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The Amityville Horror House: Exploring the True Story

The Amityville Horror House story is everywhere, from books to movies to editorials. The quaint-looking house rests at 112 Ocean Avenue, New York. It was built in 1927. The house had been the scene of the gruesome DeFeo murders before the other owners of the house, The Lutz, claimed that some supernatural forces existed within its four walls.

There have been many haunted house stories before Amityville, but none had made such a deep impression on American pop culture in the past half-century or long as this one. It would surprise you more to learn that a 23-year-old man murdered his whole family one night.

Read everything about Amityville horror house below.

The DeFeo Murder

On November 13th, 1974, a 23-year-old Ronald Butch Defeo Jr. entered a local bar in Amityville and yelled for help. He stated that his entire family had been shot. DeFeo, along with others, rushed into his home at 112 Ocean Avenue. They found his parents, Ronald and Louise lying dead from gunshot wounds. When they called the police, it was later discovered that not only the couple, but their children (DeFeo’s siblings), Dawn, John, Marc, and Allison, too, were shot dead.

Ronald claimed that the killer was a mob hitman. But the police sensed something unusual and didn’t buy the story. Ronald was interviewed many times and it became apparent that he was the prime suspect. By the next day, he confessed murdering his family. He also stated that once he began shooting, he couldn’t stop.

Soon after, the court conducted the trial of this case, and Ronald’s attorneys claimed insanity of their client. They stated that their client heard demonic voices that urged him to kill the family. However, the jury didn’t find Ronald’s defense substantial, and he was found guilty of six counts of second-degree murder. He was sentenced to six sentences of 25 years of imprisonment.

Even though the trial took place, some questions remained unanswered. All the victims were shot in their faces while they were asleep. The police wondered how anybody had not listened to the loud rifle even in sleep. The whole story still remains under covers.

The Arrival of the Lutz Family in the House

In December 1975, George and Kathleen Lutz purchased the house. They were aware of everything that took place previously in the house. They even didn’t feel like changing DeFeos’ furniture with theirs. The couple moved in with their three children – Daniel, Christopher, and Melissa. Within a month of shifting, the Lutz family fled the home. They cited that the supernatural events within the home were the cause of their quick eviction from the house.

The family claimed that George used to wake up mysteriously at 3.15 am every night. It was the same time when Ronald killed his parents. They even reported a green slimy substance oozing out of the walls, doors opening and closing, and the people levitating above their beds. Sometimes, they would also listen to the sounds of a demonic pig, phantom marching band, and more.

The situation turned so grim that the family had to take help from the expert paranormal experts, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Soon, this incident became widespread throughout New York and other parts of the world. In 1977, author Jay Anson published a book, The Amityville Horror, based on these reports. In 1979, a movie with the same name was released. The book became a bestseller, and the film grew to be a classic. In 2005, it was renamed with the same story.

While Anson was collecting information from the Lutz’ for his book, their son Christopher confirmed that the place was haunting. He also said that some of the events were exaggerated by his stepfather to remain in the limelight.

It was also found that George was curious about paranormal events and activities. He actively engaged in summoning the spirits to talk and had the financial motivation to sell the story to the media. Ronald DeFeo Jr.’s attorney rubbished these stories and said that the house wasn’t possessed.

What’s Inside the Amityville House at 112 Ocean Avenue?

Currently, this beautiful-looking Dutch colonial home is quite a property. It includes five bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and a boathouse on a canal off the Long Island Sound. The rich location and grand interiors of the house demand a high price and attract many wealthy buyers.

After the Lutz family vacated the house, it went into foreclosure in 1977. The next owners of the house were James and Barbara Cromarty. They changed the address of Amityville Horror house from 112 Ocean Avenue to 108, hoping that it would stave off stalkers and retain its fluctuating value. The house was sold in 1987 at a whopping $325,000. A decade later, the selling price of the house increased to $310,000.

In 2010, the house was again put on the market for $1.1 million before selling for $950,000. It was listed for sale again in 2016 for $850,000 and was sold a year later at a lesser price of $600,000.

The last time when this property was in the headlines was when DeFeo Jr. died at the Albany Medical Center. He was 69.

Fast Facts to Know About Amityville Horror house

  • Ronald used a .35 caliber rifle to kill all his family members when they were asleep.
  • None of the neighbors heard gunshots, nor did the family wake up to their noise.
  • All the family members were found dead in the same position: faces down in their beds.
  • According to a few speculations, a second killer, too, was involved in killing the family, however, the evidence doesn’t support this claim.
  • During the trials, Ronald changed his story from time to time.
  • The Lutz family stayed in the house only for 28 days.
  • More than 20 movies have already been made on this house.
  • Although the Lutz family claimed that the house was haunted in real, some parts of the book are fictional events.
  • The house is beautifully decorated and also features two garages.
  • The last renovation made to the house was in October.

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  1. I remember as a kid, my Dad buying a boat from Amityville and we drove down that street and we saw the house. a neighbor was mowing his lawn.. when we asked him about it he said the Lutz family moved in had a lot of late night parties for about a month then moved out and wrote a book, end of story… It must have been 1979, I remember being struck by fact that it was a lite peach color at the time.


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