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Get Slime Out of Clothes with these Quick Tips

Homemade slime has become extremely popular among kids. Consequently, they enjoy both making the slime and playing with it. The sticky substance is the favorite of many children. They squeeze it and throw it on the walls, floors, and other areas. Sometimes, the residues from the slime get stuck to their clothes too.


Slime on clothes is a common event for children. Do not panic if your child has slime all over his t-shirt. There are many easy ways to remove it.

How to Remove Slime from the Clothes?

Getting slime out of the clothes has become easier than ever. Here are some tips to follow.

Rub Ice Cubes

If the spill of the slime is fresh on your child’s cloth, you can act immediately and use ice to remove the same. All you need to do is to rub ice or ice pack on the clothes. You can also freeze the garment for 10-15 minutes. Take it out and then scrape off the slime.

Use Club Soda

Slime can be removed easily using club soda. Remove as much slime as possible by scraping with the backside of the butter knife. Afterward, spray some club soda on the stain and wait 5-7 minutes. Blot the surface with a cloth and let the excess soda water get absorbed.

Slime-Removing Products

If the home remedies do not come to your rescue while removing slime from the clothes, you can buy slime-removing products from the market. Many products are available to give you the most effective results.

Use these products as per the instructions on the packaging.

Wash with Dish Soap

Dish soap is another quick and effective remedy to remove slime from your child’s cloth. The non-concentrated form of this product works better than the concentrated form. If you are using a concentrated soap, dilute it with water before starting the process.

Squirt some dish soap on the slime and rub it together under running water. You will see the slime coming out of the cloth.

Wash with Laundry Detergent

This method works similarly to dish soap. You need to perform all the steps mentioned above. Replace the dish soap with a laundry detergent, and you will notice effective results.

Getting Hard Slime out of Clothes

If the slime on your child’s clothes has hardened, you may have to work a little more to remove it. Start by gently scraping the slime with a spoon. The excess slime gets removed without damaging the fabric.

Apply white vinegar to the stain and let it remain on the fabric until it soaks the product. Using hot and soapy water, scrub the area to remove the slime.

Do not put Slimy Clothes in Washer

While you may assume that putting slimy clothes in the washer will help you do away with the substance, it would not. The slime doesn’t wear off if you put it directly in the washer without treating it. The residual part may remain on the fabric, and some may even transfer to other clothes. Thus, always treat the slime stains first.

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