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What Does “Yeet” Mean and How to Use it?

The Internet has something to offer, thank your stars for that.

Yeet. How much do you know about the word? Or your friends? Or anybody for that matter? Go and ask around if you want to fetch some answers to that.

Just in case you fail to do all of the aforementioned, I am HERE for you.

C’mon, be my guest and read along to find everything you would want to.

“Yeet” is the new and currently, most widely used Internet word right now. The word can be found everywhere without any content.

However, Yeet does have a meaning or two.

Yeet’s Origin

English words and their entry into the Internet world became the talk of the season. Yeet being the new kid in the town is doing crazy rounds on Twitter and Reddit.

Let’s look back at history and figure out “Yeet’s” origin.

Yeet, as the internet states, is a very flexible term that is often used as an “exclamation.” According to Urban Dictionary, “Yeet” means “excitement”

In 2014, the word got a tad bit popularity followed by a dance with the same name.

Know your meme called it “dipping one’s shoulder in rhythmic steps with both hands out in front and knees bent as if the performer is riding a bicycle.”

Here is the dance video.


More “Yeet” Meanings

For most of us, Yeet is nothing but just a random useless word that has no profound meaning or context.

Mostly, the use of “Yeet” can be seen in expressing affirmations like, “boo-yeah” or “yaaas”; however, it is sometimes used as a regular verb too.

Therefore, we can’t call this word completely useless. 

The concrete definition of Yeet, however, is, to forcefully throw an object/

The meaning of “yeet” as “throwing” is commonly used in our day-to-day lives.

To conclude, yeet means “to throw” and it is also an exclamation. Moreover, the word is also used in sentences where it has absolutely zero meaning.

When should you “Yeet”?

Craving a laugh or want to add humor to your sentences, you can use the word “Yeet”

Just a piece of advice though, don’t use the word when you are being professional or are in a professional situation.

There are many yeet-enthusiasts who don’t like the term to be used in a nonsensical way. According to them, you should respect the word and give them the respect they deserve. Therefore, shout “YEET” with all your guts.

Memes on the Internet!

The word “Yeet” as we mentioned, has been grabbing all the attention on the Internet. Not to mention, how creatively people have been using it.

Here are some of the Twitter bits on the current trendy word of the year.

“i would like to yeet myself out”, that’s a nice way to use the word.


Okay, hoping that you have learned enough about the word, right? Educate the ones who are still looking for the term’s meaning.

What would be your favorite phrase with the word “Yeet”? Share with us, let us know.

Arpita Roy
Arpita Roy
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