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10 Times Gwen Stefani Was Spotted Without Any Makeup On

Gwen Renée Stefani is a famous American songwriter and singer. She is also an actress and a fashion designer. Stefani is the lead singer and songwriter for the band ‘No Doubt’.

Her band struggled to get recognition in the early 1990s but they garnered fame and money with songs like Just A Girl and No Doubt. The American rapper has sold well over 9 million albums as a solo artist, which is a great feat for any singer.

The Rich Girl singer has accolades including three Grammys, MTV Music Video Awards, two Billboard Awards, and more. Stefani is enjoying her life with her husband Blake Shelton these days. The 52-year-old does not look a day above 35 and she knows it!

Every now and then, she flaunts her flawless makeup-free pictures to make her fans go gaga over her! Let us take a closer look at some of the times that she posted such pictures.

  1. Selfie Queen

How many times have we opened the front camera to click pictures and then closed it disappointed? Well, Gwen Stefani does not have that problem.

She posted a makeup-free selfie from the wilderness. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail. Her porcelain skin and overall natural look are something to be appreciated!

  1. Selfie With Son

Apart from everything else, Gwen Stefani loves her three sons to death. She posted this selfie from 2018 where she happily captured a moment with her son.

She seemed to be enjoying a laid-back day where she chilled with her son in lowkey no-makeup look. When she shared that moment with her fans on Instagram, they could not stop raving about her skin!

  1. Father’s Day!

Gwen Stefani took to Instagram to share an appreciation post about her husband being a good father to her children from other marriages. The post included the caption “happy father’s day @blakeshelton we all love u sooooo much god really gave me you for the ups and downs ❤️ gx”

The post also included a family picture in which Stefani posed confidently in a no-makeup look!

  1. Sweet Oklahoma!

Gwen Stefani’s Instagram is nothing short of glamorous and picturesque. But every once in a while, she posts pictures of herself in her natural habitat, without any makeup on, etc.

She took to Instagram to share a side-faced selfie and another picture of a flower from her trip to Oklahoma on Spring vacation. She wore a bandana and a hat on top of it and looked gorgeous and at peace!

  1. Living The Best Life

Isn’t it just the dream to chill on a yacht or a boat with the love of our life and not have a care in the world?

Gwen Stefani is really living her best life out there. She posted a selfie with her husband on a motor boat. She took the back seat and was enjoying herself with no makeup on as her husband sailed through the waters. Ah, the perks of being Gwen Stefani!

  1. Kisses For Hubby!

Gwen Stefani and her husband Blake Shelton have been enjoying being married together. They travel together, collaborate on songs, and do so much more!

Being with your significant other can be tiring for some couples, but even after all these years of being together, Mr. and Mrs. Shelton cannot seem to get enough of each other. The two seemed to be enjoying their time while Stefani showered him with kisses.

  1. Throw Back Thursday

Most of us would be embarrassed if a picture from our past is brought up! But Gwen Stefani is one of those people who embraces their past and refuses to be embarrassed by it.

She posted this throwback picture of hers from her early days of fame. She had red lipstick on and threw up the peace sign! While many commented on how different she looked back then, others complimented how good she still looks after all these years.

  1. Being One With The Wind!

There is something so peaceful about just standing there in the open and letting the wind play with your hair. Gwen Stefani was enjoying one such moment when she decided to click a picture and share it with the rest of the world.

Her hair is all over her face as she stares into a distance with a smile on her face. This selfie was loved by fans as she went makeup-less in it.

  1. Good Night Selfie

Gwen Stefani has a naturally gifted face. She is someone who loves to glam up so she is often spotted in bold makeup looks, but it sure is refreshing to see her without makeup once in a while.

This is somewhat of an old selfie.  A confident Gwen Stefani wished her fans a good night before she clocked out for the day. She kept it real with her hair open and a mess. The real boss move was taking the selfie with flash on! Her beautiful skin shined even through the low quality.

  1. Happy Valentines Day

While it is tradition to dress up and go out on a nice date on Valentine’s day, it is nice to see Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton enjoy a cozy day at home.

When you and your significant other are famous singers who are on the go all the time, any time with one another is precious. Stefani and Shelton seemed to be enjoying some downtime with each other on Valentine’s day. She shared a picture of herself with no makeup and a messy-haired Shelton. Another picture of the series included a cake with “Gwen Loves Blake” written on it.

The fans love candid pictures of the couple but the one thing they love more than that are pictures of the singer with no makeup on! The 52-year-old looks absolutely gorgeous for her age and people cannot get enough of her.

Stefani’s fans are happy to see her comfortable and well at this stage of her life. She is happily married and has done well for herself. It is time to reap the reward for all the hard work that she has put in over the years. Posting a few makeup-less selfies on the way is the cherry on top!

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