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Who is The Strongest Avenger? Top 3 Are Here

Over the years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has featured many superheroes from comic books. But when it comes to power, the Avengers are difficult to replace. The characters on our ranking will be in their most powerful appearances in the MCU. You already realize why these personalities are so powerful. There are so many wonderful Avenger characters to pick from, but we only have space for a handful.

All of the Avengers are terrific in their own ways, and we can’t dispute that they’re all wonderful, but if you’ve watched the movies, you’re probably aware of the strongest. As a result, that’s what we’re doing. Also, the article might contain spoilers for viewers who haven’t watch the Avenger movies yet.

Most Powerful and Strongest Avengers

1. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is the most powerful Avenger we have, and while many people actually believe Captain Marvel or Thor are the most powerful, Scarlet Witch comes out on top. She has continued to demonstrate extraordinary power since Infinity War. The Scarlet Witch has been portrayed as a powerful witch since the 1980s, and was afterward said to be powerful enough to change reality.

Originally said to have the ability to alter probability, the Scarlet Witch has been depicted as a powerful sorceress since the 1980s, and was later said to be powerful enough to alter reality. Remember that destroying an Infinity Stone is a challenge which most protagonists wouldn’t even contemplate, but she did it while battling off the universe’s greatest challenge. Wanda was the only superhero who could confront Thanos one-on-one and come out unscathed – and she did it twice.

Also, if you’ve seen Endgame, one of the greatest movies, you must not have missed the battle against Thanos at the conclusion of Endgame where the most powerful Scarlet Witch unleashes her strength.

Well, here’s a little about Scarlet Witch, the most powerful member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, who was first portrayed as a determined supervillain alongside her twin brother Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver, both original leaders of the Brotherhood of Mutants.

She entered the Avengers superhero team a year after her appearance and has been represented as a regular member ever since. Wanda has always been powerful, but “WandaVision” demonstrated that her ability is genuinely unique.

2. Thor

Thor has become a force to be reckoned with since his mighty enlightenment in Ragnarok and the Infinity Wars. Also, if you’re wondering why Captain Marvel isn’t on the second, it’s because she doesn’t have many feats up her sleeve. Keven Feige has verified Thor as the most powerful Avenger in canon, with yet another member of the squad being the most powerful.

Thor has easily snatched the number two place, in our opinion. Because Thor is so powerful, filmmakers are continually looking for methods to limit his abilities. They broke his hammer in “Ragnarok”. They took him out of the picture for the majority of “Infinity War”. And you probably know what happened at the “Endgame.”

Thor is one of the most powerful Asgardians, an ancient alien society with connections to Earth that humans regard as deities. He encounters the Guardians of the Galaxy as a founder and essential part of the Avengers.

Thor possesses a variety of supernatural abilities, including superhuman strength, speed, durability, and longevity. These are only a few of his powers. Watching him battle Thanos at the conclusion of Infinity War and into Endgame only demonstrates his strength. Of course, keeping a number two was difficult, but Thor snatched the spot and elevated Captain Marvel to third.

3. Captain Marvel

This was a no-brainer, and we’re sure everyone is wondering why Captain Marvel is on the third. Captain Marvel was clearly the strongest Avenger until the events of “WandaVision,” but then everything changed. As previously indicated, Thor was ranked second because of his abilities and many more things. Captain Marvel is, without a question, the most powerful Avenger.

“Captain Marvel is the most powerful character we’ve ever put in a movie,” Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios’ president, told Vulture. Just minutes after learning her actual strength, we saw Captain Marvel blast through a complete spaceship with simplicity.

She didn’t need any instruction or experience to figure out how to use her skills, unlike many other superheroes. Captain Marvel has now been physically outclassed by some of her rivals, despite her superior emotional strength and overall ability.

Despite the fact that Captain Marvel is a newcomer to the Avengers in comparison to the other members, still it’s is one of many people’s favorite superheroes.

Well, the hunt you’ve been on has come to an end. But it was a difficult decision to make between Captain Marvel and Thor, but that’s all. Let us know who your favorite Avenger is in the comments section below. As well as, who you believe is the strongest.

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  1. The most strongest hero are the following:-
    The first strongest hero – Hulk
    The second strongest hero – Scarlet Witch
    The third strongest hero – Thor

  2. It is right Scarlet witch is the first
    She is so powerful enough
    Secondly is thor, that my favorites superheroes and know that Thor could come among this three strongest.
    Thirdly is captain marvel she is also strong enough

  3. Yeh ,
    Scarlet witch is the first , she is so powerful enough
    But secondly is Captain Marvel , she is so powerful enough in end game
    Thirdly is Thor , because he is so powerful enough but he couldn’t control his power .

    • No she is not thor is a god + older than her and cant rly die without a weapon strong enough to kill a god so she needs something made by the dwarfs lol READ YOUR COMICS

  4. 1. Wanda
    2. Doctor Strange
    3. Thor/Captain Marvel

    Wanda is first because of her powerful display during WandaVision, if you haven’t watched it then you HAVE to go watch it right NOW. Her powers reflect on her emotions, meaning if she is mad, her powers get stronger.
    She is said that the Scarlett Witch’s powers are above the Sorcerer Supreme’s (Doctor Strange).

    Doctor Strange is second because he is a literal wizard and can cast just about any spell you can imagine. He has an infinity stone which, if he uses, can destroy just about anything that comes in his way.

    Captain Marvel is below Doctor Strange because her powers come from an infinity stone, while Strange has an infinity stone. Her powerful display during Endgame is proof of how powerful she is, and when flying, almost nothing can slow her down unless she slows down herself.

    • I totally agree with you!
      I was waiting for this answer.
      Was mad because they didn’t put Dr. Strange on the list. I mean he didn’t need an infinity stone or liquid to be a superhero or gain strength and powers.
      His power comes from his mind, so he was born with it. Imagine how more powerful he could be if he would expand his mindset much more. I mean in this stadium right now he’s definitely on second place but if he wants he can grow more and more power just from his own mind. That is true power for me!

    • Yeah and it’s not even close, maybe the movie portrays things wrong, but in the comics scarlet witch stated multiple times that she could never even come close to beating thor in a fight, and has actually lost to him multiple times.

  5. Wanda is absolutely not the most powerful avenger. Look at it this way. Thor Wanda and marvel get in a fight. Wanda needs to be just slightly touched by a photon blast or a lightning and she will leave the field like your father left for Milk. Thor will stomp marvel because of his immense strenght, speed and durability. He has way more expirience than her and he is also way handier with his fists and weapons. She stands no chance. You said that the fact that she destriyed thanos’ ship is the feat that makes her stronger than the other avengers. That is not true, because thor was able to destroy the ships in infinity war, which should be more difficult do be destroyed, since they were designed to be able to withstood a landing from space. The real and most accurate ranking will be thor, then cap marvel and then Wanda.

  6. Black Widow is the strongest, without her they wouldn’t have got soul stone which means they couldn’t have defeated Thanos.

  7. Dr Strange definitely could’ve been second or even first!;though you all underestimate wanda’s power she is right to be the first on this list…and whoever said black widow is the strongest needs some holy water EVERYONE EXCEPT CLINT AND SPIDERMAN COULD BEAT NATASHA!! Just because she sacrificed herself in Endgame doesn’t make her the strongest avenger.

    • #iron man Zinda baad
      Iron man is powerful because he snap
      If he doesn’t snap so thanos could snap and make dust to every superhero


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