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Catt Sadler’s Before and After Pics Explored as She Reveals She Got a Facelift at 48

Catt Sadler is spilling the beans on her cosmetic surgeries! Not long ago, the former E! News host told Glamour that she got a facelift at the age of 48. In addition to this, she also went on to say that she also got a neck lift and eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty).

The 48-year-old podcast host spoke about her decision to go under the knife during her latest interview with Glamour. Keep scrolling further to know why did Catt Sadler decide to get plastic surgery done.

Catt Sadler reveals she got a facelift at 48

While having a chat with Glamour, the television personality got candid about her recent plastic surgery. She told the magazine that she got a facelift, neck lift, and blepharoplasty (also known as an eye lift) at the age of 48.

The entertainment reporter who recently quit her job at E! News, shared with the media outlet why she decided to undergo plastic surgery. She spoke about her experience with cosmetic surgery with sheer honesty.

For those of you who are unaware, let us share with you, Sadler left her job at E! News because she was paid half the wage of her male co-host doing the same job, and she even explained what she took out of the process.

The former host said, “It’s not like I did it because I can’t get a job. It’s not that I did it because I want my boyfriend to think I look 35. None of that was a consideration. It was more about looking in the mirror and feeling good. How I feel.”

Which plastic surgeries has Catt Sadler had?

In her latest interview with Glamour, Catt got candid about going under the knife. She told the magazine that up until this moment, she has had a facelift, neck lift, and blepharoplasty (well known as an eyelift).

The TV host talked about her plastic surgeries in detail. She revealed the positives and negatives of undergoing the knife. It’s not easy to be in show business as you are expected to look good 24/7.

Before surgery, Catt Sadler had only gotten injectables

Yeah, you read that right. During her recent interview with Glamour, Catt revealed that she has never had plastic surgery before, but she has tried filler, Xeomin, Botox, micro-needling, and laser treatment Morpheus8.

She mentioned that the only injectable that didn’t work for her was under-eye filler. She confessed, “I looked like I hadn’t slept in months, so I thought filler would fix that. And it did. But I’ve never gotten filler under my eyes since because it’s really painful. I don’t need to do that again.”

Sadler went on to say, “Those are those moments when you’re like, ‘Wait, why do I care about vanity?’ Because in that moment it’s not nice.”

Catt Sadler wanted to try out different options for her aging face

Catt Sadler’s own podcast which goes by the name of It Sure Is a Beautiful Day revolves around the midlife years of women which is a big time of change when it comes to looks. She mentioned that her interest in the area inspired her to explore different options that would make her happier with her changing body.

The Daily Pop host stated that her interests prompted her podcast. She said, “Our asses are sagging, our faces are losing volume. How does that make you feel as a woman? How does that affect your relationships?”.

Catt further added, “In the last couple years especially, it started bugging me when I was looking in the mirror more than ever before.”

Catt Sadler’s plastic surgeon recommended it

Then, Catt decided to explore her options and had a meeting with a plastic surgeon. It has been revealed that she went to Dr. Steve Kim in Beverly Hills, and however, she knew  “Botox wasn’t going to fix my sagging face and my little chicken neck.” She didn’t plan to get a facelift until the doctor recommended it.

She continued, “He said — which kind of surprised me — that I could consider a facelift, a neck lift, and while I’m at it, my eyes. I was like, ‘Oh, s—!’ I didn’t really expect him to say that would be what can fix that. But I don’t know why I was being so naive either.”

Catt Sadler was surprised when doctors recommended her facelift at her age

Catt who is a mom of two confessed that she was surprised when the doctors recommended her a facelift as she is still in her 40s.  She said, “He was like, ‘Catt, there’s actually no better time. If you wait until, say, 10 years from now and you have more visible signs of permanent aging, deeper wrinkles, more sagging, less volume, and then you do a facelift, it’s quite obvious.’”

Sadler further added, “It was also explained to me that there are advantages to doing it now because, when you’re younger, your recovery is supposed to be better. You heal a little quicker. The cellular health is just going to do its part a little bit better the younger you are.”

Catt Sadler doesn’t care about what people think of her

Catt has always been very honest with her fans whether it comes to her dramatic exit from E! News or her personal life. Honesty plays a vital role in her life. At the end of the day, ‘Honesty is the best policy.’

Catt told Glamour, “Without question, that was such a seismic shift in my life. Truth is everything. I just feel like you cannot lose if you’re telling the truth. And that applies to everything.”

She continued, “It really irks me that people watch social media and it’s being served up in a way from a lot of public figures that how they look is because of going on hikes or sleeping for a month, or I did a little laser treatment when it’s a bigger commitment than that.”

Sadler stated that she informed her sons, boyfriend, friends, and family members before undergoing the knife. She also told the publication that she didn’t feel “societal pressure” to get cosmetic surgery.

She said, “I’m kind of past needing the endorsement of others to conduct my life. I’m telling you, that’s one of the better parts of the aging process, is you do know yourself more and you do make choices for yourself and what’s right for you without seeking the approval of everybody else.”

Catt Sadler has stated that the surgery was extremely painful

Catt confessed the surgery was extremely painful. Before the big day, she had to get a medical clearance, which consisted of taking a blood panel and getting x-rays done. On the day of surgery, she came to the hospital at 6:30 in the morning and was on her way home by 1:30 in the afternoon.

The surgery went pretty smoothly but Sadler offered a piece of advice for anyone thinking about getting plastic surgery done. She said, “It wasn’t bad. But what I would say to anyone considering this is how important it is to really take really good care of yourself prior to the surgery.”

Catt added, “I have, I think, a really high pain tolerance. I pushed out two kids. I love tattoos. I’m not afraid of pain. But I was really miserable that first week. Really miserable. So that was a little scary because I was really uncomfortable.”

The results can be seen in ‘six months to a year’

Catt mentioned that she wanted to go under the knife for her own good and how she sees herself. She also stated that the emotional impact of getting the surgery done was huge. She said, “this is a gift to myself.”

Sadler shared, “I will say the other big thing that most doctors will tell you, as did Dr. Kim, is that some women get depressed after this. They look in the mirror and don’t recognize who they see. It is a long game.”

She went on to say, “You can get back to life, but don’t expect full results for even six months to a year. So there is an anxious feeling, a mildly depressed feeling. And I think I experienced that a little bit. It’s not an uplifting time, let’s put it that way.” She said that she is happy and feels “like myself.”

Catt Sadler is still on the road to recovery a month later

At the moment, Catt is still recovering following her surgery. She shared, “I have a little mobility in my jaw, so it’s almost like I’m relearning my bite a little.”

Sadler added, “It’s been explained to me that those are the nerves reattaching, and the muscles are weak, so everything’s kind of getting back to where it was. And it takes a minute for all that to get back together.”

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