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5 Times Gigi Hadid Posted Pictures Without Makeup

Gigi Hadid, a successful model, and sister of Bella Hadid is no doubt a stunner. She made her debut back in 2014 as a part of the top 50 models at model.com. Soon, she was named the International Model by the British Fashion Council.

Being in the limelight can make one conscious of their appearances, but not Gigi. The activist is all about self-love and authenticity. Let us take a look at some of the times Gigi flaunted a no-makeup look.

  1. Post A Pic Trend

Gigi Hadid is quite active on Instagram. She took part in the trend called ‘Post a pic of’. It is usually followed by ‘a pet’ or ‘your favorite top’ or something. The trend that she partook in was ‘Post a picture of… without makeup.’

Gigi posted what appeared to be a selfie taken moments before. The natural light was hitting her nude face. Even without any makeup on, her face was ‘major goals’ and the fans couldn’t stop gushing about how pretty she is.

  1. No Makeup Look for Pop Magazine

Gigi recently took to Instagram to post a picture of herself posing on the cover of the popular magazine ‘Pop’. She captioned it “This day in itself was a tribute to, and celebration of, our beautiful friend 🙂 Thank you @stevie_dance @thepopmag for the space to honor V and feel like we could create with him again 🕊 & Thank you Shannon for helping us be surrounded by more of his creations— we felt him so strong🌞”.

It was then followed by a poem by Stevie. The picture has almost reached 2 million likes and has close to 4,000 comments.

  1. August photo dump

Most of us analyze our pictures and then it starts to look obnoxious to us. But confident Hadid does not have any qualms about posting even close-up pictures of her beautiful no-makeup face.

She posted a bunch of pictures on Instagram and casually captioned it ‘a bit of august’. In the first picture itself, she takes a selfie enjoying herself in the pool while the sun shines on her face.

  1. Zayn Loves Her Sun Spots

A while ago, Hadid posted a close-up picture of herself. In one corner of the picture, she wrote “my baby Zayn says he likes my sun spots”.

She wrote in another corner of the picture “Momma I wear sunblock I promise” thus assuring her mother that she was taking care of her face.

  1. Selfie With Baby girl Kai

Gigi Hadid and even Zayn have worked hard to provide a safe and private life for their child. This is probably why they never post pictures of her as they don’t want her to be recognized in public.

After Hadid had become a new mother, she would share pictures with her baby while managing to cover her face. One such example is this picture with her baby Kai. The sun sure does love shining on Hadid’s face!

Gigi Hadid is one of the most successful models in the world right now. She has been in the limelight a lot due to her relationship with ex-Zayn Malik and their public falling out.

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