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Is Alkaline Water Good for Your Overall Health? Know Everything Here

Water is one of the essential things required by the human body. Life without water is unimaginable. Drinking water in the right amount offers many benefits, including removing toxins from your body, keeping you hydrated, and improving your skin. Staying hydrated also enhances productivity, mood, energy level, and mental clarity.

The growing culture and consciousness about health and fitness has put everyone on the bandwagon of experimenting with new concepts of eating and drinking. One such fad is drinking alkaline water. It has been claimed that alkaline water not only keeps a check on your hydration levels, but also improves your bone, blood, and organ health.

So, what is alkaline water, and does it really improve your health? Let us know!

What is Alkaline Water?

In simple words, alkaline water refers to the water that has been ionized. It means the pH level of normal water has been increased. The pH level is the number that measures how acidic or alkaline any substance is on a scale of 0 to 14.

For example, if the pH level of a substance is 1, it means it is very acidic in nature. On the contrary, if the pH level is 13, the substance is very alkaline.

When water becomes alkaline, its pH level raises to 8 or 9, as opposed to tap water whose pH level remains 7 or neutral. Many studies and research lay down that alkaline water help people with excess acidity. It helps neutralize the acid in your body, owing to its alkaline nature. The process of neutralizing acids in the body further helps to manage and prevent many ailments and improve your gut.

There are many ways to improve the alkaline properties of water – using special filters, faucet attachments, and additives. With these attempts, the water loses its acidic properties and becomes more alkaline.

What is the Different Between Alkaline Water and Regular Water?

When compared to regular water, alkaline water has a higher pH level. Due to such properties, it is believed that alkaline water can neutralize the acid in your body. But according to many scientists, pH alone cannot impart substantial alkalinity to water.

Here’s everything about the composition of alkaline water.

  • Calcium: Alkaline water comprises calcium vital for bone, heart, muscle, and nerve health and functions.
  • Magnesium: This water comprises magnesium that helps turn food into energy.
  • Sodium: Alkaline water has more sodium than regular water, thus regulating blood pressure and volume and supporting your nerve-muscle function.
  • Potassium: Potassium is an electrolyte essential for muscle function and healthy digestion.

What are the Benefits of Alkaline Water?

If you add alkaline water to your lifestyle, you will experience the following benefits.

Weight Loss

The junk food that we eat regularly is the reason for high acidity. As a result, more fat cells are created to neutralize the body, which leads to a rapid weight gain. Alkaline water helps lose weight naturally by neutralizing the acids in your body.

When you drink this water regularly, the fat storage gets reduced.

Better Heart Health

Alkaline water gives much-needed hydration to your body. According to many pieces of conclusive research, blood viscosity increases because of dehydration, leading to heart diseases such as blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

Drinking alkaline water helps to balance your cholesterol and sugar levels. The high pH levels of alkaline water help absorb all the minerals, thus keeping your heart safe and healthy.

Improved Hydration

According to research by Colorado State University, drinking alkaline water hydrates your body better than regular water.

Alkaline water comprises small clusters making it easier for the body to absorb it. Compared to regular drinking water, alkaline water is more effective, when it comes to hydration. It also improves the digestion of your body which further leads to better hydration.


Toxins in the body are the result of many illnesses and diseases, including cancer. The primary benefit of drinking alkaline water is that it helps to flush away all the toxins from your body, thus keeping you healthy and immune from chronic diseases such as cancer.

Alkaline water ensures that the water is free from harmful minerals and other impurities. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily is the foundation of detoxifying your body.

Better Bone Health

One of the best benefits of alkaline water is that it leads to better bone health. This water is loaded with minerals and nutrients essential for healthy bones, such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

Excess acidity in your body may lead to bone loss, and alkaline water helps prevent acidity in the body. This water also reduces the quantity of calcium that discharges through urine. Many health experts claim that alkaline water is a risk-free way to maintain healthy bones.

Better Immunity

Alkaline water contributes to improved health and immunity. It is loaded with minerals that help to regulate your health and improve your digestion, and overall well-being. Your immune system becomes stronger, thus neutralizing the acidity in your body and ensuring you do not fall prey to digestion issues or gut diseases.

The potent antioxidants present in this water also prevent the growth of cell-damaging free radicals in the body, which may otherwise rush the process of aging.

Where Can I Find Alkaline Water?

You can find alkaline water anywhere in the general or grocery stores that sell regular water. You can even make alkaline water at home by using baking soda. This ingredient is alkaline and entertains a pH balance of 9.

Mix half a tablespoon of baking soda for four liters of water. Shake it properly until it dissolves completely. You can use it as drinking water once it gets dissolved. You can also buy faucet attachments and alkaline sticks to include drinking this water into your lifestyle.

Is Alkaline Water Safe?

Alkaline water doesn’t cause any harmful effects on your body unless you have kidney disease. The minor side effects you may experience include dry or itchy skin and an upset stomach. Besides this, alkaline water causes no side effects. But do not resort to it only because others are following it. Make sure you drink this water only because your body needs it, and not otherwise.

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