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What Does LFG Mean?

The internet is not just about learning everything under the planet, reading some tea about your favorite celebrities, or checking your emails. A large portion of the internet today is dominated by social media. It is where you can socialize with your friends, like and comment on their photographs, put stories and posts, and also use a plethora of urban slangs to look cool.

Long gone are the days when the abbreviations would have a solid or relevant meaning. The cool culture of social media has also given rise to many internet slang abbreviations used by the internet generation, and LFG is one of them.

Want to know what LFG means? Read on.

What Does LFG Mean?

This abbreviation has many meanings. The earliest definition of LFG on the internet slang repository Urban Dictionary dates back to 2002, where it reads, “Looking for Group”. This entry includes a reference to EverQuest, considered the first successful MMO. It also suggests that LFG in this context has likely been in use for many years because EverQuest was first introduced in 1999.

LFG is widely used in gaming-related chat forums and other online communities to highlight that the user or subscriber is looking forward to joining an already existing group.

However, there are other meanings of LFG too.

LFG – Looking for Girlfriend

As funny and crazy as it may sound, LFG is also used in the content for “looking for girlfriend”. This specific meaning of the abbreviation is also reported to have emerged in the MMO community as a humorous way to look for partners inside the online gaming world. Interestingly, many MMOs had wedding and marriage systems; hence the players essentially used this term to parody the real meaning.

LFG – Lets Freaking Go

The most recent meaning of this term as coined out by the Gen-Z is “let’s freaking (f*cking) go”. The young generation is constantly using this term in text messaging and for their IG captions. It probably indicates their enthusiasm or impatience to start doing something.

How to Use LFG?

 As this term has different meanings, you may want to use them differently. It is informal slang. Thus, we do not suggest using it in your formal emails or during any formal dialogue at work.

Here’s how you can use LFG (Let’s freaking go):

  • This movie is going to set massive records, LFG!
  • I know you will crush this test, LFG!
  • I have been excited to take this trip all my life. LFG guys, let’s have the time of our lives.
  • Let’s go out there and do this, LFG!

If you want to use LFG in the context of looking for a group, here is how you can do it:

  • LFG – a book club for mystery novels.
  • LFG – Dungeons and Dragons campaign, all-ages.

Either way, this term has to be used casually!

The internet is full of crazy slangs with funny and eccentric meanings, no wonder LFG is one of them. Use it in your text messages or captions on the social media platform; the ball remains in your court.

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