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Where Is John Balcerzak? Jeffrey Dahmer’s Arresting Officer Who Let The Serial Killer Walk Free

Jeffrey Dahmer killed and dismembered 17 innocent men and boys before his final arrest in July 1991. People often confuse John Balcerzak as the officer who took Jeffrey into custody. On the other hand, it was this controversial officer who let the drugged teen, Konerak Sinthasomphone, back into Jeffrey’s apartment. Read on to know all about this “Dahmer Cop” who had an opportunity to take down this serial killer.

Who Is John Balcerzak?

Born on April 13, 1957, John A. Balcerzak is a former police officer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who played a controversial role in Jeffrey Dahmer’s case. In 1991, John Balcerzak could have done everything to take down this serial killer, sex offender and cannibal. However, due to his lackadaisical approach, Jeffrey continued to commit 5 more murders before he was finally arrested in July 1991.

When Glenda Cleveland, Jeffrey’s neighbor made endless calls to police about Jeffrey’s acts, John Balcerzak was one of the three police officers, who let a 14-year-old teen become another victim of the Milwaukee Cannibal. From failing to check Dahmer’s identity; to conducting further investigation, to rescuing a bleeding Konerak, John failed to do everything per his oath as an officer.

After Dahmer was arrested, a controversial audiotape of Balcerzak and another officer-on-scene, Gabrish, came to light. In the said audio tape, the two were seen cracking jokes about “reuniting the lovers” and making homophobic comments to their dispatcher. For their gross negligence, John Balcerzak and his fellow officers, Joseph T. Gabrish, and Richard Porubcan were termed “Dahmer Cops” by several outlets.

What’s more shocking is that John was fired but was reinstated in 1994. Despite this heavy controversy, he enjoyed a long career with Wisconsin law enforcement. Not only this, but John served as the president of the Milwaukee Police Association from 2005 to 2009, before retiring in 2017.

All About Konerak’s Incident…

John Balcerzak, along with fellow officers, Richard Porubcan and Joseph T. Gabrish, reached Jeffrey’s apartment after several calls made to the police by Glenda Cleveland, Jeffrey’s neighbor, who is less remembered for her major role in this serial killer’s case.

Glenda was the first person to expose Jeffrey as a serial killer. In Netflix’s new series, “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”, Glenda Cleveland hears some weird noises from the vent and asks Jeffrey, “I saw you go out in the dumpster and dump a whole bunch of bad meat, so the smell should be gone by now.”

Jeffrey responds, “Mm. Oh. I forgot, my tropical fish died, they get this disease, its called ich.” At that moment, Glenda knew something was wrong. Coming back to May 1991, Dahmer found a 14-year-old  teen, Konerak Sinthasomphone and lured him into his apartment to pose for Polaroid pictures. Konerak was unaware that Dahmer was the same person, who molested his elder brother in 1988. After taking Konerak’s pictures, Dahmer drugged him into unconsciousness and performed oral sex on him.

Before Konerak was killed, Konerak managed to escape Dahmer’s apartment naked, bruised and bleeding from his buttocks. He was noticed by three women, Sandra Smith, Tina Spivey and Nicole Childress. Glenda, Nicole’s aunt made several calls to the police, narrating the incident, but police termed this as a “domestic dispute” between two lovers. They didn’t even bother to check Konerak’s identity or carry out an investigation on Jeffrey.

John Balcerzak, who was connected to Glenda Cleveland, dismissed her concerns. As a result, Konerak was handed back into the hands of this serial killer, who later murdered him, performed oral sex on his corpse and dismembered him. Dahmer continued to murder 4 more victims apart from Konerak before he was finally arrested.

Joseph Gabrish and John Balcerzak

What happened with Konerak, could have been stopped. John Balcerzak, dubbed as “Dahmer Cop” during Jeffrey’s trial, could have stopped this gruesome murder. If Jeffrey was arrested that day, many innocent lives could have been saved. Dahmer was arrested in 1992 by police officers, Robert Rauth and Rolf Mueller.  He was sentenced to a sixteenth term of life imprisonment. By then, the sex offender and cannibal had already dismembered and murdered 17 men and boys.

As for his cannibalism charges, police recorded over 60 hours of audio wherein Jeffrey described how he ate his victims. He was heard saying: Once I fried the biceps of a man in oil, I used a meat tenderizer and ate the muscle because it was big and I wanted to try it,” Jeffrey added that it tasted like beef.

Where Is John Balcerzak Now?

Despite his gross negligence, John Balcerzak was reinstated in 1994 after being fired in 1991. If we think closely, John and his fellow officers are as guilty as this serial killer, who managed to bluff these police officers. What boils my blood is that, John and Gabrish, cracked jokes about “reuniting the lovers” and making homophobic comments to their dispatcher, instead of conducting a thorough investigation and rescuing Konerak.

Despite Glenda’s requests to take the boy to a safer place, John’s team allowed Jeffrey to take him back to his apartment, where he was later killed. In Jeffrey’s case, it was mostly the police’s incompetency to save these innocents from Jeffrey. Despite being arrested several times, Jeffrey was set free to conduct more brutal crimes.

When Jeffrey’s crime was established, John didn’t shift from his stand and mentioned in an interview, that “Jeffrey was calm and cooperative when they confronted him about the boy.” In response to why Cleveland’s calls weren’t taken into consideration, Balcerzak revealed that “he felt he had more evidence”. He said: “She wasn’t actually there. I felt that my firsthand knowledge was more informative than what she had heard from someone else.″

As for John Balcerzak, he was elected as the president of the Milwaukee Police Association in May 2005. He cherished a long-standing police career despite his gross negligence in Jeffrey Dahmer’s case and retired in 2017. Per several reports, John Balderzak still resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and owns a tavern. Do you think of him as a “Dahmer Cop” or a good cop who deserved such a bright police career after all that happened?

I am Mallika Singh, a lawyer and writer by profession. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I am a keen observer and an ardent reader. When not at work, you can find me at the stable. Horse riding is another passion that keeps me going.


  1. In this case these police should not be thanks I don’t care how many years it is every officer that let him go and he went around committing more murder, all them police should be in federal prison because that’s tapering with evidence, and the worst part being racist towards the black woman and man, trust me there was more people like Glenda was telling these inbreed and they decided to do some inbreed sh**. Speaking my mind I’m not bitting my tongue, system need to check itself.

  2. On my god!!! What a POS!!!! This man deserves NOTHING! It makes me SO SICK he continues to thrive in his life. SHAME on ANYONE who supports this low life killer!!!😡😡😡😡

  3. Let’s call it what it is and be 100% truthful . If this in a gated and white owned area full of retirees or condominium full of post office workers , government employees etc. then it been different . This was done in a building full of minorities whom the police could honestly careless about . These were mostly gay men which is one stroke then they were black men strike two then next a black woman calling the police on a white men who’s sleep with black men strike 3 . Sad thing is police gotten worse they kill people on camera and still try to defend it . Sadly not much has changed many of Glenda Cleveland’s given up on this community and police department as an whole because they know nothing will change better off putting the law into your own hands and getting a good lawyer . Welcome to Amerikkka where you can fight for your country and still get treated less than an American . Understand this world this country isn’t a luxury for you and I even after all the influential people died to get us here .

  4. Police will always get away with anything when there own are investigating. The story is the same everywhere. How the two officers can live with themselves after what happened shows the true nature of these two individuals. Despite one’s racist or homophobic views just knowing that you contributed to a person’s murder and aided a criminal would be enough for anyone with any sort of conscience to, at the least leave the profession. But Balcerzak and Gabrish simply have none.

  5. Hope he and his partners rot in hell for neglecting to do their damn job.

    With the docuseries out, someone should sue these bastards into oblivion and ruin them

  6. I am now 47 years old and I was a teen when all this happened. This boys face has haunted me since then because of what these cops did. A young boy bleeding from his buttocks that has been drugged and can’t and someone is telling you something is wrong? And you believe this man? This child could have lived!!! Shame on this cop and the other officers. I have never forgotten this child’s face in all my years because he could have been saved that night. I am a white woman from another state and it’s just unbelievable to me. I hoped someone would cut odd Jeff’s thing amd shove it does his throat while he choked on it!!!!

  7. If Konerak were my child, I would have killed those cops myself! They should NEVER has been allowed back on the force! So much for protect and serve, I guess that only applied to white men!

  8. This just proves they’ll let a white monster do whatever just because of that….he’s a WHITE monster.. the sad part about it, these sick white people still out here doing it and the cops just ✨let them✨. And people wonder why people of color don’t trust these slave catchers.

  9. Typical white cops, lucky it didn’t happen to a Mexican otherwise mfr would end up on Liveleak or they would’ve just mailed his family a VCR with the decapitating video. This is why I have resentment towards white cops and (white washed people). Sometimes I wish I was born in the 70’s so I could fuck around and cap a few pigs

  10. Definitely a very corrupted system all those bastards are being covering their asses from the beginning of times. This is a worldwide problem not just in here the USA.

  11. All they had to do was take konerak to get checked in the hospital even if they believed he was a grown man inebriated, he was naked and injured not to mention all they had to do was look up dahmer and they would’ve seen he had priors! This is why I have an issue with police, not one time have ever heard “I fucked up” from a police officer, it’s always I followed protocol when their actions lead to death or injury, never an actual apology! They showed they didn’t care when they demanded their job back instead of acknowledging they deserved to lose it after handing a child to his killer!

  12. Someone needs to drug him and do exactly to him what Dahmer did to the poor little kid. And the judge who reinstated them, I hope he’s burning in hell

  13. I am appalled that they were reinstated with back pay. I’d be ashamed to show my face. But everyone is aware of the raunchy, racist pice force in Wisconsin, Milwaukee being the worst.
    Both cops walked around with a cocky, smug look.
    What will happen if they have any children nieces or nephew’s turn out gay?

  14. Why is nothing being done to these police officers and the judge??? Is there a lawyer out there that will take this case of unjustice?


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