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Did Zac Efron Get Plastic Surgery? Here’s What We Know

After making an appearance in Bill Nye’s Earth Day! The Musical, the rumors about Zac Efron getting plastic surgery started swirling in the air in the year 2021. When the eagle-eyed fans zoomed in on the face of the American actor, they realized that his jawline and lips looked a lot different than before.

Soon afterward, everyone began wondering whether the High School Musical star had done something to his face like got plastic surgery. Many of his fans stated that his lips looked more plump.

Zac Efron’s plastic surgery rumors began in 2021

Yes, you read that right. The rumors of Zac having plastic surgery began going around in circles in 2021 after a video of him surfaced on the internet. Then, he was seen in a promotion video for Bill Nye’s Earth Day Musical on Facebook Watch which sparked speculation about Zac’s face.

The fans of the Hollywood actor thought Efron had done something to his jawline and his lips. For those of you who don’t know, let us tell you he broke his jaw in the year 2013 but, then it is not known if there was any link between his old injury and his new look.

Netizens assumed that Zac had botox and lip fillers

Around the same time, the fans began circulating memes on Zac on various social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter. Most of them assumed that Efron had some cosmetic surgery done.

One user wrote, “There’s a pic of Zac Efron with terrible botox and jaw fillers circulating on Twitter.”  Another user went on to say, “What in hell did Zac Efron do to his jaw?” A user added, “no offence but zac efron after his plastic surgery is just hideous, why would he ruin his face.”

Followed by a user who penned, “The internet is weird. Zac Efron is trending for allegedly having plastic surgery but a lot of people are defending him saying he had body dysmorphia and we shouldn’t comment on plastic surgery anyway. That same energy never exists for others.” Another user wrote, “zac efron???? had plastic surgery???? for what????”

These were a few reactions of the fans to Zac’s new look.

Zac’s close pal Kyle Sandilands addressed the plastic surgery rumors

Kyle Sandilands is one of the closest friends of Zac Efron. While appearing on The Kyle and Jackie O radio show in Australia, Kyle spilled the beans on the plastic surgery rumors about his friend Zac.

Then, Kyle said, “It’s like getting a Picasso and having a kid finger paint all over it. Why bother? The host of the radio show went on to say that, “I would know if he’d had any plastic surgery.”

During his conversation, Sandilands also confirmed that The Greatest Showman actor and his then-girlfriend, Australian native Vanessa Valladares, had parted ways.

Do you think Zac Efron underwent the knife to achieve his good looks? Kindly drop your thoughts on the same in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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