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The Hello Kitty Murder Case of a Nightclub Hostess

The Hello Kitty Murder Case is that of a nightclub hostess named Fan Man-Yee who was kidnapped and tortured brutally in an apartment in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong in the year 1999 resulting in her death. Three men kidnapped Fan Man-Yee on March 17, 1999, and tortured her for about a month resulting in her death. Later they cut off her head and placed her skull inside a Hello Kitty mermaid doll because of which this case was called as Hello Kitty Murder Case.

The unwrapping of the Hello Kitty case actually started when a 14-year-old girl reached the Hong Kong police station in May 1999. The distressed girl who wasn’t accompanied by any guardian informed the police that she was being tormented by the ghost of a woman.

Hello Kitty Murder Case – How the Case got Unwrapped

The police did not believe when she said that the spirit of a young woman who had blood marks all over her body has been haunting her for the past several weeks. However, when she further revealed that the ghost was that of a woman she’d had a hand in the killing, the police were horrified and understood the actual reason for the girl’s visit to the police station.

The girl revealed that she has been part of the torture and murder of a young girl whose ghost would be haunting her until she confesses her role in the crime to the police. There were other men who actually tortured and killed the young girl and this 14-year girl was just a part of that crime. She was the youngest of all and who unknowingly joined them in their crime.

On the confession of the teenage girl, the police followed her back to a flat in the city’s rundown Kowloon district. What they found on reaching there was really shocking. They found a Hello Kitty doll which had the decapitated skull of a woman inside.

Hello Kitty Murder Case – Here is the Victim Fan Man-Yee

Here comes the tragic tale of the 23-year-old victim named Fan Man-Yee, who was a nightclub hostess. Fan Man-Yee was abandoned by her parents when she was a child and then she had to grow in an orphanage. However, on reaching the age of 16, she had to leave the orphanage following which she got into illegal sex work, consuming drugs as well as doing small crimes for her survival. She started working as a nightclub hostess in 1997 by the age of 21. Because of her work, she used to meet a number of dangerous people. Most of her customers used to be from the Chinese mafia group.

Then came the unfortunate day when Fan Man-Yee met Chan Man-Lok, a 34-year drug dealer and a member of the mafia group. They both found something in common and in no time Chan Man-Lok became her regular client at the nightclub. However, one day after spending their together time, Fan Man-Yee tried to steal 4000 Hong Kong dollars from Chan Man-Lok’s wallet. However, she was caught red-handed by Chan Man-Lok who later demanded her to pay him back his money (4000 dollars) plus an additional 10,000 dollars as interest.

Hello Kitty Murder Case – Fan Man-Yee’s Abduction and Torture

Fan Man-Yee returned his 4000 dollars immediately but asked for some time for the extra money of 10,000 dollars. But, Chan Man-Lok who wasn’t happy with this planned along with his friends Leung Shing-Cho (27) and Leung Wai-Lun (21) to kidnap Fan Man-Yee. These men caught the young girl and took her to an old rundown apartment. Chan Man-Lok initially thought to put her into prostitution so that he can earn money through her. On the first night of her stay at the apartment, she was raped and beaten by those men. The 14-year girl was revealing all this information to the police.

These cruel men made raping and beating Fan Man-Yee their routine. But they did not stop this all here. They tried to come up with newer ways of torturing the young girl. They used to beat her by using different instruments like metal bars, kitchen utensils, and even furniture pieces.

The 14-year girl also was disclosing how the men used to torture the young girl. The men used all brutal ways of torturing Fan Man-Yee for about a month like burning her skin with candle wax and at times directly. Because of these inhumane acts on her, Fan Man-Yee was no longer in a position to handle the clients and they too used to refuse to pay. As Chan Man-Lok’s plan of making money through her was failing, he decided to torture her even more. He tied her up and use her as a punching bag. They used to make her eat human feces. They even burnt her feet so that she won’t be able to stand or walk. They would give her pain by stuffing different things into her wounds.

Torture Ended taking Fan Man-Yee’s Death

After this torture by the three men for over a month, they found that Fan Man-Yee had died overnight. They were thinking that the girl died because of a methamphetamine overdose by herself. However, most experts speculated that the young girl’s injuries given to her by the three men killed her. After concluding that she was dead, those men shifted her body to the bathtub and cut her body parts with a saw because of the fear of being recognized. Not just this, they later cooked those body parts so as to stop the body from decomposing.

After disposing of the boiled body parts, they then boiled Fan Man-Yee’s head too which they didn’t dispose of and rather preserved in an oversized Hello Kitty mermaid doll by stuffing her skull into the head of the doll and sewing it up. Apart from this, the brutal murderers also stored a few of the girl’s internal organs in a refrigerator. They also stored one of her teeth.

Trial and Punishment to her Killers

When they were finally caught by the police, they narrated their own version that they were simply running a brothel with Fan Man-Yee and it was a mutual agreement. They said that Fan Man-Yee was a drug addict and she died because of a drug overdose. They also said that they did all this with her body as they were scared of being trapped.

Due to the lack of proper evidence to prove that the three men killed her, the three men were convicted of manslaughter rather than murder. As such, they were sentenced to life imprisonment. However, the 14-year-old girl who cooperated much in the investigation was let free.

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  1. Fan Man-yee lives she is reincarnation and she wants to tell her story and mostly importantly she wants to see her beloved son.
    If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated.

  2. She will always be remember by the people she knew. Most important Rest In Peace and seek a new life in heaven. Those bastards will be heavily punish in the end.

  3. they tortured her for a month and all just because she couldnt afford to pay 10000 extra dollars(by the way 10,000 is far too much extra even for someone who could give them that much) and i still dont understand how she died. what was she doing(or should is say, how was she being tortured,) when she died? ive read this story before in a different article and when i did its seemed far much worse. though now i understand why she was tortured but at the same time the reason in this story is far more uncalled for and unreasonable. also is her son still alive? her ex-husband? what about the murderers?


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