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20 Most Visited Websites in The World 2021

It is most likely that if you have spent time surfing the internet then you must have visited a few of the websites mentioned in our article below. In today’s world of internet, very few companies command a lion’s share in terms of monthly visits by users.

According to a study average user now spends over six hours per day online which is rising exponentially in the last few months because of the lockdown imposed in several parts of the world due to Coronavirus pandemic.

The top three websites combined get a mind-blowing 152 billion visits every month which is more than the sum total of the next 47 websites.

The Internet has changed the way we live. Technology is the most powerful sector which is shaping the world economy by setting new trends and driving transformational changes across all business segments. It is really very difficult to imagine the world without Technology.

20 Most Visited Websites In The World 2021

Coronavirus pandemic has literally transformed everything from the way we work, shop, learn and communicate with each other, which has now moved mostly online.

Many big tech companies have increased their market share with market leader Google commanding a whopping >90% of the search ad market which forced many regulatory bodies to scrutinize them more rigorously.

According to a report published recently on antitrust, it has been suggested that the top 20 big tech companies are anti-competitive in nature just like oil tycoons who have corned the entire world oil production between the 19th and 20th centuries.

Many new tech companies like Zoom, Netflix have featured in this year’s list as demand for video conferencing, movie streaming skyrocketed during the pandemic.

List of 20 most visited websites with their Hits

The below table depicts the most visited websites around the world with the number of hits per month as of 2021.

Name of Website  Hits per month (In Billions) Category Country of Origin
Google.com 92.5 Search Engine U.S.
Youtube.com 34.6 TV Movies and Streaming U.S.
Facebook.com 25.5 Social Network U.S.
Twitter.com 6.6 Social Network U.S.
Wikipedia.org 6.1 Dictionaries and Encyclopedia U.S.
Instagram.com 6.1 Social Network U.S.
Baidu.com 5.6 Search Engine China
Yahoo.com 3.8 News and Media U.S.
xvideos 3.4 Adult Czech Republic
pornhub 3.3 Adult Canada
Yandex.ru 3.2 Search Engines Russia
Whatsapp.com 3.1 Social Networks and Online Communities U.S.
Amazon.com 2.9 Marketplace U.S.
xnxx 2.9 Adult Czech Republic
Zoom.us 2.7 Computers Electronics and Technology U.S.
Live.com 2.5 Email U.S.
Netflix.com 2.4 TV Movies and Streaming U.S.
Yahoo.co.jp 2.4 News and Media Japan
Vk.com 1.8 Social Network Russia
Reddit.com 1.6 Social Network and Online Communities U.S.


  • Alphabet-owned, Google.com is the undisputed world leader as the most popular website across the world visited by users with 86.9 billion hits every month as of June 2021. Google also has plenty of other web services like Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Duo, Google Drive, and many more.

Google processes more than two trillion search queries every year on its network which translates to approximately 40k searches each second. Google gets roughly around 80% of its earnings from ad revenues. Google indexes loads and loads of terabytes of information from web pages.

  • Youtube.com is viewed by 30 million visitors every day who watch nearly 5 billion videos on YouTube. Over 300 minutes of video is uploaded every minute on the YouTube portal.

YouTube, a subsidiary of Google Inc. is an American online video sharing and social media platform with more than one billion monthly users which provides live streaming of videos as well. YouTube not only generates revenue from advertisements but also paid and exclusive content.

  • Facebook.com is the world’s number one social media networking platform. On average, approximately 1.66 billion people log in to Facebook who are considered as DAU (active users) in industry parlance.

The company which is popularly known as FB has an innovative design that brought a drastic change in the way people communicate with each other. and live their lives. Facebook boasts an active user base of a massive 2.37 billion who post text, photos, and videos with their friends and family.

  • Twitter.com is an American microblogging and social networking site. Twitter is used by more than 330 million active users every month to post and interact with messages which are popularly known as “tweets”.

Twitter has earlier restricted tweets to just 140 characters which were later doubled to 280 characters and video tweets remain restricted to 2.2 minutes. Twitter saw exponential growth in its usage after 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Wikipedia.org is a free content, online encyclopedia available in 323 different languages. Wikipedia provides information on literally everything ranging from major historical events, locations, companies, famous personalities, and any other topic which you can think of. Wikipedia appears consistently every year in the list of the world’s most visited websites.

Wikipedia is a non-profit organization that gets its funding through small donations as it carries no advertisement on its portal. Wikipedia has more than 56 million articles that are read by around 2 billion users who use unique devices per visit on average. Wiki has more than 17 million edits per month which are done by editors from all across the world which translates into avg rate of 1.9 edits per second.

  • Amazon.com is an online marketplace where visitors can purchase anything and everything ranging from favorite books, apparel, electronic devices, home goods, groceries, and many more products. Amazon Prime membership program is a huge hit among users as it provides quick delivery to their front door in just 24-48 hours for free.

Amazon prime also provides users access to additional services like Music, Movies, and Gaming services used by its 200 million subscribers across the globe. There is no wonder that Amazon is a world leader in e-commerce with such a wide variety of goods and services.

The list goes on and on. The above comprehensive list of the most visited websites worldwide is as per the report published by Alexa Internet in its report titled “The Global Top Sites”.

This is all we have in store for you with respect to the most visited websites in the world. So, which is the website visited by you the most? Do share your feedback on this article which can help us improvise our content! 

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