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Botticelli Haircut: What’s the Buzz About this Trend?

With every change in season comes the change in trends that affect your wardrobe, styling, and of course, hair. The summer season is around the corner, and every fashionista is on a spree of sorting their wardrobe. From buying colorful solids to floral, polka, geometrical, and all other sorts of prints – everyone is preparing for the season of the sun and how!

Summer season styling also includes styling your hair to look uber-cool. Gone are the days when a bun or short haircut would become the first preference of the ladies. Many new hairstyling trends have been introduced, and the Botticelli hair trend is one of them.

So, what is the Botticelli hair trend, where does it come from, and how do you style it? We have the answer to all your queries. Read on.

What is Botticelli Hair Trend? 

The Botticelli hair trend is inspired by the well-known Italian Renaissance painter, Sandro Botticelli. This style doesn’t keep it short but has extremely long and unstructured tresses falling down your shoulders and back with fluffy natural waves. Many international hairstylists and experts have addressed the craze of this growing trend among females.

The look appears like how the pictures of women were painted in the Renaissance paintings. The whole look gives you a very feminine appearance.

How to Get Botticelli Hair? 

Are you confused about what hairstyle to keep in the summer seasons? We suggest you opt for this growing trend. We promise you will look the best.

Before getting Botticelli hair, research the look. Turn on the internet and check out the reference photos of the haircut. Choose the best one, visit your hairstylist, show them the picture, and get ready for a beautiful makeover.

When you head to your hairstylist to get this look, ask them not to cut your long tresses too much. They may soften the blunt lines to encourage more natural waves to fall. Dear girls, do not get upset if you do not have long hair to experiment with this look. The markets are swarmed with different types and lengths of hair extensions, including tape in extensions which are a great option for adding length and volume temporarily. Use a temporary tape in extension and get ready to slay the look.

Styling Tips for the Botticelli Haircut Trend 

Some women have textured and wavy hair. Hence, it becomes easier to style their hair in these waves. But fret not if your hair is too sleek. You can always resort to a small curling tong.

The easiest styling tip for women with straight and sleek hair is to use a tong and twist large sections around. Stretch the section out while still hot to give it a fluffy and elongated appearance. If you do not prefer using a heating tool on your hair, you can buy hair gels and creams from the market to give your hair a wavy effect.

Use these creams while your hair is still damp. Section your hair into a middle parting and braid it into two loose pigtails. You can keep these pigtails for some time and even sleep with them. When you wake up, undo the braids, use a texturizing powder and your Botticelli look is ready. Using a texturizing powder will increase volume and give your hair the much-needed aerated and fluffy finish.

Celebrities Spotted in the Current Botticelli Haircut

To style your Botticelli haircut more, you can take some inspiration from your favorite celebrities. This hairstyle has become a street style favorite of many stars, and they are often seen donning the look. Your favorite Hollywood stars and fashion models like Gigi Hadid, Megan Fox, Megan Thee Stallion, Rihanna, and others have this hairdo. It accentuates their overall look and takes their hair game to a different level.

Will the Botticelli Haircut Trend Take Over other Summer Hair Trends? 

Nowadays, TikTok has become a hub and treasure trove for the latest beauty, fashion, and hair trends worldwide. Earlier, Bella Hadid’s spikey bun was the favorite of the masses, and many high-on-fashion women would be seen keeping the same. But if you have outgrown this trend and want to try something newer and experimental, the Botticelli hair trend awaits.

Botticelli hair trend will be kinder to your mane. It is because you do not have to go out of the way to maintain this look. Once your haircut is done, you are good to go. Even if you spare a few minutes from your busy schedule to style your hair into a Botticelli look, your time and effort will be worth it.

One of the reasons why this hair trend is likely to overtake spikey bun hype is because it lets your luscious locks drop naturally. Slicked back looks involve many efforts – pulling on the hair, scraping it in a harsh motion, and then tightening it into a bun. It may also lead to split ends. Moreover, the excessive use of hairsprays and gels may damage your hair in the long run. As the hairstylists and experts always say – the less product, the better.

Botticelli hair trend doesn’t consume a lot of your time. Even if you are in a rush, simply letting your haircut free without combing it will give you the desired look. If you are not a hair whizz and still want to look fashionable, this trend is a must-try.

A Few Things to Make Notes of 

  • Proper research about the haircut will lead you to the best hair transformation. Besides this, it is good to discuss this look with your hairstylist. They may suggest more options to accentuate the haircut.
  • If you are styling your hair with a heating tool, always begin with a heat protectant and then use the heating tool. Direct heat on your hair may take a toll on its overall quality.
  • Go with good-quality products if you use hair styling products to get a textured or wavy look. We advise you not to buy generic products only because they are affordable. Discuss the right products with your hairstylist. They will give you the best recommendations, depending upon your hair type.
  • Wash your hair twice a week to get rid of dust and dirt and keep them clean. Use specialized shampoo and hair condition if you have a chemically-treated mane.

Now that you have read everything about Botticelli Haircut, it’s time to experiment with this look.

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