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Chrissy Metz and Her Incredible Weight Loss Journey

Struggling with weight gain is a big problem not only among a common man but your favorite celebrities as well. Now and then, a new story buzzes around the weight loss journey of the stars. Lately, Chrissy Metz’s weight story has become the biggest highlight of the celebrity news.

Chrissy Metz is an American singer and actress famous worldwide. She is known for her mind-blowing roles on the screen such as This is Us, American Horror Story, etc. Her character, Kate Person, garnered massive popularity. She even received a Golden Globe Award and Primetime Emmy Award for it. In her show, Chrissy takes hard-hitting storylines in her stride, such as dealing with body image, her disturbing relationship with her parents, and weight loss.

In reality, too, Chrissy’s weight loss journey has been commendable. Her story begins from being a weight watcher as a kid to an inspiring woman who has successfully inspired a million women worldwide.

Here’s everything to know about Chrissy’s weight loss journey.

Weight Gain – A Big Struggle for Chrissy since childhood

In an earlier interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Chrissy said that she was born chubby, but she had been thinner at various stages in her life. “But I was always a chubby kid,” she said.

“My friends could eat whatever they wanted to, but I knew that as a kid if I ate certain things I would gain weight. I had to be really cognizant of what I ate.” 

She also stated that she could relate to her character in the show because both of them had similar struggles to lose weight. Their parents, too, didn’t know how to cope with the situation. When she was a kid, she used to go to weight watchers. She was the youngest in the room, which became awkward for her.

What Inspired her to Lose Weight?

Before This is Us happened, the actress landed a recurring role in American Horror Story: Freak Show, which required her to wear a fat suit.

“I was sobering,” she said. “I thought, what if I become so heavy and cannot walk around or get stuck in the doorframe? I was like, I do not want this for me,” she reiterated in another interview.

Her Journey To Lose 100 Pounds

After the incident, she took the whole episode of weight gain in her stride and worked hard toward losing weight more responsibly. All she did was go on a 2000-calorie diet.

Chrissy made strict choices regarding what to eat. She kept the consumption of unhealthy foods at bay and introduced walking to her routine. Such consistency and discipline made a big difference to her physical and mental health.

The Journey of Losing 100 Pounds

Before landing a role in This is Us, she was advised many times by many people to lose weight to get a good amount of work in the glamor world. At that time, she was working for agents and scheduling auditions for other actresses. While working for her agent, Chrissy always felt that this was not the work she moved here for. She wanted to act.


These events also took a toll on her mental health. Chrissy went into depression. On her 30th birthday, she experienced a panic attack. She was rushed to the hospital. This incident made her more conscious of her health. It also made her more responsible for her health, and she reconsidered her priorities and put them straight.

She paired her low-carb diet with regular walking. She used to walk daily for 20 minutes. Whenever she had more time, she would walk more. The lifestyle changes worked for her body. Chrissy lost 100 pounds in five months!

More About her Daily Routine

Chrissy’s weight loss journey began with easy-to-follow lifestyle changes. Merely building healthy routine habits such as walking made her experience a difference in her body weight and mental health. She avoided eating foods that did not have any nutritional value.

After taking control of her eating plans, she felt more positive and encouraged to lose weight. Many people might consider five months as a long time to lose 100 pounds, but for Chrissy, it was nothing less than a victory.

She once quoted that rapid weight loss solutions are not long-term. It is vital to find a healthy way to lose weight.

Chrissy’s Seven Secret Tips to Lose Weight

The actress never used shortcuts like rapid weight loss supplements or weight-loss surgeries for these remarkable and positive drastic changes in her fitness and weight. Instead, she restored to natural ways and means like a weight loss diet and restricted calorie consumption per day. She also introduced working out into her routine. Her continuous efforts towards her weight loss journey have made her look what she looks today.

She has shared the seven secret tips to stay healthy and lose weight with her fans.

  • Always start slow and with ease. Weight loss is something that cannot happen overnight. You have to start by making this journey your vision and then work on it step-by-step. You have gained weight over the years. How can you expect to lose it within a few weeks? Patience is crucial throughout your weight loss journey.
  • Learn the art to handle. Handle whatever comes your way. Losing weight is not easy. You may experience various challenges. But overcoming these challenges is what makes you a winner.
  • Never feel demotivated when you cannot reach a target you have made for a particular time frame. Throughout your weight-loss journey, learn to love yourself over everything else.
  • The weighing scale that you use regularly is not everything. There is so much more to each individual than merely standing on a weighing scale and checking your weight.
  • You will see beautiful changes in your body when you alter your eating habits. Eating right is the first step to losing weight. Never consume foods that do not benefit your body. Always choose a healthy diet. You can make it delicious by trying various recipes – the internet always comes to the rescue.
  • Pair up your eating habits with a good workout routine and stick to it to witness positive results quickly. The factors like consistency and discipline will always yield the best outcomes.
  • Besides working on your physical habits, meditate for peace of mind. Regular meditation helps to bring positivity and create good focus.

We hope that reading about Chrissy Metz’s journey of losing weight motivated you.

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  1. Who thinks five months is a long time frame to lose 100 lbs?
    Admittedly it’s easier to lose large amounts of weight quickly when you’re a bigger person, but even half that in 20 weeks is on the high end of a healthy weight loss.
    Even with bariatric surgery, people are lucky to lose weight that quickly. Good for her. She did amazing.
    My starting weight is a bit smaller, but I’ve lost about half of that in four months and it’s been a real change and struggle.

    • It’s easier but not easy, that’s a misconception.. I’ve been both and it depends on many factors. Don’t let biggest loser make you believe it’s easy. Those people are at a huge calorie deficit and easier multiple times per day. It’s unsustainablility is why most regain.

      • Friend request me on Facebook. I follow a low carb/lazy keto lifestyle. I drink EK 2x a day and have lost 27lbs in 3 months. FB- Patricia Langdon

    • I was thinking that as well. 5 months is very fast to lose that amount of weight. 🤷🏽‍♀️ anything is possible

    • Jocelyn, I’m so proud of you! Please keep up the good work. I know it’s worth it! Never give up on your goals, whether they are physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental. Small steps make a big difference in the future. Congratulations!

  2. Chrissy is a phenomenal woman, she is a testimony for many that suffer with weight loss and excepting that her life hangs in the balance is one reason this change will happen for her. God Bless you Chrissy , always stay true to yourself 💐

  3. I just love Chrissy Metz! I can identify with her character being somewhat of a loner. Haven’t had real weight issues but I always want to loose twenty pounds. I admire your character and I’ve followed your career. God bless

  4. Christy Metz is a great,talented, warm inspiration to all women. Whether it be weight, loner, sad, depressed or mentally challenged she nails tem all. I respect Chrissy. Don’t take offense but another 100 lbs you’d be even healthier. . You be you! Happy and healthy are 2 great goals,always.

    • Why say that then if you mean no offense? She just lost 100 lbs, and you’re telling that isn’t good enough? Did you possibly think shes still in the process of losing or did that not occur to you? Stop telling overweight people they’d be healthier if they lost weight, I promise you they already know that.

      • That’s what I’ve been thinking. I look up pictures of her and she looks basically the same. I’d like to see a side by side of weight loss results. 100 lbs lost should be noticeable.

  5. I am also on a long journey to loose weight. As a child I was sexually abused and as the years past, I started to “self medicate” through drinking and eating. Suddenly, I weighed 343 pounds.

    Through assistance from my doctor, I started eating a low carb diet, eating more fruits and vegetables, I started to loose some weight. After loosing my first 30 lbs, I decided to join a gym and now I am walking on the treadmill 5 days a week.

    So far I am averaging loosing 3 pounds a week. I still have a long way to go, but with support of family and friends, I continue to stick with my weight loss program.

    • Try keto, you don’t feel like it’s a diet, I don’t worry about keeping carbs to 20 as long as they are from veggies, no processed foods. Meal prep is key to have food ready and not having good you shouldn’t eat around

  6. Great motivation. I am someone who has dealt with weight issues for many,any years. Thank you for the inspiration has motivated me to continue my journey.

  7. Let’s get it straight…weight loss surgery is not a shortcut. It’s a tool for people who, for whatever reason, cannot sustain or achieve long term weight loss. They are not lazy or cheating. There is a great deal of work that goes into making the tool work for those who have it. You don’t go through it and then just sit back and watch the weight fall off. More than 50% of people gain weight back and more than 50% of marriages fail. It requires just as much determination as the folks who do it without.

    • thank you. I had weight-loss surgery in 2004, there are also complications that everyone will endure. Some complications and not as intense as the others. You still do have to eat properly because your stomach can’t handle it and if you do eat improperly you will throw up. You still have to go to the gym and exercise and you still have to intake the proper amount of nutrition such as vitamins etc. The only thing is that your stomach isn’t big enough to hold as much food as it did before. People who are overweight have tended to stretch their stomachs out so the doctor is making the stomach a normal size to a little bit smaller than normal which aids in weight loss. Stop saying it’s the easy way out it is not.

    • Thank you!!
      I had gastric sleeve nine years ago. I started at 314 pounds and only 5’2
      Yes, I regained some but didn’t like how I was feeling so with help from protein bars and drinks, fruit, veggies, and a push from my doctor I took off the 40 pounds. I now weigh 190 with a personal goal of getting to 180. I am now Happily recovering from two total knee replacements whc h the doctor wouldn’t do until I lost the weight.

  8. I also identify with Chrissy as a person who has battled with weight all her life. She has risen above the view that being heavy is because you eat dumplings and ice cream all day, and even eating sensibly doesn’t always work as fast as we would like it to. You are gorgeous and fabulous and you inspire all us bigger girls. God Bless You!

  9. I appreciate the fact that she has been open to allowing her story about struggling with weight loss and she has been a good role model for those who have the same problems.I think that losing 100 pounds in 5 months is not an easy thing for most people who weigh much less than what she’s looking to weigh. I am on Weight Watchers, and I’m trying to lose 80 pounds but my health issues are not making it easy. It is a process of getting your head on straight about food and making changes that are healthier than what we have been doing. It is a life changing process. I hope that she is able to stay with this decision and stays with it for her own sake and her happiness. It is something that is a problem that many people face. God bless her for sharing her story.

  10. Beauty is inside of you. Chrissy Metz is a beautiful person no matter her size.She is also a very positive person and I know many look up to her. She is a great actress and I am sure a great person as well! I am a fan! Please continue being you sweetheart!

  11. Chrissy is a beautiful, smart, articulated, talented women. She is kind and real. I too struggle with weight and I find it difficult to diet. It is so refreshing to know that someone in Hollywood is not opting for surgery but doing her weight loss by eating healthy and exercise. Thank you for the inspiring article.

  12. It doesn’t look like she has lost weight. Is she now wearing a far suit? As a former fat person…I wasn’t as big as she is …I feel so bad for her. I do hope she is able to keep losing. Not everyone needs to be skinny. But as Kate she is dangerously obese

  13. I hope you continue on your weight loss journey. You’re a talented actress & singer I want you to be around for yrs to come.

  14. I so applaud Chrissy on her weight loss journey. Even though I’m at a healthy weight, I can empathize with what people go through to lose weight. I’m cheering you on and so respect all that you’re doing.

  15. Although 5 months is a quick amount of time for 100lbs, let’s remember – Chrissy has the luxury (and luck) of being in a position to afford nutritionists, private chefs, and personal trainers to watch her every day. She also doesn’t have a 9-5 job.

    No shade AT ALL. I would be so grateful to be that lucky. It’s easier for her because of the nature of her profession. But its minimally easier because it’s still a journey

  16. She may have lost 100lbs years ago but she actually gained weight while on This is Us. She’s young, so it would be to her advantage to lose weight for health reasons. Sadly many actors wait till they are told they have heart disease, diabetes or kidney troubles before they take the incentive to lose the weight.

  17. Chrissy makes me so proud! Well done, girl! You are doing a great job! Make sure your goals are always at the forefront of your life. Don’t let anything stop you from moving forward. You did it! Keep going! You’ve got my support, Chrissy!


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