of Red Dots

The heel tab of Adidas Yeezy comes with red dots, which may help you determine if you are buying a legit or counterfeit pair of shoes. The easiest way here is to count the number of dots. Real Yeezys have nine dots on their heel tabs. The fake ones may have more than nine.

The essential thing to note here is not to focus on the dots outside the rectangular tab while counting. They rest on the rectangular part.

7. A Careful Inspection of the Heel Tab

While authenticating your Yeezys, check the heel tab area. If it is located too close to the lining, it is a fake pair of sneakers.

It is vital to check the knit pattern on the heel tab of the shoe. Different areas of the sneakers have different textures, made to form a unique pattern throughout the pair. The fake ones possess a loose knit.

8. Look Closely at the Footbed

Check the footbed area of your sneakers to distinguish between the real ones and their copy. Like the heel tab, examine the stitching pattern of the food bed. Look for the perforations showing the Boost. A fake stitching pattern will appear to be dense and inconsistent. An authentic pair of shoes will have neater sews.

An original pair of sneakers also has its perforations equally spread out compared with the fake ones.

9. Look at the Size Tag

To finalize the authentication of Adidas Yeezys, check the size tag. With this tip, you can spot the replicas very easily. Closely examine the labels and fonts written on the size tag. If they do not follow a particular format or pattern, they are replicas.

In the fake Yeezys, the fonts are not properly printed. While some letters may look normal, others will be a little bolder. The real ones do not have such inconsistency. Both the font and the space between the lettering are consistent and in place.

To ensure that you buy a pair of real Adidas Yeezys, buy from a reliable and reputed source. If you are shopping offline, buy from an authorized Adidas store or seller. The same rule applies when you shop online. Always check the credibility of the website you are shopping from.

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