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Doja Cat Shows Off New Massive Back Tattoo of A Bat Skeleton

Doja Cat has gotten herself inked yet again! The rapper is showing off a new tattoo on her back, featuring a bat skeleton. The tattoo covers almost the entire upper back of the 27-year-old, with the bat’s wings extending across her shoulders.

The Boss Bitch artist flaunted the art on Instagram and also explained the symbolism behind the bat. The news comes less than a month after Doja faced backlash for a tattoo on her leg which many people believed to be Satanist. Read on to watch the photos of the rapper’s new ink.

Doja Cat Flaunts New Bat Skeleton Tattoo on Her Back

Cat, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, took to Instagram on Friday to show off her massive back tattoo. The rapper posted a series of pictures, giving a closer look at the bat skeleton, and captioned the post simply with a bat emoji.

One of the images featured the explanation behind the tattoo, which read, “Bats often represent death in the sense of letting go of the old and bringing in the new. They are symbols of transition, of initiation, and the start of a new beginning.”

The tattoo seems brand new, as the rapper was recently seen in a backless costume during the Met Gala on May 1st, and at that time there was no sign of the ink. Dlamini was one of the most-talked-about celebs at the fashion event as she appeared dressed up as a cat, paying tribute to Karl Lagerfeld’s feline, Choupette.

Fans Divided Over Doja’s New Tattoo

A number of fans appreciated the rapper for her new tattoo in their comments, with many jokingly writing, “Doja Bat.” A fan wrote, “Oh doja i f—ing love u!” Another wrote, “doja is letting go of the old & bringing in the new – new journey of self & transformation maybe u guys should too tbh.”

However, some found the tattoo disturbing, and many even claimed it to be demonic. “i just know the Illuminati conspiracy theories are gonna run wild with this,” commented a follower. Another penned, “Lmao she’s literally telling us she’s has been initiated.”

A fan showed support for the rapper by writing, “Stop saying Doja is in with the Illuminate if you are God’s child you wouldn’t pass hate and judgment to her…just let her be.. 🙌we spread love not hate and judgment ❤️love you Doja.”

The Rapper Faced Backlash for Another Tattoo Recently

Doja also has a spider and an antelope skull tattoo on her body. Just last month, she revealed a mythological creature was inked on her leg, which infuriated many people, who found the figure Satanic.

After facing severe backlash, Doja gave it back to her haters by saying, “Whatever helps u sleep at night.” She later explained that the figure was a part of Fortunio Liceti’s 1665 edition of De Monstris. 

“He [Liceti] likened nature to an artist who, faced with some imperfection in the materials to shape, ingeniously created another form still more admirable,” read the clarification. Meanwhile, the rapper captioned the post, “your fear is not my problem.”

What are your thoughts on Doja Cat’s new tattoo? Let us know in the comments.

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