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Doja Cat Without Makeup: 16 Looks You Might Have Missed

We have all heard of Doja Cat before and know her for her outlandish songs and lyrics. But did you know her real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini? She is an American singer, rapper and songwriter. Not many people know that she is school dropout who realized her dream of becoming a famous rapper and singer.

While many people from the entertainment industry are busy launching their makeup and skincare lines, Doja Cat is one celebrity who is not afraid to be seen without any makeup.

Doja Cat’s No-Makeup Look

Here are 16 instances where she absolutely killed it with her no-makeup look.

  1. Instagram Live

While many celebrities only come on Instagram live when they are well-dressed and ready, Doja Cat is no stranger to doing Instagram lives without any makeup and her hair up in a bun.

  1. In white spaghetti

Not only does Doja Cat look relaxed here, but she also looks very confident in her no-makeup look. Celebrities are often harshly trolled for being seen without makeup, but she does not seem to care and we are here for it.

  1. Selfie with cat

Doja Cat is equally confident when it comes to taking selfies. We all have moments where we have closed the front camera as soon as we opened it, but that is not the case if you are Doja Cat. Because Doja Cat looks pretty regardless of whether she has makeup on or not. Here she can be seen posing with a black cat.

  1. Blurry Pikachu

The popular rapper and singer has an aesthetic Instagram profile with over 23.3 million followers. But that does not stop the star from posting a fun pic once in a while. This blurry picture of Pikachu got over 4.1 million likes and 29,100 comments!

  1. Red Lingerie Picture

This is yet another example of how confident Doja Cat is with herself. She posted this pic of her slouching and making a funny expression while wearing red lingerie. The picture was captioned “Don’t make me cause a scene baby lol 🥵😘🤪”.

This got over 3.6 million likes and over 19,500 comments, most of which were positive and fun.

  1. Confident with acne

Acne is known to bring people’s confidence down and lower their self-worth, but not for Doja. This confident selfie shows her posing confidently without hiding her acne stars. Posts like this give a lot of confidence to those who might be struggling with something similar.

  1. Just chilling

Here she seems to just be chilling, having an off day perhaps. But most of us would hesitate in posting a picture like this on our social media. This is yet another example of how stars can influence positive body image onto their fans.

  1. Naturally radiant

There is nothing wrong with putting on makeup and looking beautiful. The problem arises when people look at celebrities without makeup and criticize them. However, this radiant no-makeup look of Doja’s shut the haters up!

  1. Naked look

In this selfie, Doja Cat is all dressed and dolled up ready to go. But she does not seem to be wearing any makeup. Even if she is, it is minimal as the scars on her face can be seen. This goes to show that the only thing you truly need is the confidence to carry yourself.

  1. Curly tales

In most of her pictures, Doja’s hair is styled or up in a ponytail. But here, her luscious locks are hanging freely as she poses in a half-zipped jacket. This no-makeup look is certainly one for the books.

  1. Blond Doja Cat

By now it is clear that Doja Cat looks beautiful regardless of makeup. But she is also not hesitant in posting pictures where she is making faces. This picture is a good representation of her diverse fashion style. In this picture, she seems to be wearing a white and black top with a blonde wig.

  1. Sleeping with open eyes

Doja posted another gem on her Instagram some time ago. Here, she is laying on her bed under a blanket while her cat also sleeps near her feet. The next series of pictures zoom in on the cat and then her half-asleep face. The caption of the picture read “sleeping with our eyes open”.

  1. Sleeping selfies

Before posting her sleeping picture along with that of her cat, Doja posted a series of zoomed-in pictures of her face while she slept. The series of pictures also showed her stretched out on the sofa, deep in sleep. She captioned the picture “sleep is good for the genitals and i also have an IQ of 560 because of it”.


  1. Recreating TikTok

Doja Cat is not only comfortable showing her skin on camera. She posted a video of her recreating an old video. She posted a video of the recreated TikTok onto her Instagram. It got well over 1.2 million likes and over 6,000 comments.

  1. Lipsyncing TikTok

Doja Cat posted another TikTok that she captioned “Don’t walk out”. She is wearing a fluffy pink jacket and has pink cat ears on as well. The video has “How I learned to lipsync as realistically as possible for billboard awards”. As always, she is looking beautiful in her natural look.

  1. Old is gold

What better way to end the article than with a blast from the past? Here is an old picture of the rapper where she is posing confidently.

This goes to show that the star has been confident in her skin for a long time. Her no-makeup looks are not new. She has always been confident in the way she looks and dresses and it shows every time as well.

Positive influence On Fans

This type of body positivity and confidence is welcome, especially in a time when people get judged and trolled easily. Everyone feels pressure to look a certain way online. But we are all unique in our ways and embracing that can be very empowering.

Doja Cat’s natural looks should encourage us to be ourselves, even if some people don’t like it. It is important to be true to ourselves and anyone who helps support that motto is welcome to join the cause.

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