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How to Get Rid of Flabby Arms? Follow these Tips for Best Results

While the whole world is advocating body positivity and encouraging others to love how they look, there is nothing wrong with changing something that makes you feel conscious of your body. The struggle to get rid of arm fat is real. And to be honest, women do shy away from showing off their flabby arms when they wear any sleeveless outfit.

Many people face the problem of flabby arms, and getting rid of them is a tough nut to crack. It is because arm fat is stubborn, caused due to the onset of aging. As you grow older, your metabolic rate decreases. If you do not follow a healthy lifestyle, the fat starts storing on the different parts of your body.

Aging alone is not the result of arm fat. A study has claimed that a low level of testosterone in the body may trigger the storage of excess fat in your upper arm region. Nevertheless, more substantial evidence is required to prove this claim.

Whatever be the reasons for flabby arms, one question remains common. “Will I ever get rid of my flabby arms?”

Yes, you can.

How to Get Rid of Flabby Arms?

If you are uncomfortable about how your arms look and want to change their appearance, the below-listed practices will help you tone your flabby arms.

Exercise Regularly

There is nothing wrong with lifting weights. Lifting weights doesn’t make a female look muscular. On the contrary, it helps to tone their bodies. Exercising regularly and targeting your arm region is a promising way to get rid of flabby arms.

You can either enroll in a gym or set up a small workout area at home. Doing the below-listed exercises will help you tone up your arms to perfection.

Triceps Dips

Triceps dips are easy to perform. You do not have to lift heavy weights for this movement. You can start by placing your arms behind your back on a chair or bench. Keep your legs extended forward. Your feet should be hip-width apart with your heels touching the ground.

Lower yourself slowly until your elbows are bent, and push yourself back in the starting position. Repeat this movement as a set of three with ten repetitions each. Increase the number of sets with time and strength.

Bent-Over Row

This movement is perfect for getting toned arms as well as back. You can grab a dumbbell to perform it more extensively. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slightly bend forward while bending your knees such that your body remains parallel to the floor. Keep your back straight.

Breathe out and pull the dumbbells towards your chest, below your ribs. Exhale and squeeze your back muscles to hold the position. Bring the weights back to the starting position and repeat three sets with fifteen repetitions per set.


Push-ups are a great exercise not just for your arms, but your whole upper body. You can get down on all fours and place your hands wider than your shoulders while straightening your arms and legs. Bring your body closer to the ground while inhaling.

Exhale and push yourself back to the starting position. Repeat as many movements as you can. If getting down on all fours is difficult, you can bend your knees and do half push-ups.

Arm Stretch

Raise your hands above your head while interlocking your wrists. Pull your right hand towards the left and take your arms to the center without releasing your wrists. Now, pull your left hand towards the right one.

Perform this movement two times with twenty repetitions each set.


Another easy-to-do exercise without using weights is scissors. You need a yoga mat and enough space to move your hands free. Spread the mat and stand with your legs apart. Extend your arms towards your side and keep them straight to take the starting position. Bring your arms towards the front of your body. Cross them over as if they are overlapping each other.

Return to the position you began in and repeat the movement.

Focus on Diet

When you pair the above-listed workout with a healthy diet, the results show quicker than ever. Follow the below-listed dietary tips to obtain optimum results.

Say No to Sugar

Sugar is one of the culprits for the accumulation of unwanted fat in your body. The consumption of sugary products is unhealthy for your heart health too. Thus, cut down on the sugar levels and invite healthier changes in your body.

Limit the consumption of all food items that include sugar, such as sodas, pastries, cakes, and cookies. Start with taking baby steps. For instance, reduce the amount of sugar you add to your cup of tea or coffee. Do not drink bottled juice. Make a fresh sugar-free juice instead. You can also include better alternatives for sugar to kill your sweet cravings, such as honey, dates, and maple syrup. Honey and maple syrup also acts as a natural sweetener for your dessert.

Eat More Proteins

Consume a balanced diet, including protein. The protein-rich food will help you build more muscles and boost your metabolism, thereby burning more calories. Another reason why protein is a sought-after nutrient to achieve toned arms is that it keeps you full for a longer time. Thus, you do not experience frequent pangs of hunger between your meals.

When choosing protein to eat, include more lean meats, nuts, beans, seeds, seafood, and leafy vegetables.

How Long Does it Take to Get Rid of Flabby Arms?

There is no definite answer to this question as the body of each person is different. The duration of results further depends upon the intensity of your workout regime, the number of fats and proteins you consume and your metabolism.

We recommend you stick to a proper diet and exercise. Your consistency will never let you down, and you will attain toner biceps and triceps faster than ever.

We hope this article helps you come to a step closer to your body goals. Follow it religiously to witness the best results. We promise you will love flaunting your toned arms in your favorite sleeveless little black dress.

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