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Why is Good Friday called Good Friday?

This Friday is Good Friday. It marks the same day on which Christians commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. The name, Good Friday, often appears to be counterintuitive to many Christians and non-believers as it is typically viewed as a solemn one and observed with somber processions. Some people even observe fast on this day.

 So, why is Good Friday considered Good Friday?

It is because good used to mean holy. There are various theories about why this festival is called Good Friday. We have busted a few of them. Before we list them, here is everything to know about the origin of this day.

The Origin of Good Friday

According to the Bible, on the evening before Good Friday or Maundy Thursday, Jesus told his disciples to expect his death during the Last Supper. He also mentioned that from then on, if they consumed bread and drank wine, they would be eating his body and drinking his blood. Today, many Christians call it Holy Communion.

Where Did Good Friday Come From?

The term ‘Good Friday’ doesn’t actually suggest that the Friday in question is a good, jolly, or positive event. The use of Good in this context has the same meaning as the one used in the original Old English. Here, good means holy. In reality, Good Friday means a Holy Friday.

Although the crucifixion of Jesus marked a sad event in the history of Christianity, many followers of the religion have a view that it was good in its way. If the crucifixion of Jesus didn’t take place, it would never start his resurrection in the first place. Jesus died for the sins committed by humans. His resurrection day marks the beginning of Easter.

According to Christians, Easter should be celebrated happily and joyfully. It is because, ultimately, if Jesus hadn’t carried the cross or worn the crown of thorns, or commended his spirit into his father’s hands, there would be no end to the sins of all humans.

Why is Good Friday called Good Friday?

There have been many theories about why Good Friday is called Good Friday. We have busted a few of them.

  • The first and the most common theory why Good Friday is called Good Friday is that Christians believe there is something good about the occurrence of this event. This day marks the anniversary of Jesus suffering and dying for the sins committed by them. Although Good Friday marks the crucifixion of Jesus, it also led to his Resurrection. His resurrection is proof that kindness always wins. This event was his victory over death and sins. 
  • The second theory is that the Good in Good Friday derives from God or ‘God’s Friday’.
  • The third, final, and the most supported theory of why Good Friday is called Good Friday is because in this context the meaning of good implies holy.

Now you know why Good Friday is called Good Friday and the significance of celebrating it among Christians!

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