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What are the Best Rust Bow Skins?

In survival, all means are good. Rust players have a great opportunity to use such an elegant weapon as a bow. The bow can be effective both at short distances and long distances. You, as the owner of such a universal weapon, probably want to customize it and endow it with special meanings. Fortunately, you can do it with skins. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best bow skins in Rust.

What is Rust Bow Best For?

There are three types of bow available to players in Rust. The first is the Hunting Bow. This weapon is fairly easy to craft, as the player only needs a few resources and ingredients.

Hunting Bow has standard attack DMG. With this bow, the player can kill an enemy in just two or three accurate hits. The great thing about this weapon is that its owner can collect used arrows and use them later. The RPM of this bow is 60.

The second type of bow is the Compound Bow. This weapon requires more effort to craft and more raw materials. However, shooting with this bow is unique. For example, if the player holds on a bit before shooting an arrow, then the normal attack DMG will increase significantly.

However, if the player instantly shoots an arrow without channeling, the charged attack DMG will decrease. To effectively use this bow, the player needs a lot of practice, as the Compound Bow and rapid firing are incompatible things. The RPM of this weapon is 15-60.

The third type of bow in Rust is the Crossbow. This is the most effective weapon. Plus, this bow is easy to use. The player can use different types of arrows with this bow, as well as with the previous one, including bone, fire, wood, and high-velocity. This bow is the worst in rapid firing as the RPM is only 17.

Best 10 Skins For Rust Bow

Each type of bow is charming in its way and has unique properties. The same applies to bow skins. A player can get a skin for a weapon or any other game item in several ways.

You can get a reward for achievements in the game, buy an item in the Steam store, or open Rust cases on third-party sites that specialize in distributing items among the Rust community. If you are confused by the variety of skins, let’s consider the best ones.

Pink Death Bow

This is a skin for Hunting Bow. The design of the skin is made in green and pink colors, complemented by a print in the form of hearts and geometric shapes. This item belongs to the Pink Death set. Its cost is $1 – $2.

Toxic Wolf Bow

This skin is designed for Hunting Bow. The design of the skin is bright and complex. It consists of shades of grey, yellow, and green. This item is part of the Toxic Wolf collection. The average cost of a skin is $2 – $3.

Rainbow Pony Hunting Bow

This is an unusual skin with a bright print for the Hunting Bow. The bow has a print in the form of a cartoon pony with a rainbow tongue and mane. The design of the bow consists of shades of purple, blue, and yellow. The average cost of this item is $2 – $3.

Bone Bow

This skin with a nice and minimalistic design in white and gray shades is designed for Hunting Bow. The coating on the bow imitates bone. The average value of this skin is $1.50 – $3.

Native Hunting Bow

This skin is made for the simplest type of bow in Rust. The wooden flooring is painted red and blue. It is complemented by the image of the sun in yellow and geometric patterns in different colors. As an addition, some parts of the bow are wrapped with rope. The cost of this item is about $2.

Tempered Crossbow

This is an amazingly beautiful skin for Crossbow. The entire body of the weapon is painted in purple and blue metallic paint, which merge into a gradient and shimmer incredibly. The cost of this item varies from $4 to $6.

How to Craft a Bow in Rust?

Weapons play a crucial role in Rust, as the player is forced to constantly defend, attack, and create new tools to improve life.

Of course, the manufacture of weapons will require effort and raw materials. So, to make a Hunting Bow, the player needs:

  • 200 wood 
  • 50 cloth 

To make a Compound Bow, the player needs:

  • blueprint
  • level 1 workbench
  • 100 wood 
  • 75 metal fragments
  • 2ft rope

To make Crossbow, the player should stock up on:

  • 2ft rope
  • 200 wood,
  • level 1 workbench
  • 75 metal fragments

To Wrap Up!

Rust is a game that offers many opportunities for players to unlock their potential. Develop strategies, follow the rules, and use skins to improve the visual component of the game. Thanks to resourcefulness and perseverance, you will be fully rewarded.

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