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10 Best Selena Gomez No Makeup Looks

Selena Gomez has been in the limelight since she was a kid. She has successfully adapted her career over the years and has fans of all ages. Although the beauty has a Vegan and Cruelty-Free makeup line called Rare Beauty, she is not afraid to ditch the makeup once in a while.

  1. No Care In The World

We all have days when we just cannot with anything. All we want to do is wear our pj’s, robe, slippers and just chill. It seems like she had one of those days where she could not be bothered to put in the effort.

She was spotted by the paparazzi while out on a grocery run recently. Gomez looked super relaxed and even smiled at the paps. Her hair was open and she seemed to be enjoying some quality time by herself. We all need it once in a while!

  1. No Makeup Photoshoots

You must have seen behind-the-scenes clips of some of the photoshoots that celebrities often do. They have designated hair stylists and makeup people and spend hours getting ready for one look.

Although Selena has also done those, she is one of the few people who has also had photoshoots with zero makeup. When we get ready for a photoshoot, we put on makeup, while Gomez took it off. She wore a white spaghetti dress and carried a white umbrella to complete the flawless summery look.

  1. Selfie With Julia Michaels

Selena’s Instagram is full of gorgeous photoshoots, selfies, makeup tutorials and more. But once in a while, she posts a candid picture of herself, maybe even without makeup.

She went to the social media platform to post a picture of herself hugging and kissing Julia Michaels. Both singers collaborated on a hit song called anxiety. She captioned the picture “Babies @juliamichaels”. The picture got well over 5.2 million likes and has close to 24,000 comments!

  1. Selfie With Taylor Or The Cat?

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are old friends. Both of them are super successful singers and fans love how they are still friends and still support each other after all these years .

Gomez posted a series of no makeup pictures with Swift and her cat. She captioned it “Kinda missin this one”. It is kind of confusing because it is not clear whether she is talking about the cat or Taylor Swift. We will take it either way! The picture got a whopping 11.6 million likes and 107,000 comments!

  1. Vacation With Friends

Having a career as successful as Selena Gomez’s does not come easy. It takes years of hard work with little to no breaks in between.

There is no doubt that Gomez is a hard worker. But it is also essential to unwind once in a while. Gomez basked in the sun and the water as she posed with her friends on a vacation. She looked happy, relaxed, and pretty tanned in the picture!

6. When Real Life Happens

Sharing another snuggly look, Selena posted a picture of her sporting a messy bun with a cup while snuggled comfortably on the couch. She captioned the picture “K but real life”.

Gomez is not a stranger when it comes to posting pictures without any makeup, but candid makeup-less pictures of Selena in her natural habitat are a new kind of ‘goals’.

7. Casual Looks

Wearing no makeup is not synonymous with not putting in any effort. Although it is nice to lay back and not care about what you are going to wear or how you are going to look, it is also fun to put in some effort.

Gomez has been spotted on multiple occasions where she dressed up nice but did not have any makeup on. After all, it is important to let your skin breathe once in a while too!

8. Lollipop makeup

There are some things that take us right back to childhood and lollipops are one of those things. Is there anything more fun than having a chill day and getting a little sugar kick with that one lollipop?

Gomez seems to be lost in her thoughts while enjoying a lollipop. Her hair was pulled back in a bun as she sported a nude no makeup look, and killed it in her casual look.

9. Ready To Work

Selena Gomez was spotted walking with a handbag, a notebook, and a pen in one hand while she carried her car keys in the other hand. Her hair was down and open while she seemed to be searching for her car.

Along with a full hoodie in blue, she also wore jeans short while she seemed all ready to get to work.

10. Comfort Over EVERYTHING

Selena Gomez sure seems to be the pro at wearing lowkey clothes with her hair down and no makeup. Yet she still somehow manages to kick ass while she is at it. She posted a picture of her comfortably snuggling in a blanket, resting in bed with messy hair.

Gomez captioned the picture “Me, all the time”. An interesting comment on the picture was “I just look at your pictures at all these years and i see you how enjoy your life with every changes”. It shows that fans can also see how she embraces changes in life, even difficult ones like being diagnosed with lupus.

Gomez had to undergo a kidney transplant surgery and chemotherapy after she was diagnosed with lupus. She was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder and regularly speaks up about the importance of mental health.

She never let any of it bring her down as she continues to thrive. Her fans appreciate her perseverance and get inspired by it. Her nonchalant attitude, understanding nature, and relatability are some of the reasons why she is one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram.


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