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TIME Reveals 100 Most Influential Companies of 2022

TIME, an American news magazine and news website published a list of the 100 most influential companies in the world. These companies shape the way society lives and thinks.

These companies represent a wide range of industries from Technology, Healthcare, Banking, and Entertainment sectors to Apparel, Cosmetics, Social media, etc.

Edward Felsenthal, TIME Editor-in-Chief and CEO writes, “One year ago, we launched TIME Business, a new franchise devoted to exploring the growing influence of business not only on our economic lives but also as a force shaping society and our collective future….”

He added, “Along the way, business has grown from a very small portion of our coverage to about one-fifth of all the content we publish. That’s as it should be. From the vaccines that are pulling the world out of the worst depths of the pandemic to the unprecedented withdrawal of Western companies from Russia as a tool of war, business has never had a greater impact.”

Here is the complete list of companies available on the portal of Time magazine.

Highlights from the list:

As usual, global tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Nvidia, Meta, TikTok, IBM, and others made it to the list this year as well.

Out of the 100 companies, more than 70 companies are headquartered in the United States like Ford, Capital One, UPS, Meta, Netflix, DoorDash, Wyze, Upwork, Microsoft, Walgreens, and more.

Ten companies are headquartered in Europe namely Balenciaga, Klarna, Orsted, Spotify, Oxford Nanopore Technologies, and more.

Many companies from the financial services industry like Nubank, Klarna, Capital One, and others are included this year.

Companies like AMC Entertainment Holdings, Spotify, TikTok, HYBE, Netflix, Disney, Sony, and more from the field of entertainment are also part of the list.

Here comes a big Surprise!

Even though Tesla Inc was a headline-making company in the past year it could not make its entry into the extensive lineup of companies.

Tesla did manage to make its impact in the field of energy and electric vehicles by introducing a universal EV charger and supplying energy packs to California when wildfires engulfed the region and many such feats.

Alex Fitzpatrick, a senior editor at Time magazine who oversaw the creation of the list, said, “Taken together, these 100 companies­—and the executives who run them—represent the firms and leaders who are charting an essential path forward.”

TIME to host key leaders today

Today, i.e. 1st April at 1 PM ET, TIME is all set to host key leaders from companies that made it to the new list of TIME100 Most Influential Companies.

AMC Theater CEO Adam Aron, BlocPower founder Donnel Baird, Joro App CEO and founder Sanchali Pal and IBM Chairman and CEO Arvind Krishna will join the special TIME100 Talks, the virtual series where business leaders from different sectors speak about solutions and encourage action toward a better world.

According to the website of Time magazine, the nomination is received from their network of editors and correspondents from all across the world and also from industry experts.

The company then evaluates them based on key metrics like relevance, impact, innovation, leadership, ambition, and success.

Archana Kabra
Archana Kabra
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