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How Much Do Uber Drivers Make? Salaries Explored

Have you ever wondered how much do Uber drivers make in the United States? Your answer must be a Yes! as you’ve arrived here. We’ll explain how much Uber Drivers get paid and what are their monthly salaries in 2022.

Working as a Uber driver seems pretty enticing as you don’t have a boss, you are just on the open roads, and you work on your own terms. But, is the gig good enough to make a living? Let’s find out here.

How Much do Uber Drivers Make Per Hour in the U.S.?

Uber doesn’t offer static pay to its drivers but a dynamic one. There are several factors including location, time, base fares, tips, and other incentives that affect the overall earnings. Basically, where you drive, how often you drive, and when you drive decide your pay as an Uber driver.

According to Salary.com, an Uber driver makes around $15 to $22 per hour. This is way lower than the average hourly wage of $29.81 for United States citizens as per 2020’s data. However, in certain places like New York City, Uber drivers earn more than that.

The payments of Uber drivers are calculated differently based on the services. We’ll try to break that down in the later sections.

Uber Drivers Hourly, Per Trip, and Per Mile Pay in Top U.S. Cities

Here is a chart revealing how much Uber drivers make per hour, per mile, and per trip in major cities across the United States.

City Earnings Per Hour (Median) Earnings Per Mile (Median) Earnings Per Trip (Median)
Pittsburgh, PA $18.80 $0.96 $11.28
Los Angeles, CA $17.07 $0.87 $9.84
Dallas, TX $15.64 $0.70 $10.95
Phoenix, AZ $16.78 $0.71 $10.00
New York, NY $20.96 $1.10 $13.33
Washington, DC $17.44 $0.94 $10.23
Boston, MA $20.88 $1.07 $10.95
Chicago, IL $17.84 $0.98 $10.78
Baltimore, MD $15.90 $0.81 $9.90
Atlanta, GA $13.79 $0.66 $9.67
Miami, FL $12.69 $0.69 $8.67
Austin, TX $17.19 $0.84 $10.88
Detroit, MI $16.60 $0.68 $10.65
New Jersey $18.41 $0.91 $10.50
Houston, TX $14.26 $0.63 $10.85
Philadelphia, PA $17.22 $0.99 $9.71
Bay Area, CA $21.21 $1.06 $11.67
San Jose, CA $21.80 $1.00 $11.51
Seattle, WA $20.35 $1.14 $11.47
San Diego, CA $17.15 $0.79 $9.39
San Antonio, TX $12.44 $0.64 $9.29
Columbus, OH $14.46 $0.76 $10.05
Indianapolis, IN $14.69 $0.66 $9.29
Denver, CO $19.10 $0.87 $11.85
Jacksonville, FL $13.87 $0.64 $9.09
Charlotte, NC $13.57 $0.62 $9.31
Las Vegas, NV $15.37 $0.89 $8.61
Oklahoma City, OK $14.05 $0.62 $8.29
Nashville, TN $15.52 $0.77 $10.00
Kansas City, MO $16.85 $0.69 $11.23
New Orleans, LA $14.33 $0.90 $10.31
Tampa, FL $12.55 $0.63 $9.01

Note: The data used in this chart dates back to 2019, which was the pre-pandemic era. The businesses took a halt in the pandemic and are now returning back to normal. Hence, this chart can be considered relevant in the current time.

As clearly visible, Uber drivers can make more money when driving in bigger cities as compared to the relatively smaller ones. So, you might be wondering if it’s truly worth it. In the end, you’ll need to research the best options for you. Consider comparing the better company, Uber Eats vs. DoorDash; you can find a detailed comparison on The Small Business Blog.

How Uber Calculates Drivers’ Payments?

Uber uses a dynamic payment method to calculate the drivers’ payments. The earnings differ a bit based on the services. For rides, Uber calculates pay depending on the booking fee (the fee paid by the rider to cover regulatory, safety, and operations costs) and the service fee (it covers payment processing, app development, and customer support).

Additionally, certain other factors are considered while calculating the payment such as occasions, price surges, traffic, and others. You can also boost your earnings by working for UberEats along with your trips.

For delivery, the drivers earn money depending on the pickup and dropoff. The distance of the delivery majorly impacts the amount of cash a driver can earn. If a driver is working in a busy area where people order food, they can make a great additional amount.

Is Working as an Uber Driver Worth it in 2022?

Honestly, that’s an individual decision to make but there are some key points we are highlighting that’ll help you decide. Working as an Uber driver is worth it in 2022 if that’s the only thing you are doing and you are making the most out of your vehicle.

You’ll have to treat the gig as your full-time job in order to make a good amount of money. Work as many hours as you can. Take as many trips as you can. Experiment with the areas you’d like to work in to maximize your earnings.

I’d also recommend working for Uber Eats and other side hustles that you can perform while on trips. Don’t forget to give the best services and treat your customers well to have a chance of winning incentives, tips, and bonuses.

Remember that not all of the money will land in your bank account. Uber claims that it charges its drivers 25% but takes a bit more than that. This is due to additional fees taken by rideshare companies.

Other than that, it’s fun and you are your own boss!

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  1. “Uber driver makes around $15 to $22 per hour. This is way lower than the average hourly wage of $29.81”

    Is the $29.81 the hourly rate for independent contractors or employees. If it is based on employees, those workers are paid 1/2 of their social security, unemployment, disability, workers compensation, sick days, vacation Etc.
    Does the figure include the time between rides waiting for a hail, or driving back from a distant drop off?
    Does the figure include the time maintaining the car, including car washes, oil changes, brakes, tires etc.
    The average independent contractor earned $47//hr 5 years ago.
    Does it include the time spent maintaining the car


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