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10 Best Jewelry Brands in the World

The love for jewelry among females is not a new story. It dates back to the ancient times when women would don some of the most beautiful jewels. Besides accentuating their beauty, these jewelry pieces also had a cultural significance. They would use different metals and materials to carve items like bracelets, headgear, earrings, anklets, and other trinkets.

Jewelry is an ethereal piece of accessory loved and adorned by all. Wearing it makes you look elegant as ever. A simple piece of jewelry accentuates your outfit and makes you stand out from the crowd. Ornaments trends keep coming and going. Have you ever wondered who decides on these trends?

From designing the best pieces using precious jewelry materials to introducing new trends and fashions under this category, these brands run the jewelry market and how!

What are the Best Designer Jewelry Brands?

The world is full of beautiful jewelry brands. The below-listed leads are the game changers who have been passionately creating the best jewelry pieces for centuries and decades, and they continue doing so. They are worth all the hype and extravaganza. Take a look at the best ones.

  1. Dior

Founded by Christian Dior, this brand stands out among all the jewelry brands that impress the world with its finest creations. Dior has all kinds of bold and glamorous jewelry dedicated to both genders. The tasteful and elegant designs with the use of gemstones, pearls, and diamonds make them unique from others. Although pricey, Dior jewelry is worth every penny.

  1. Mikimoto

This jewelry brand was started by Mikimoto Kokichi. It was known for its luxurious pearl creations. Today, it happens to be one of the best jewelry brands in the world. Mikimoto opened his first-ever store in 1899 in Tokyo, which was later expanded in New York, Paris, London, Mumbai, and other major cities of the world. If you are a connoisseur of pearls, checking out their collection is a must!

  1. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is a well-known English jewelry brand that has been impressing its peers with its finest jewels collection. The company has a powerful legacy attached to its name. The first store of the company was opened in 1837 by the name Tiffany, Young, and Ellis. You will often spot your favorite celebrities donning the beautiful jewelry pieces produced by the brand. The company designs its ornaments in solitaire, diamonds, platinum, and other precious stones.

  1. Cartier

Cartier was founded by Louis Cartier, a French designer, in 1847 in Paris. It gained immense popularity for designing exquisite jewelry, after which the company expanded its base to other big cities worldwide. One of the major highlights of this brand is when it created a legendary panther-shaped brooch with diamonds and other gemstones. This creation impressed the Princess of Windsor. The brand continues to design the most beautiful and rare jewelry pieces.

  1. Harry Winston

Harry Winston is another big name in the jewelry-making business. Although the founder of this brand passed away too early, the company retained its name and continued making designer ornaments using gemstones and diamonds. The best thing about Harry Winston jewelry is that it is very intricate, structural, and elegant. We promise you will fall for their creations and want to buy them.

  1. Bulgari

Sotirios Bulgaris, a Greek jeweler, founded the brand Bulgari in 1881 in Rome, and the rest is history. This Italian brand designs fragrances, watches, and some beautiful jewelry pieces. It is well-known for its diamonds and colored gemstones. Get your hands on this brand if you are a sucker for rich and colorful jewelry. These items can accentuate any look, as they go well with all outfit types.

  1. Piaget

Talk about the best jewelry brands in the world, and the mention of Piaget is a must. This Swiss brand of luxury jewelry was founded by Georges Piaget in 1974. Initially, the brand gained fame for its luxury designer watches containing beautiful enameling and gemstones. Later in the 20th century, the brand debuted in the jewelry market and became one of the most well-known names in no time. The unique and antique jewelry produced by Piaget is loved by all, including your favorite celebrities. It is no surprise to see them wearing Piaget at red carpet events.

  1. Buccellati

Buccellati is an Italian company famed for its Italian jewelry and designer watches. The brand has its stores in New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, and Hong Kong. What sets it apart from others is that instead of designing intricate jewelry pieces, Buccellati jewelry designs feature insects and animals made in precious gemstones. Get your hands on their exquisite collection if you are fond of quirky accessories.

  1. Chopard

Chopard is one of the most sought-after luxury jewelry brands in the world. The company was founded years ago in 1860 by Sonvieller and was famous for making watches for women. It was later sold to a German company in 1960 that retained its name and continued making watches. Chopard expanded its horizon and introduced its jewelry line for women. You will find everything precious in its elegant jewelry collection.

  1. Boucheron

This brand was started by Frederic Boucheron in 1860 when the founder engaged himself in designing jewelry for the Parisian community. Boucheron soon became the center of luxury jewels. Over the years, the band caught immense attention from all the jewelry lovers and celebrities worldwide. The headquarters of this brand is in 26 Place Vendome, and the brand has expanded its business in several corners of the world, including New York, Moscow, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and others. You will explore everything here -from bespoke jewelry pieces to watches and mesmerizing bridal collections.

Nowadays, the love for ornaments is not just limited to females alone. Males, too, have started finding jewelry pieces attractive. The above-listed designer jewelry brands deserve all the admiration. After all, no other brand designs jewelry like them. Check their beautiful creations and invest your hard-earned money in beautiful-looking jewels.

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