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Hilaria Baldwin Shares Effective Abs Workout Targeting ‘Rectus Abdomen’

Hilaria Baldwin, American yoga instructor, podcaster and author, shared a rigorous Abs workout video on her Instagram, which targets pulling the rectus abdomen together from the pelvic floor. She claims that more “superficially targeting workouts’ split them apart. Read on to know all about her core regime.

Pulling Up Rectus Abdomen…

Hilaria Baldwin, who is the co-founder of Yoga Vida, shared an effective core workout on Instagram, which targets the rectus abdomen and helps pull it together from the pelvic floor. She captioned the video: “Slowly working on my core…I like reintroducing abs into my routine with these exercises because they encourage pulling the rectus abdomen together from the pelvic floor, rather than splitting apart in more superficially targeting workouts.”

Further, the 38-year-old yoga instructor also shared in her caption that one needs to do 10-20 reps running forearm planks, and then 5-10 reps lifting the hips above the ground. In the end, she wrote: “Collapse like me, or stretch at the end (that would be better 🤣).” Her video has received more than 14k likes.

In the comment section, one fan wrote: Wait, wut? Didn’t you just have a baby like 6hrs ago? Where’s your baby’s belly? Absolutely amazing 🔥. I’m going to do these ab exercises starting tomorrow! Thank you.❤️” Another fan wrote, “You are not human.” One complimented her by writing, “Amazing how quickly you get into shape.”

FYI, in our body, the rectus abdomen muscles go down to the middle of the abdomen, from the ribs to the front of the pelvis. It holds the internal organs in place and keeps the body stable during movement. Well, that’s where those “six-pack” abs are made.

A Perfect Post-Pregnancy Body…

If you look at Hilaria, you wouldn’t believe that the 38-year-old podcaster gave birth to her seventh child just last month. In addition to being the mother of six children with her husband, Alec Baldwin, 38, the yoga instructor and her husband announced the birth of their latest child. The entire family was pictured in a photo she shared recently on Instagram.

Besides being the second wife of Alec Baldwin, an American actor, and comedian, Hilaria Baldwin is a yoga instructor, fitness and wellness expert, and author. Her yoga studio, Yoga Vida, operates in neighbourhoods such as Union Square, Noho, Tribeca, and Dumbo in New York City, and she is the studio’s co-founder.

Hilaria Baldwin came out with her first workout DVD titled, ‘Fit Mommy-to-Be Prenatal Yoga: At Home with Hilaria Baldwin’ in 2013. Aside from covering fitness, fashion, celebrities, and breaking news for ‘Extra,’ she is also an expert in lifestyle stories for the network.

In 2014, Hilaria won the “Daytime Emmy Award” for “Outstanding Entertainment News Program’ in 2014. She has appeared on several TV shows like ‘TODAY,’ ‘Katie,’ ‘LIVE with Kelly’, ‘Michael and The Rachael Ray Show, and ‘LIVE with Kelly’.

The author ‘The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body, Healthy Mind & Joyful Life’, is a true inspiration when it comes to fitness and it’s astonishing how she managed to get back in shape so soon. What do you think?

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