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10 Best Looks of Ariana Grande Without Makeup

Ariana Grande has been a household name for years now, but her transformation into a full-on popstar is something that even her most die-hard fans can’t get enough of.

Ariana Grande has been performing since she was a child, and the last decade or so has seen the singer evolve from a Nickelodeon star to one of the biggest pop stars on the planet.

And while Ariana may not be the first person you’d think of when it comes to beauty tutorials, she definitely knows what works best for her face and we happen to agree with every single one of them!

Her makeup is just as iconic as her ponytail, eyeliner, and lip gloss but it’s rare to catch Grande with absolutely no makeup at all.

But for those who curiously wonder how the “Thank U, Next” singer looks without her sharp eyeliner and flat hair. Here are a few photos that prove Ariana Grande looks even prettier without makeup.

Ariana Grande’s No Makeup Looks

Here are 10 ravishing no makeup looks of Ariana Grande that will make you go bare face with just a layer of confidence.

1. Ariana’s Just Woke Up Face

We can all agree on how beautiful Ariana looks in this “Just woke up” look. Many people don’t know this, but sometimes she likes to post pictures of herself without makeup on.

Here, we can see she does a pout on her face and wears a silver t-shirt for this selfie taken in her bedroom. 

Enjoying Rains on the Street

Apparently, the singer is known for her spontaneous attitude and never skips a moment to test it. Here we can see an unusual Ariana without the ponytails for a change as she walks down the street in New York drenching in the rains.

She is seen wearing a jogging jumper with a loose sweatshirt which is her go-to outfit off camera. She looks cute in a no-makeup simple look which is complemented with a mandatory eye liner. 

Pre Pony Tail Era

Long before, Ponytails became a staple look for “No tears left to cry” singer. Ariana Grande does give a sneak into her bare, flawless skin from time to time but this picture from her initial years in the industry still marks one of the best photos of her. 

In this picture, we can see how refreshing and spotless her skin is without any makeup. The radiance on her face makes us want to see more of her wearing that natural blush on her cheeks for the rest of our life. 

Swim Selfie

Who doesn’t enjoy a good swim with nothing but SPF on?! Here’s an archival picture from Ariana’s initial career where the teen Ariana is throwing all “Gen Z” vibes.

The “save your tears” singer has never shied away from showing her bare face right from the beginning. Here we can see Ariana flaunting her after swim look with drenched hair and zero makeup on her face.

There’s also a self-done manicure showing off in the picture where the singer is flaunting her hot pink nails. 

The Bored face

Who can pull off a boring face in a no-makeup look? Our own Ari girl! One of the biggest reasons Ariana Grande is loved so much is because people relate to her in so many ways.

Here we can see ourselves getting bored and ending up clicking pictures and sharing them right away on our social media. That is what Ariana has done here. She is seen wearing only eyeliner and leaving the face bare just as it is.

“Take it as it is” Ariana

Now, we just talked about how relatable Ariana is and here is another example. Ariana is one of the coolest artists with a bang on a sense of humour (wonder who influenced it).

The fun loving and cheerful Ari shares almost everything with her fans including her eyebags literally. Here, we can see the funny Ariana joking about her puffed-up under eyes saying, “my bags are packed, they’re under my eyes”.

This is one of the best things we love about Ariana Grande she never hides her imperfections or flaws. 

Day out with Ariana

Ariana can do it all! Our “Stuck with U” singer does not mind flaunting her bare face even in the daylight.

Her most off-camera days can be seen her enjoying sunny afternoons catching and chatting with her friends in the streets of New York without any makeup or shimmery dresses.

She can pair an oversized sweatshirt with pajamas, her hair tied in a bun and still rock the vibe. Here, we can see her in a back hoodie, hair half tied in a bun and nothing on her face except her bright shining smile. 

Flaunting Freckles

Noticed that I have used “Flaunting” a bit too much here? But that’s because our “break up with your girlfriend, I am bored” singer is all about flaunting and embracing her true beauty and real self.

Here, we can see her showing off her beautiful freckles which mostly triggers people not to have clear skin like others.

Ariana embraces her cute freckles in a filtered selfie pouting away at all the haters. You can literally see her glowing and shining skin in this close-up picture. 

Blurred Moments

Ariana Grande shared this very emotional memory after her album “Sweetener” debuted in August 2018.

It looks a little blurred but it is evidently looking like she is not wearing any makeup except her essential eyeliner which seems to have swapped away after having a good crying session.

She wrote a heartfelt caption for her fans saying, “mood :’) gonna cry all day lol. thank you for your warmth. thank you for listening and hearing me. happy sweetener day and I love you.”. 

The Ultimate No Makeup look

We’ve already talked about Ariana’s sense of humour and her relatability. With this post, it is clear that she is one of the coolest people you’ll ever know.

The “almost is never enough” singer posted a funny no makeup photo on her Instagram where she jokingly pokes people with the reality of no-makeup looks.

The singer is seen sitting in a car with her hair tied in a sleek ponytail and the exposure of light almost makes her disappear from her face in the picture. 

Ariana Grande’s positive influence on her fans is one of her biggest strengths that makes her top loved artists in the world. In a way, she feels responsible for putting the truth out in the world where so many people struggle with looks and personalities. 

Ariana Grande’s imperfect and bland looks should be taken as a light of encouragement and embrace our real selves.

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