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Who is Austin Swift? Meet Taylor Swift’s Brother

Taylor Swift is one of the most celebrated names in the music industry. The singer has achieved a lot and is still spreading her wings globally, flying up and high. Besides singing and recording, Taylor loves to spend her time on social media platforms, where she interacts with her fans and roots for her friends.

Time and again, she boosts and speaks highly about other creators, including her best friend Selena Gomez and her brother Austin. Yes, Taylor Brother has a younger brother, and this article discusses the same.

Here’s everything to know about Taylor Swift’s younger brother.

Taylor and Austin Grew Together

Taylor Swift grew up alongside her younger brother, Austin. They share a sweet sibling bond and always have each other’s back.

Austin was born on the 11th of March, 1992. As of 2022, the young man is 30 years old. He is the only son of Andrea Swift and Scott Swift.

What does Austin Swift Do?

Austin Swift is an actor.

He completed his graduation from the University of Notre Dame in 2015 with a degree in film. It’s been only a few years out of school, yet he has managed to score a role in some promising projects and big names. In his first film, IT, Austin starred alongside Pierce Brosnan.

Since then, he has been a part of many projects, including Live by Night, a crime drama. He also had a role in one episode of Still the King, a CMT sitcom. Austin was further seen in a short-lived drama series called Embeds.

Currently, he is working on many upcoming projects that are sure to expand and grow his career by leaps and bounds.

How Close is Austin with her Sister?

Taylor Swift and her little brother share a great relationship, as reflected on the former’s Instagram account. Austin, too, loves rooting for her sister on social media.

After the release of Evermore, Austin shared a snap of Taylor on his Instagram handle with a caption,

“As a brother and friend, I couldn’t be more proud as a lifelong fan. I am thrilled beyond words. As a human being, I am simply dumbfounded at this level of artistry and depth of insight into what it is to love and lose to and to simply exist. Now please stop reading this and go listen to evermore by @taylorswift!!!!”

Interesting Things about Austin you Didn’t Know

  • Austin Swift was an intern at Lionsgate. He began at the bottom of the entertainment food chain by working as an intern. While working with Lionsgate, his job included making and sending DVD screeners.
  • Austin looks up to his elder sister while taking important advice. In one of his interviews, the actor stated he gets a lot of advice from his sister in all aspects. When asked about the best advice his sister gave him, he laid down that she always supports him when he feels reserved or cautious.
  • Austin Swift has maintained an eclectic Instagram account. His posts also include some artistic photos.
  • Austin Swift is into drones, but not kale chips.

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