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10 Times Hailey Bieber Wore No Makeup in Public

Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber is an American model. She is actor Stephen Baldwin’s daughter. Being a successful model got her a lot of recognition, which grew even more when she got involved with Justin Bieber.

The two of them got married back in 2018. Although a lot of people doubted that they would even make it to a year, they have been happily married for about 4 years now.

Over 46 million people on Instagram follow Hailey Bieber. A lot of people look up to her for fashion tips and skincare routines. Recently, she launched her beauty line called Rhode.

Hailey Bieber’s field of work requires her to try on different looks and cover her face with one type of makeup or the other. However, that did not deter her from flaunting her natural skin once in a while. Here are 10 instances where she was seen with minimal or no makeup whatsoever.

  1. Happy together

Usually, when people get married early on, it is looked down upon as immaturity and people claim that the couple would not last. But the Biebers have been able to prove the naysayers wrong.

Most of the time that the couple has been snapped, they are either smiling or just chilling with each other. Maybe it is the relationship that has brought a natural glow to Hailey Bieber’s face, she looks gorgeous in Bieber’s arms without a sign of makeup on.

  1. Same Same

Hailey Bieber loves posting her pictures on Instagram. A lot of the pictures she does post are collaborations or promotions. But once every now and then, she does upload a makeup selfie that sets the records straight!

Mrs. Bieber posted two similar pictures on her Instagram and captioned them “same same”. Her hair was kept in place with the help of a grey hat. She also wore an oversized grey shirt on top of a crop top and stared into the camera.

  1. Traveling together

They say that you get really get to know someone when you travel with them. The Biebers certainly love traveling together. The happy couple spent 10 days together on the road.

Hailey Bieber posted a bunch of pictures from that 10-day duration. Most of her pictures were without any makeup. The photo dump also included pretty flower pictures and photos of the happy couple.

  1. Contemplative mood

Do you ever find yourself completely lost in thoughts? It happens to all of us, except that most people do not get snapped as celebrities do. Hailey Bieber seemed to be lost in her world of thoughts as the paparazzi got her pictures.

She wore a crop top while the wind played with her hair. In a contemplative mood, Hailer Bieber was walking to her car when the paps got her makeup-free picture.

  1. Getaway Goals

Hailey Bieber seemed made it for a quick getaway yet again. Her hubby also accompanied her and they seemed to be having the time of their lives.

Hailey Bieber posted a bunch of pictures from the vacation. Her picture in the water seemed nothing less of a photoshoot as she enjoyed a makeup-free swimming session. Other pictures including sitting on a surfing board with hubby dearest were also free of makeup.

  1. Adventure Time

The supermodel posted a bunch of pictures from another vacation with her husband. She did not disclose where they went or what they did. The pictures were simply captioned “adventure time”.

The first picture that she posted was a selfie with messy hair and a pout! Hailey Bieber posed confidently and candidly. A user commented that “How naturally fresh and gorgeous are you dewy dumpling 😘”.

  1. Heart Full

It certainly feels nice to get away on a relaxing vacation after hectic schedules. Both Hailey and Justin lead stressful lives where each and every part of their lives is for the public to see and judge.

That may be why the couple enjoys going away often. Hailey posted a bunch of pictures with the caption “heart = full”. The pictures included fresh, makeup-less selfies, pictures of the couple, and the scenery around.

  1. Say Cheese!

Justin Bieber is known to be a vocal lover. He took to Instagram to proclaim his undying love for his wife, Hailey Bieber. Justin Bieber posted a bunch of pictures of the couple together and captioned them “Baby I Love You”.

The two of them are seen holding hands and grinning like a new couple! Hailey Bieber was there to support her husband on tour and did not wear any makeup.

  1. Personal Photographer

Life is different when the world-famous Justin Bieber is your husband and he takes pretty pictures of you! Hailey loves Justin just as much but it sure is nice to have a personal photographer.

Justin Bieber posted a flash picture of his wife Hailey. She looked into the camera with her glasses on while her hair was tied back in a bun.

Hailey Bieber did not have any makeup on. Usually, in pictures with flash on, it is common to see spots and scars on the face but not when you are Hailey! She looks pretty in her casual look and Justin Bieber could not stop himself from taking the credit for the picture.

  1. Saturdays Are For Self-Care

It is one thing to post selfies without any makeup on but not a lot of celebrities will show behind-the-scenes of what it takes to get that flawless skin!

Hailey Bieber posted a ‘Saturday’ picture. She was wearing a robe and had her face mask and eye patches on. She seemed to be having a cup of hot beverage and was just enjoying her company.

Hailey Bieber has featured in ads for major brands like Ralph Lauren, Guess, and Tommy Hilfiger. Although it may seem like she is living her best life, she suffered from a mini-stroke earlier this year and then Justin Bieber also suffered from facial paralysis due to Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

But the couple are keeping their keeping vows and stick with each other through the good times and the bad. A vacation or two is well-deserved for them.

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