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What Time Does Walmart Open on Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday is fast approaching and consumers are waiting to grab fantastic deals available at Walmart. But, at what time does Walmart open on Black Friday which falls on November 24, 2024? Find out here as we explore the business hours of the superstore.

Walmart has already revealed plans for the Black Friday sale including the “Deals for Days” sales where there will be rollbacks across all departments including electronics, toys, kitchenware, etc.

The superstore chain will keep all the outlets closed the day before- Thanksgiving. This is to allow their staff members to spend quality time off with their loved ones. Previously, the stores were open on Thanksgiving but the trend has changed since 2020.

What time does Walmart Open on Black Friday?

Most Walmart stores will open at around 5 AM on Black Friday, November 24, 2023. However, the hours for some locations may vary due to certain reasons like the weather. Still, all stores will be open by 7 AM on the biggest shopping day of the year.

It’s better to rush to the store as early as possible to get the best deals as stocks are limited. However, if you don’t like the hustle-bustle of shopping at crowded places, Walmart also has an incredible sale available online.

What time does Walmart Close on Black Friday?

Walmart will stay open till late at night on Black Friday and the stores across the United States will close at 11 PM. Some of the stores may stay wide open till even later and will eventually close at midnight after serving all the customers.

So, you can visit Walmart at any time between 5 AM to 11 PM on Black Friday 2023. However, we’d recommend getting into the stores early as that’s when the crowd will be less and stocks will be full.

Walmart Opening & Closing Hours for Cyber Monday

The next biggest day for shopping in the U.S. after Black Friday is Cyber Monday which comes at the beginning of the week. This year, Cyber Monday falls on November 27th, and Walmart stores will be open during regular hours on the day.

This means that you can visit any Walmart store between 6 AM and 11 PM on Cyber Monday to find amazing deals and discounts in the sale. They haven’t revealed the special offers exclusively available on the day yet but they’ll be announced very soon.

For now, the focus is completely on Black Friday as the stores are closed on Thanksgiving. Large flocks of crowds are expected to arrive at the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

Walmart Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales 2023

Walmart has already started prepping up for the Black Friday weekend with the kick-off of its “Deals for Days” campaign. The supermarket chain is releasing incredible deals every Monday at 7 PM ET under the promotion this month.

The ultimate one is set to start on Monday, November 20, 2023, titled “Deals for Days Event 3.” It’ll bring some of the most amazing deals and bargains of the year. However, the exclusive Black Friday offers available for items offline and online will better them.

The ad for the online offers has already been released and we know which items are going to be available at the cheapest prices this Black Friday. Meanwhile, there are also brilliant discounts available at offline stores.

What major purchase are you planning from Walmart this year?

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