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How to Remove Grease Stains from Clothes? Follow these Remedies

Laundry offenders are a real thing. Some ingredients, when spilled on your clothes, take a toll on the fabric. Out of all these offenders, one of the peskiest is grease. The grease spots on your clothing linger for a long time. We suggest you take immediate action and do away with it at the earliest.

Thankfully, you can work on some remedies to remove the notorious grease stains from your clothes.

How to Remove Grease Stains from Clothes?

The below-listed tips are an effective solution to remove grease stains from your clothes. Remember, these remedies may work differently for different fabrics. Thus, we recommend you do a patch test before using them to clean the stain.


Not many people know this, but using chalk to remove oil or grease stains on your cloth may work wonders for most fabrics. This ingredient pulls out oil like the back of its hand. You can try it to remove little stains and splatters.

Begin with removing the excess amount of grease from your garment using a clean paper towel. Cover the whole spot with chalk and allow a few minutes for the oil to completely absorb. Once it gets absorbed, wash your garment.

Baking Soda

Baking soda always works wonders when cleaning stains of all kinds, including oil and grease. The properties of baking soda pull out the grease from your fabric. If you do not want to wash something as heavy as your coat, you can use this remedy to rescue it.

Before beginning, remove excess oil with a paper towel or cloth. Sprinkle soda on the affected area and let it sit for the next 24 hours. You can use a drier or a vacuum or even a brush to remove the soda. Now, spray the affected area with vinegar and water solution. Scrub it with soap and brush and rinse. If you still see the stain, repeat the process until it vanishes completely.

Club Soda

Like baking soda, club soda also works effectively to remove the stains of grease from your clothes. All you need to do is to pour some club soda into a bowl and soak your garments in it.

The properties of club soda will remove oil or grease stains in no time.

Ammonia or Steam Cleaner

If the grease stain has dried, the above-listed remedies will barely come to the rescue. You may have to work on something more substantial to do away with the stains. Ammonia is the most sought-after remedy in this case.

The chemical profile of ammonia is alkaline, making it perfect to treat organic stains that are acidic. You can use ammonia on the garment, but do not overdo the quantity, especially if treating delicate fabrics. Blot some ammonia and apply steam from a cloth steamer or steam cleaner. It will remove the stain.

Mechanics Soap

You can find mechanics soap in the market and do away with the stains that are notorious and stubborn. As the name suggests, this soap is used by the mechanics to clean the grease stains from their clothes and skin.

To use this remedy, lay the clothing flat on the table and place an old towel or cardboard under the stain. Apply the soap to the stain and allow it to sit for the next 15-30 minutes. Wash the garment in a washing machine. Load this garment separately and dry.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is a savior when correcting the many skin issues. But do you know it is equally useful in treating the stains of grease on your clothes? The properties of this soothing gel help you remove grease stains quickly.

Take some hot water and soak the garment in it. Let it sit for some time. Remove the garment and scrub Aloe Vera gel generously on the stain in a tight and circular motion until you see the spot fading away. Wash the garment in warm water and air dry it. This remedy works best for all sizes of stains, big and small. You can use it for all fabrics as the ingredient is a natural product and doesn’t harm.

Baby Powder

Removing grease stains using baby powder is the same as the baking soda remedy. Take some baby powder and an old toothbrush to begin the drill.

Sprinkle baby powder generously on the stain and let it sit for ten minutes. Brush it off using the toothbrush. If the spot is still visible, put the garment in a washing machine with cold water. Dry according to the drying instructions written on the clothing label.


Cornstarch is yet another fine powder that helps you remove the stubborn grease and oil stains from your clothing, thus making them look new and fresh.

Pour a small amount of cornstarch on the stain and let it sit for fifteen minutes. For a stubborn stain, you can let the ingredient sit for an hour. Brush it using an old toothbrush. Alternatively, you can use a damp rag or sponge. You can also leave it on the garment before washing it. Wash your clothes in a washing machine in a cold setting and dry.

Dish Detergent

A dish detergent is also considered an excellent solution to clean a stubborn greasy stain from your clothing. Detergents are safe on all kinds of fabrics. Take an old towel, dish detergent, and a soft cloth to proceed with the remedy.

Lay your garment flat and place an old towel or cardboard under the stain. Apply a small amount of dish detergent to the grease stain and rub it gently using a soft cloth. This step will saturate the spot. Let the detergent sit for five minutes. Wash and dry the clothes according to their clothing label directions.

The above-listed tips are an effective solution to remove oil and grease stains from your clothing. Furthermore, we advise you to be careful while handling these products. Which of the above-listed remedies will you try to remove the grease stains from your clothes? Tell us in the comments below.

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