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Montana Fishburne: A Wannabe Pornstar Who Couldn’t Make it Big

You have probably heard the name Montana Fishburne, but for all the wrong reasons. In 2010, Vivid Entertainment featured a sex video of Montana that further made several tabloid headlines. The daughter of Oscar-nominated actor Laurence Fishburne had to deal with a lot after the video.

Here’s a look at Montana Fishburne Story and everything else about her life.

Her Career in the Adult Film World

Montana was born in the year 1991. She started to think about building her career when she was 16. If the news is to be believed, she had yet to determine what she wanted to accomplish in her life, but she had a tiny desire to make adult movies.

In an interview with US Weekly, Montana stated that she did not want to tell many people about this because she was terrified of their responses when she was young.

In another video with Reuters, she said that it was Kim Kardashian’s sex video that motivated her to pursue her career in adult entertainment industry. In 2007, she witnessed Kim’s career bloom when Vivid Entertainment released the video.

Once Montana turned 18, she considered her options for entering this business. She mentioned that she contacted the firm. Vivid, to see if they could set up a meeting. She also spoke with the founder and co-chairman of this firm and persuaded him that she understood what she wanted. It is when they started working out a strategy for her film debut.

Montana Made Her Sexual Videos

Montana was determined on making sexual videos. She received all the exposure she wanted by releasing the recordings on the internet. During the same time, her connection with her Oscar-nominated father went downhill.

Why Did Montana’s father Disown Her?

Laurence Fishburne is a celebrated actor in Hollywood. He was even nominated in a category for the prestigious Academy Awards. During her childhood, Montana and her father were extremely close. Unfortunately, at one point, the father disowned his daughter. The reason was pretty straightforward. Her father did not like her career choices.

Montana talked about their ruined relationship many times in several interviews. She laid down how her dad did not like her choice. The duo often butted heads over her decision to become an adult film actress immediately when she turned 18.

Is Montana Still Working in the Adult Industry?

As per IMDb, Montana Fishburne has not appeared in any adult film or any explicit video since 2010. She was 19 years old when she made her debut there. Though she adopted a stage name, Chippie D, and talked publically about her career path and how she wanted to work in adult film themes and new releases, her time in this industry did not last long.

Her fans often wonder how Montana is keeping up with her expenses if she is not working in this high-paying industry.

What’s up with Montana Now?

There have been many stories about what Montana is up to nowadays. Some sources lay down that after her debut in the adult film industry, the lady pivoted to dancing instead. But she has not given insights into her professional or personal life.

It is not wrong to say that the adult entertainment industry did not turn out to be well for the actress. Many news claims that Montana was extremely overconfident about her career. In 2013, a popular publication quoted Montana and said that the industry wasn’t for everyone. It also highlighted that the actress received a whopping $60,000 for her debut in the industry.

Is Montana Fishburne on Social Media Platforms?


You can catch a glimpse of Montana’s life on her social media account. Her Instagram handle is @montanafishburne. She is often seen posting her pictures, videos, and daily updates about her dance, workout, and stretching. She uses this social media platform and has a massive following of 56.7k people.

Some Facts About Montana Fishburne That You May Not Know

It was her first video that made her the center of all the news, but the same also put her in the wrong light. Here are the facts, glimpses, and everything else about the actress’s life.

She Suffered a Humiliating DUI Arrest

The former adult film actress degraded herself a few years after retiring from the porn industry. In 2018, she was arrested for driving while intoxicated. The footage from the police car dashboard camera captured her becoming very combative while she was still in custody. She was so combative that she even urinated in front of the cops when they detained her.

The whole event was taped and shared widely on the internet.

She Considers Her Father Wrong

In her life, the actress has made many dubious decisions. The most notable of them was when she drank and drove. But she claims that it is her father’s fault. She says that every kid wants love and support from their parents, and they also expect the parents to respect their decision. However, Montana’s father turned against her, thus making their relationship a bitter one. She says that if given a chance, she would like to reconcile with her dad.

She Has a Sibling in Hollywood

Not many people know this, but her father is not the only Hollywood connection that Montana has. She also has an elder brother with a Hollywood success story. She was born a few years before Langston Fishburne. Her brother’s career did not take off immediately, but his perseverance paid for everything.

She was Greatly Influenced by Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian intrigued her fans with her program, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It was aired in 2007. The program lasted over a decade and she became a household talk. The popularity of the show inspired Montana a lot. She aspired to be like Kim, and her pursuit of the goal would eventually drive her father away.

Montana even replicated Kim by making a sex tape of her. When the video of Kim and artist Ray J was leaked to the public, she was granted the program on E! Many people and news channels claimed that she intentionally leaked that video to become famous. But this tape was released against Kim’s will, and she even filed a lawsuit regarding this matter.

The Incident of 2018 was Not her Only Arrest

Over years, Montana had a troubled life. Besides her DUI arrest, the actress has been a part of other arrests as well. In 2010, Montana got arrested for beating up her boyfriend’s ex at that time. As per ABC News, she broke into the victim’s house and beat her up. The charges also included assault with a deadly weapon and trespassing. Montana pleaded not guilty to all the charges. However, she ended up pleading no contest at the end.

She Might be Troubled Mentally

Her sex tape was released in 2010. Considering how young Montana was then, those years must have been troubled times for the young girl. It is because she had many opportunities ahead of her time. However, she might have had some personal demons that she was struggling with. One article about her stated that Montana faked her own suicide to scare her father. Her dad hired a personal investigator to check what his daughter was up to, and faking her suicide was what she did to keep her father away.

Montana May Have Tried Stripping As Well

There were rumors in 2014 that she quit the porn industry. But this decision wasn’t made to pursue a better venture. On the contrary, Montana was seen stripping in a Houston strip bar. She was even caught in a video doing the same. Various news over the internet claimed that Montana did it for a living.

She Went to a Rehab

After her assault arrest, Montana was sentenced to 180 days in rehab. Her sentence was a lot lighter than what the prosecutor wanted for her. She was prosecuted to be put behind the bars. However, she spent her time in the rehab only.

If you think it was only her DUI arrest to lead her to rehab, you are wrong. It wasn’t the first brush of the actress with the rehab. In 2010, she was Montana was inspired to check into a 30-day inpatient program specializing in anger management and other behavioral issues. It was after she got into a brawl with her ex’s lover. The actress’s attorney told her that it was her path to recovery.

Her Rehab Recovery was Expensive

The rehab programs that she attended were expensive. She entered the resort-style Wavelengths Recovery facility in Huntington Beach, California. It was a luxury detox that included all the amenities, such as residential and outpatient treatment facilities. This place catered to A-list clientele. A news channel revealed that it charged $30,000 per patient.

Lately, not much is known about the actress, except on her Instagram, where she remains quite active and posts pictures and stories regularly. We hope this article gave you enough insight into her life and the sex-tape case leaked a lot a decade ago.

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