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10 Times Rihanna Was Seen Without Any Makeup On!

Rihanna, whose real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, is considered to be one of the prettiest and most talented female singers to ever grace the industry.

Apart from being a super-successful singer, she is also an actor, model, professional designer, and entrepreneur. The Umbrella singer recently launched her makeup line as well called Fenty beauty.

In a short span of a few years, the company is estimated to be worth $2.8 billion. Rihanna owns a 50% stake in the company.

As someone who has traveled and toured the world, Rihanna is a known around the world. Her accolades include 9 Grammy awards and 12 Billboard awards among many others. For someone of her stature, public appearance is a crucial part of their identity. Therefore, she has to be on her a-game when she steps outside.

But that does not stop the billionaire from appearing in public without any makeup on now and then.

Let us take a closer look at some of the times that Rihanna went with the no-makeup look and looked gorgeous!

  1. What Was Said?

Rihanna, who is also lovingly called Riri, took to Instagram to share a makeup-free picture with over 135 million followers. In the picture, she wore some chains on top of a black shirt. She also wore a black furry hat and shades as she looked into the camera.

The picture was also accompanied by a video where three women were seen arguing and one of them referenced Rihanna. The caption simply read “what was said @ramonasinger? 😂 #RHONY”. The singer looked stunningly beautiful without any makeup on her face.

  1. Self-care Bih!

Rihanna recently posted a video on Instagram where she shared her ‘self-care’ routine. She seemed to have just stepped out of the shower and applied a face mask on her face and cream on her body.

The video was from back when she was pregnant. At the beginning of the video, one can see her shiny and glowing skin before she puts on her face mask and she looked stunning in her natural skin! She simply titled the video “and that’s on self care bih 🧖🏿‍♀️.”

  1. Confused Selfie

This is more of a throwback picture. But it is a good way to see just how little she has aged in all these years. The picture seemed to be taken in a parlor.

It appears that Riri was getting a haircut when someone was taking her picture so she made the face. She shared this picture back in 2014 on her Instagram page.

  1. First Selfie of 2020

Remember when 2020 started? It was all fun and games until the world shut down and went into lockdown. Like many of us, Rihanna started the year on a happy note. She posted a no-makeup selfie on Instagram with a smile.

She captioned the picture “First selfie of the year doe. #2020.” Fans commented just how pretty she looked, especially without any makeup on. One user commented “You’re so fucking pretty my dude. Save some women and men for the rest of us geeeezzzusss. 🔥😍 Thinking bout you!”

  1. Sun Bathing!

Rihanna shared this picture on her Instagram some time ago. This was a promotional post. However, she was not wearing any makeup in the picture and looked beautiful!

  1. Sold Out!!

The Diamond star posted yet another makeup-less selfie to celebrate a milestone!

She had a black hoodie on and looked badass in braids. Riri held up a spoon while a celebratory cake was placed on her bed. The picture was captioned “how I woke up after #FENTYPARFUM sold out this morning!!!” The picture got over 5.5 million likes.

  1. Promotion For Fenty Beauty

When you have a skincare or makeup product, you have to show that it is good by using it on yourself. In a promotional video for her brand Fenty, Rihanna posted a video of herself without any makeup on.

The video shows close-up shots of Rihanna’s face. Her face looks flawless as she explains how she cannot have puffy eyes or dark circles. Then she goes on to introduce the Instant Revival Eye Gel Cream from her brand that she uses diligently. The video also shows a tutorial on how to put on the cream and lists the ingredients as well.

  1. Jade In The Shade

Is there anything better than rejuvenating in the wild? There is something about nature that brings peace from within. Riri posted a bunch of pictures from what seemed to be her getaway!

She wore a bucket hat and had some colorful jewelry on. She was also enjoying a cigarette in the wilderness, but there was not an ounce of makeup in sight.

  1. One With Nature

When you work hard, you also have to chill just as much! Rihanna is a good example of that. She is someone who wears many hats, but she also tries to take time off and just enjoy doing nothing.

She posted a picture of herself on a holiday back in 2013. Back then she sported a short haircut. But even in that selfie, she can be seen without any makeup on. If people couldn’t have distinguished from her hair, the picture could have passed off as recent and not almost a decade old!

  1. Face Mask

In yet another makeup-free post, Rihanna posted a picture of herself with a face mask on. The 34-year-old singer posted a bunch of pictures with Fenty’s Whipped Clay Detox Face Mask.

She also listed the ingredients, which include ginger extracts and charcoal among other things. Even with the face mask on her skin, she looked beautiful!

After Rihanna got busy with her projects, she took a step back from her musical endeavors. She last released an album back in 2016. Although fans love how she is expanding and growing her empire beyond music, they want to see her back on the stage soon.

However, music might have to wait a bit longer with the birth of her son. ASAP Rocky and Rihanna welcomed their baby boy in May of this year. They are keen on providing their son with private life.

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