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Dwayne Johnson Reveals “The Rock Style Leg-Workout” to his Fans

Need some Tuesday motivation? Go check out Dwayne Johnson’s latest Instagram post. The former wrestler who goes by the ring name “The Rock” has just flaunted his insane leg-workout. And look at him! He isn’t ageing at all.

The Rock’s Insta post

Dwayne Johnson once said, “As strong as my legs are, it is my mind that has made me a champion.” Well, the 49-year old star is living up to his words to date. He recently posted a hell strong leg workout picture revealing how he manages to keep them pumped up.

The Fast & Furious star revealed his secret technique for strong legs while giving due credit to his conditioning coach Dave Rienzi. He revealed how he manages to pull a brutal leg training regime without insane heavyweights.

Dave’s trainer, Dave Rienzi commented on the post saying, “Cheat meal earned for sure after this brutal leg workout brother! That finisher of Lunges and RDLs after the giant sets really takes it home. Next level burn.” A lot of fans also commented respect and fire emojis on Dwayne’s post.

The-Rock Style Leg-Workout

The Rampage star took to Instagram and served us all some real motivation. He revealed his leg-workout sesh on his bar. Further, Dwayne also mentioned how even after his series of injuries like five knee surgeries, ruptured Achilles, torn quadricep, torn abdomen wall, complete shoulder reconstruction, he can keep his legs strong. 

FYI, the advice is do not run behind heavyweights. Rather, keep the quality of the reps and mind/muscle connection. He further elaborated on his training session. He said,

“Today’s training sesh consisted of a 25-30min warm up – core work, foam roller, stretching and then quad, hams & glute activation – leg extensions, leg curls, glute abductions and single leg glute drives.

Then GIANT SETS begin.
*4-5 sets of 4-5 exercises per set.
Rep range 15-20.
No rest between exercises.

Slow, intense, controlled reps with multi-second negatives – increasing weight every set.
Single leg reps to double leg and moving foot positions and stance to hit all angles and muscles effectively.

To close it out I’ll finish with walking chain⛓ lunges (120lbs) to failure and superset with Romanian deadlifts. Slow and super controlled on the deadlifts with a 1-second pause at the bottom.

He ended his advice by calling it a Brutal Leg Training session. Dwayne also left an inspirational message in the end, stating “Truth is, over the years I’ve actually learned to train HARDER. But, to train harder, I had to learn how to train SMARTER. That’s a key to fitness success.”

He added, “Hardest workers in the room, win the race. The smartest workers in the room, win the journey. You guys keep gettin’ after your health & fitness goals – and I always got your back. It’s cheat meal time!” 

Bottom Line

Dwayne Johnson has a wrestling career of more than eight years. Well, I grew up watching The Rock fight in the ring. He also owns a fitness brand called Zoa Energy. Dwayne’s films have grossed over $10.5 billion worldwide. Yes, he is one of the highest paying actors in the world.

He always prioritised his health no matter come what may! Not only this, at 49, he never misses out on his workout sessions. So if you’re looking for stronger legs, hit the gym today for it’s a leg day! At least, I am inspired. What do you think about Dwyane’s physique?

I am Mallika Singh, a lawyer and writer by profession. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I am a keen observer and an ardent reader. When not at work, you can find me at the stable. Horse riding is another passion that keeps me going.


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