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15 Most Beautiful African Women

Africa is a land of beautiful places and gorgeous faces. African ladies are famous worldwide for their sharp and attractive features, shiny skin, and bold personality. These women have inherited beauty from their ancestors that remains unmatched. African women have redefined the meaning of beauty for the masses.

Besides their appearance, they are also known for their intellect. African women are the epitome of beauty with brains. They are talented and dedicated to their respective professions.

Who are the Most Beautiful African Women? 

If you have never known them, now is the time to do so. Listed below are the 15 most beautiful African women who have been charming the audience worldwide.

  1. Jawahir Ahmed 

Jawahir Ahmed is a popular name in Africa. She hails from Somalia. She had bagged the title of Miss Somalia in the Miss United Nations USA Pageant.

This successful model also has an alternate career. The beautiful face is into health sciences too. She experiments with her Hijab and has made it a style statement to a certain extent. She is making her country and continent proud.

  1. Leila Lopes 

Leila Lopes has many titles attached to her name – Miss Angola UK 2010, Miss Angola 2010, and the prestigious Miss Universe 2011. She is the first-ever African woman to hold all three positions at one time.

The gorgeous lady has beautiful features and an alluring personality. In 2015, Leila got married to Osi Umenyiora. Her confidence sparks in her eyes, making her look more attractive.

  1. Isha Isatu Sesay 

Isha is a famous journalist and correspondent for CNN international. She is one of the most beautiful women in Africa. Isha hails from Sierra Leone.

The whole world is in awe of her gorgeous face. She has a pleasing personality. Her communication skills touch the next level. A single smile on her face makes her fans go gaga about her. Isha got married in 2013.

  1. Lupita Nyong’o 

We all know Lupita Nyong’o as the first Mexican and Kenyan actress to win the prestigious Academy Award. She made her country proud. Her persona and walk on the red carpet put everyone in awe, and she caught a lot of limelight.

Lupita was named the most beautiful woman in 2014. Besides being a beautiful face, she is also involved in various organizations working towards the development of women and children in Africa and around the world. If beauty with brains had a face, it has to be this gorgeous lady.

  1. Nonhle Thema 

Another beautiful face, Nonhle Thema, is known as one of the most beautiful women in Africa. This famous beauty hails from South Africa. She is known for presenting music shows in her own style. She has inherited her charming looks from her mother, who was a beauty queen. Her mother was crowned as Miss Africa South once upon a time.

Her father is a journalist. It is where she inherited her brains from. Apart from her beautiful face, Nonhle is blessed with a perfect body. Her defined curves gather a lot of admiration from the audience, including her female fans.

  1. Fatima Siad 

Fatima Siad is a native of Mogadishu, Somalia. She is one of the most beautiful women on the continent. Siad moved to the United States of America after her sister’s death in a war. On her career front, she decided to pursue modeling. Her beautiful face, features, and body brought her a lot of popularity.

As of now, Fatima is working with IMG models in different cities – New York, Paris, and Milan, to name a few. Her personality makes her stand out from the crowd. She is such a bold and beautiful face to admire.

  1. Freema Agyeman 

Another beautiful face of Africa that entertains a fan following is Freema Agyeman. The pretty lady was born in London, England but is a native to Africa. It is her genes that make her look gorgeous. Her father belongs to Ghana, whereas her mother is from Iran.

Freema is well-known for her appearance in the BBC science fiction series Doctor. She plays the role of Martha Jones. The beautiful face is not just about her charismatic personality, but also her talent.

  1. Ada Osakwe 

Ada Osakwe is a citizen of Africa. Her charismatic personality makes her one of the most beautiful faces in the country. This 34-year woman is no model, actor, or singer but a Senior Investment Advisor to the Nigerian Minister of Agriculture. Yes, you heard it right.

Ada is a young achiever who has achieved a lot of success in her career at a very young age. The gorgeous face is highly intellectual too. She works directly with the minister and advises him on his policies. Throughout her career, she worked in various other areas too, like the Kuramo Capital and the African Development Bank. Apart from her beautiful face and pleasing personality, Ada is also known for her elegant dressing style.

  1. Atong Demach 

Atong Demach was crowned Miss Malakal in the year 2009. She belongs to South Sudan and is known as one of the most beautiful African women.

This supermodel was also a part of other beauty pageants such as Miss World South Sudan 2011, Miss Earth 2010, and Miss World 2012. Besides this, she is also an ambassador for public relations to the government of Japan. She is another example of beauty with brains.

  1. Liya Kebede 

Liya was born on the 1st March 1978 in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. She is one of the most beautiful African women. She pursues her career in modeling and is a well-known face in the industry. In her career, she has collaborated with some of the most reputed international brands, such as Yves Saint-Laurant, Gap, and Victoria’s Secret.

Interestingly, the lady was introduced to modeling by a film director who spotted her while she was still in school. Afterward, a French modeling agency skyrocketed her career towards success. Liya soon moved to France to fulfill all her dreams. Her popularity also took her to New York. Her successful modeling career speaks a lot.

  1. Ajuma Nasenyana 

Ajuma Nasenyana is a well-known African model with an established career in modeling. The lady is known for her beautiful face, hot body, and tall height. She received her first-ever modeling break while participating in the Miss Kenya Tourism contest.

Ajuma got selected as Miss Nairobi in 2003. Afterward, she began her modeling career in full swing. Her agency, Surazuri Modeling Agency, helped her achieve what she is today. This black beauty has an attractive personality.

  1. Megalyn Echikunwoke 

Although Megalyn Echikunwoke was born and raised in Spokane, Washington, her roots are from Africa, making her one of the most beautiful African faces. Her father is a Nigerian, the reason behind her beautiful features. Megalyn has an attractive personality. Her bold features gather her an immense fan following.

Interestingly, she has a rich African background. Her grandfather is a leader of the Nigerian tribe of the Igbo. This factor makes the lady the royal of Africa. Megalyn is not just a beautiful face but a talented actress too. She received a lot of accolades for her role as Tara Price in CSI: Miami. She continues practicing her acting career with great passion.

  1. Nadia Buari 

Nadia Buari is an actress from Sekondi Takoradi, Ghana. She completed her graduation with a BFA degree in Africa, after which she decided to switch her career a little bit. In an interview, she stated her penchant for music and art. She quoted that she developed a taste in music because of her producer and musician father.

At present, she acts in many Nollywood movies. She has also been given the title of Pan African Actress in New York’s annual entertainment awards. Her beautiful features will make you love her even more.

  1. Lorraine Van Wyk 

Lorraine is yet another beautiful African face and personality. She was born in South Africa. Her tall height and sharp features became the reason for her successful modeling career. She started pursuing modeling in London. Her first appearance as a model was back in 2002 in the commercial industry.

Lorraine has been a popular choice of a cover girl for several magazines, Maxim Magazine being the most famous of all. She won the Otto Model of the Year Award in 2003 and 2004.

  1. Honorine Uwera 

Honorine Uwera is an African Model and one of the most beautiful African women. She has a beautiful face and a dashing personality. The model stands 5 feet 10 inches tall. She was born in Rwanda and moved to Canada.

She is seen bracing the ramps with her attractive personality and graceful walk. The lady has been the show stopper for several big names in the fashion industry – Antonio Marras, Ruffian, Issey Miyake, Baby Phat, Richard Chai, Vivienne Westwood, and Emanuel Ungaro. She has also been the ambassador of various worldwide campaigns.

These beautiful African women are not just pretty faces but ladies of substance. Their successful careers speak a lot about their hard work and talent. Who is your favorite among all? Tell us in the comments below.

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