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Did Gwen Stefani Undergo Plastic Surgery? Before and After Photos Explored

Not long ago, a YouTube star claimed that Gwen Stefani has undergone a couple of major cosmetic procedures since the 90s. A Youtuber named Lorry Hill has stated that Gwen has had several face lifts, Botox, and a nose job among other work.

At the moment, the What You Waiting For singer can be seen as a coach on the singing show The Voice. In September, the fans of the singing competition series, The Voice also urged the coach of the show to stop “messing with her face” amid surgery speculation. Read on to know more about Gwen Stefani’s relationship with the world of plastic surgery.

Did Gwen Stefani undergo the knife to attain her stunning looks?

At the end of September, a Youtuber whose name is Lorry Hill claimed that The Voice coach Gwen Stefani has had a chin implant, a nose job, a facelift, and more work over the years. Let us tell you, Lorry’s YouTube videos revolve around celebrities who she thinks have had some work done. She started her YouTube video by showing photos of the singer when she first grabbed the attention of viewers in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Soon after, the video creator went on to put some light on the changes that happened in the pictures that were taken between the years 1996 and 1999. Around that point in time, the Rich Girl singer had her first rhinoplasty nose job.

In her YouTube video, Lorry claimed that Gwen Stefani’s “whole nose was narrowed at the base” creating a more streamlined look. After a while, she pointed out that the American singer’s once hooded eyelids have lost weight and heaviness since the early 2000s in a procedure called “Blepharoplasty.”

After taking a closer look at some more pictures of Gwen Stefani, Lorry went on to say that the Let Me Reintroduce Myself crooner might have also had a chin implant during the early years of her career.

Hill elaborated and stated that the mom of three started using botox somewhat around the year 2002 when the lines around her “eyes, eyebrows, and forehead” started to disappear. In the 2000s, the shape of Gwen’s eyebrows also looked a lot different. Now, the shape of the Hollywood star’s eyebrows look much more arched adding dimension to her face.

The YouTube star Lorry Hill also suggested that the blonde beauty has used botox to help “mitigate” her large gum reveal as well as lip fillers to hide her upper gums from her smile.

In addition to this, the content creator also claimed that the Underneath It All singer has used “veneer and crown restoration” to get her perfect pearly white teeth in the last couple of years. Hill also thinks that Gwen got her first face and neck lift in the year 2010. She stated at that point, the shape of her jawline looked pretty different during her public outings.

According to the YouTube star, by the year 2015, Gwen Stefani seemingly added cheek filler to her face as well as more lip filler to the “underside” of the mouth. In the year 2019, Hill claimed that The Voice coach added a few more fillers to her entire face, including under the eyes. Over the last few years, Blake Shelton’s wifey Gwen Stefani might have had another full facelift as her hairline is comparatively higher and tighter in the previous pictures.

The cosmetic professional further added that the Used to Love You singer most likely had another neck lift, facelift, and browlift in the summer of 2022. Gwen’s plastic surgeries are mainly focused on the upper region of her face. Lorry also believes that Stefani must have gotten an implant for her top lip, leaving it more “shelf-like.”

The video creator also claimed that the Simple Kind of Life singer has even had liposuction. Let us share with you, liposuction is a fat removal procedure from specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, and more. Hill stated that Gwen has had two breast implant surgeries, and a tummy tuck as well.

The fans have expressed their concerns about Gwen Stefani amid plastic surgery speculations

Over the last two months, the air has been filled with the surgery speculations of The Voice coach Gwen Stefani. And lately, the fans of the You Make It Feel Like Christmas singer have been pretty concerned about her. They have been asking her to slow down on her plastic surgery ventures.

Nearly two months ago, the fans of the singing show The Voice shared that Gwen Stefani looked a lot different in a recent promo video of the hit singing reality show. At the start of the teaser video, the camera zoomed in on the glowing chair with Gwen’s name on it. As soon as the chair turned around, the audience began cheering for the Just a Girl singer meanwhile she clapped her hands and said, “Hey”.

In the teaser clip, Gwen Stefani rocked a stunning pink outfit. When we talk about her hairstyle, she pulled her blonde locks in a double bun. “What’s your go-to song for a chair turn?” they wrote alongside the teaser clip. In the blink of an eye, the fans flooded the comments section of the post with loads of messages. They began expressing their thoughts on the appearance of Gwen Stefani in the comments.

One social media user went on to say, “So love Gwen, but stop messing with your eyes. They are disappearing.” Another user chimed in and further added, “It looks like she got a facelift or something.” A third fan entered the chat and commented, “I don’t like it! What did you do to your face!?!”

Another user agreed and further added, “Wish she would stop having work done on her face,” meanwhile a social media user took to the comments section of the post and wrote, “Oh no! She got botox, and you can tell. You can barely see her eyes now!”

What is the skincare routine of Gwen Stefani?

In a 2017 interview with InStyle, the Make You Like Me singer spilled the beans on her skincare routine and she said, “I don’t have a huge routine, but I wash my face with some cleanser that takes makeup off.”

Gwen told the media outlet, “I just recently started using these pads from a dermatologist that takes more makeup off. I cannot believe how much makeup was on there for all those years. I think about [when I was on tour] on a bus, trying to wash my face in that little sink. That’s what I did forever!”

For those of you who are unaware, let us share with you, Stefani’s night care routine is also pretty simple. During a March 2021 interview with The Daily Telegraph’s Stellar, she admitted that she’s ”obsessed” with her own aging process.

The Sweet Escape hitmaker said, “It’s really hard for everyone to age and have to face life. Especially for females and people who have been in the spotlight, it can be daunting, but you tackle it by just trying to be the most beautiful version of yourself inside and out.”

At that time, Gwen went on to say, “People talking about my aging is a compliment, I guess. I’m kind of obsessed with how I’m aging, too.”  In the same interview, she stated that a lot of her good looks come from happiness with her husband Blake Shelton.

Stefani couldn’t stop gushing over her husband Blake and at that point, she said, “I look back over the past few years and look at pictures of when I first started kissing Blake, and I look the best I’ve ever looked in my life in those photos. Love must look good on me. I feel like that does show through — it really does.”

Gwen Stefani launched her makeup line, GXVE Beauty this year

Earlier this year, in March, the 4 in the Morning singer launched her makeup line, GXVE Beauty.  In an interview with Today, Gwen revealed that her beauty line started after ‘the biggest tragedy’ of her life. She told the media outlet that she didn’t understand how much of an effect makeup could have on another person until she got a job at a mall giving people makeovers.

Then, Stefani said, “I have this one story of this woman. It’s crazy, but I did her makeup and she looked in the mirror and she started crying. It made me almost cry! And it was like this gift that I gave her that she didn’t know she could feel like that. And so that’s really the heart of what this brand is — [it’s] that feeling.”

That one instance stuck with Gwen Stefani and it ended up becoming an inspiration for her entire line of makeup products from high-performance lipsticks to sweat-proof brow pencils to mini eyeshadow palettes and more.

Do you think the American singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani has had many cosmetic surgeries? Kindly let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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