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What Perfume Does Rihanna Wear?

It all started when Lil Naz X was asked in an interview what his favorite smell is! Without any second thought, the star replied ‘Rihanna’ and continued to say that the queen of pop smelled like Heaven. Later, when Nick Jonas was asked about the same, he mentioned his failed flirting attempt with Ri-Ri and claimed that “Rihanna smells amazing, that is one thing I can tell you. Everyone says it, but I have actually smelt her now, and it’s amazing”.

Since then, a long list of celebrities had commented on how beautiful and scintillating the lady smells. According to a column in Harper’s Bazaar, Rihanna’s scent is irresistible. From Jennifer Lawrence to Cardi B, many other stars have bragged about her fragrance.

It brings us to the unanimous opinion that RIHANNA SMELLS GOOD!

Want to know the secret to the beautiful fragrance that she spreads? Read on.

What Perfume Does Rihanna Wear?

After a lot of speculation, research, and information, it has been found that Rihanna is fond of wearing Kilian Love, Don’t Be Shy. This one is a sweet and warming fragrance, having notes of orange blossom, neroli, and marshmallows. All these ingredients make the perfect combination of the lady’s favorite perfume.

If you are a fan of this original scent, you will be happy to learn that the brand has recently introduced its intense version of the iconic fragrance. According to them, this version is even richer and more luxurious.

How Does The Scent Feel Like?

To talk more about Ri-Ri’s favorite perfume, the scent begins with a hint of soft orange blossom, making it soothing, refreshing, and long-lasting. The enticing aroma also includes secondary notes of vanilla and marshmallows. Either way, you will smell the best. All these ingredients work together to form a lasting fragrance. It will stay with you forever, we promise.

The brand created this perfume 13 years ago. Back then, the maker wanted the scent to make the wearer smell like something you just wanted to take a bite out of. (Yea, you heard that right).

How Much Does Rihanna’s Favorite Fragrance Cost?

Smelling like your favorite celebrity doesn’t come cheap. If you want to smell like Rihanna, get ready to pay a chunk of bucks out of your pockets. The original Love by Kilian, Don’t Be Shy, is priced at $250.  

What are the Other Popular Kilian Perfumes?

If you are a sucker for perfumes, you will also like the other popular scents that the brand creates.

  • Moonlight in Heaven – It comprises fruity keynotes of grapefruit and mango. Perfect to wear on a Sunday brunch.
  • Good Girl Gone Bad – This fragrance has hints of orange and apricot.
  • Back to Black – Wear this fragrance at night, and we promise you will become the talk of the town. It includes sweet notes of bergamot, honey, patchouli, raspberry, and vanilla.
  • Straight to Heaven – If you like your fragrance strong, make this your preference. It has powerful notes of nutmeg, rum, dried fruits, cedar, and hedione.
  • Rolling in Love – A beautiful romantic fragrance, Rolling in Love is all about musky notes of ambrette, almond milk, vanilla, and tuberose.
  • Woman in Gold – Last but not least, Woman in Gold will stay with you forever. Buy it if you like wearing floral fragrances like rose, patchouli, and tonka bean.

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