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Who is Susan Andrews? Meet Fox News Host Tucker Carlson’s Wife

Tucker Carlson is best known for being the host of Fox’s political talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight which premiered in the year 2016. For those of you who are unaware, let us tell you, the show airs on weeknights at 8 p.m.

When we talk about the personal life of the Fox News personality Tucker Carlson, he has been happily married to Susan Andrews for almost three decades now. Continue reading further to know more about Tucker’s wife Susan Andrews.

All you need to know about Tucker Carlson’s wife Susan Andrews

Susan Andrews has known her husband Tucker Carlson since the time the two of them were teenagers. Back in the day, Susan’s dad served as headmaster at St George’s private school in Rhode Island.

As per various reports, Tucker asked for Susan’s dad’s permission to marry her. In a 2000 media interaction with People magazine, Tucker raved over his wife Susan Andrews, and went on to say, “She was the cutest 10th-grader in America.”

On the other hand, Susan recalled and told the media outlet, “There was a bounce in his walk. He was in his khaki pants and ribbon belt and I thought, even then, he seemed so optimistic and positive.” We must say, these two have been with each other through thick and thin.

When did Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews get married?

The Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered host tied the knot with his ladylove Susan Andrews in the year 1991. The pair exchanged their vows on August 10, 1991, after Tucker received a green light from Susan’s father.

During an earlier interaction with People magazine in 2000, Tucker talked about the pair’s wedding and said, “All very 19th-century, but a good thing to do.”

How many kids do Tucker Carlson and his wife Susan Andrews have and how old are they?

Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews are doting parents of 4 kids. The names of their four children are as follows: Hopie, Buckley, Dorothy, and Lillie. It has been reported by People magazine, that Lillie is the oldest child of the pair, followed by Buckley, Hopie, and Dorothy.

Hopie is 22 years old. As of this moment, the exact age of the other children of Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson is not known.

What is the show ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ all about?

Fox’s talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight saw the light of the day in the year 2016. Tucker Carlson has been hosting the show since 2016. The show’s description on its website reads, “Tucker Carlson Tonight is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think.”

It further reads, “We ask the questions that you would ask – and demand answers.” In the past, Tucker has also served as the co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend. In addition to this, he hosted the nightly program Tucker on MSNBC from the year 2005 to 2008 and PBS’ Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered. 

What is your take on Tucker Carlson’s talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight? Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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  1. Tucker Carlson researches, investigates and provides a myriad of sides on questions/issues.

    He makes me think. He brings forth issues we should be thinking about, Or aware of; instead of thinking what elites, main stream media are wanting us to think or being brain washed over. Thank you. I do not post.

  2. Tucker is must see TV between 5-6 West Coast time. Always informative and apparently factual as I see no pending lawsuits against him . If he was just bloviating the left would be all over him like a cheap suit if he was making up stuff . He scares them . My only issue with all of Fox reporting is their penchant for promoting books from their guest .

  3. Tucker Carlson Tonight is the second best show on TV following Mark Levin! Love that neither man is afraid to speak the truth and to dig deep!

  4. Best show on Fox News or any other network. I’ve been a Tucker fan since before he was on Fox and Friends Weekend. He ask the questions others are afraid to ask.

  5. Tucker Carlson is without a doubt one of the most Profound, Unfathomable and Weighty talk show hosts in all of America. I tune in to his TV show EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

    He has Phenomenal guests and Phenomenal subject matter sprinkled with what he has going on with his Fox Nation Broadcasts. They are superb too.

    Tucker Carlson is Unequalled, Unmatched and Unsurpassed. I give this great host five (5) stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    • Totally agree, NEVER MISS A WORD. RECORD DAILY.
      NEVER boring or repetitive,
      Informed truthful brave guests brought on daily.


      😍 to you and your LOVELY family.

  6. Horrible person, if his on-air persona is remotely who he “is”. I cannot stand his endless, baseless questions which are a pathetic attempt to galvanize a group of clearly uneducated middle-americans desperate to resist societal change. Stuck in the 70s with his bow tie and awe for everything Trump, he is the furthest thing from an on-air “Sensation” I’ve ever seen. Aside from his fortune, I pity his children and wife.

  7. Her father George Andrews was our Youth Minister. I met Susan when she was about five years old. I remember her sister Molly, but not really Susan. There were three sisters as I recall. One was a baby at the time. It was a long time ago. 1972 to 1974 I think. St James in Lancaster, PA. Her father was a REALLY good guy, and contributed greatly to my life and spirituality. Susan’s mother was a very kind sweet woman. I cant recall her name. Our group all went to their home at one point. I would see their foamily for many of our church’s functions.

  8. People should be aware that Tucker’s show is opinion, not news. He asks leading questions with about as much basis to them as any QAnon conspiracy theory, then follows with more suggestive statements. Anyone who takes what he says as fact needs to sit in front of a computer and fact check his statements for just one show to see that he doesn’t provide news, he provides propaganda.

    • Tucker keeps us informed unlike CNN and others who refuse to tell information that may hurt their left agenda. Love his show.

    • It always makes me chuckle when you say things like “propaganda”. so anything your people say is fact and everything you dont believe in is “propaganda”…got it…lol

  9. The most honest I feel if the nite Fox hosts..unfortunately fir mysekf and my friends Fox now resides in the now mass media rhino section of the news…and it dies pain me to slot them there but the program and station in general has the neoconservative feel if it’s CEO who as well likes to slot portions of their party that doesn’t fall in line with the McConnell group think..but that old fart way if thinking just proved they have their hands in dem front pockets..but Tucker he a boat rocker..


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