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50 Minecraft Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Yes, we are going to discuss your favorite game today. You must all enjoy Minecraft, as evidenced by the fact that you’ve come here to discover more about it. Minecraft allows us to explore infinite universes and construct everything from modest houses to gigantic fortresses. There’s a lot more to the game that people enjoy, so we’ve put up a list of not just a handful, but a total of 50 Interesting Minecraft facts players would appreciate knowing about, and you probably didn’t know about them.

Top 50 Minecraft Facts that will blow your Mind

Here are 50 Cool Minecraft facts you probably didn’t know about that can assist you to get more out of the game and hopefully blow your mind.

1. Minecraft commenced as a little home experiment, and its creator Markus Persson, popularly known as Notch in the gaming industry, had doubts about the game’s popularity. We can all see how popular the game is now.

2. Minecraft was almost nicknamed Cave Game, but that doesn’t quite sound right. Well, we all like ‘Minecraft’ isn’t it?

3. Cats are known to have nine lives, but they appear to have more in Minecraft. They appear to take no injuries no matter how hard they hit.

4. Endermen are immune to being attacked with snowballs or eggs.

5. By erecting invisible barriers, you can keep people from crossing the world’s boundary.

6. Creepers don’t have hands, but they can climb ladders with ease.

7. Even if thunderstorms strike during the day, you can sleep through them.

8. When staring through ice, it is extremely difficult to see water in the game.

9. In the game, avoid eating raw chicken because it can make you sick. We’re talking about getting poisoned here.

10. If we’re talking about food, another fact to consider is that you can consume spider’s eyes if you so desire.

11. Minecraft boats can be destroyed by arrows, although boats will not shatter if they strike soul sand.

12. Who doesn’t believe diamonds are pricey? In the Minecraft universe, though, pumpkins are essentially more expensive than white diamonds since they are difficult to reach by.

13. Another pumpkin fact: in the game, if you need to smash a pumpkin, use an axe. You were presumably aware of this.

14. Always choose a sword if you’d like to quickly cut a melon.

15. A coding blunder given rise to the Creeper. It was later confirmed that the error had occurred, and the iconic creepers were formed.

16. Red flowers are more difficult to come by than yellow flowers for some cause.

17. Wear a pumpkin on your head if you want to be invisible to Endermen, and you’ll be OK.

18. Also, if you’ve ever wondered what the sounds made by Ghasts are influenced by, they were produced by a cat.

19. You could place a pumpkin on the head of a snow golem to see the old texture; if you try this, please let us know how it goes.

20. The shopkeepers in the game ‘Dungeon Master’ inspired the villagers.

21. An abandoned texture for a ‘Angry Faced Villager’ may be found in the Minecraft game files.

22. Any adjacent mobs can be attacked by a Vindicator named ‘Johnny’ with a name tag.

23. A random bot will display in the bottom right corner of the latest minecraft PC launcher if you hover over the play button.

24. In the background of the Minecraft 1.6 version poster, there was a ‘blue road villager,’ which was never seen in the game.

25. Because it was the sole material available in the pre-classic game, Sapling was the first item added to Minecraft.

26. If you drop from a reasonable height onto a bed in Minecraft 1.12, the bed will essentially absorb some of the injury, which implies you won’t lose much health.

27. When wooden planks were first introduced to Minecraft, they looked very different from what they do now.

28. A lead can be used to tow a horse from a boat on the water.

29. TNT does no damage to the surrounding terrain when it explodes in lava.

30. While wearing diamond armor, zombies have a 0.04 percent chance of spawning.

31. TNT was activated in the early days of Minecraft by just punching it, which is fascinating, isn’t it?

32. Also, in the past, only gunpowder was referred to as ‘Sulfur.’

33. Cobblestone was also used to make stone slabs in the earlier.

34. When snow golems are on solitary sand, they do not leave snow trails.

35. Sugarcane was once known as reeds.

36. Pigs are capable of climbing vines and ladders.

37. The red stone’s strength is determined by the music disc you put in the jukebox.

38. You always pick up items in the sequence in which they were thrown.

39. The surface of Mesa bio mes generates all materials.

40. If the fishing rod arrives on land, it will incur a twofold impact with a durability damage.

41. Looking up from below, you can’t see the fire.

42. The Minecraft title screen’s background was originally just a dirt background.

43. When staring up at clouds, you can’t see through them, but when you’re above them, you can.

44. A creeper will drop a random music disc if a skeleton kills it.

45. When you’re experiencing the blindness effect, you can’t sprint at all, which makes sense.

46. You can only sprint for 30 seconds straight.

47. Enderman had green eyes when he first appeared. Ender’s Land mobs now have purple eyes, yet they still only strike when provoked by a player.

48. Workbench was the previous name for the crafting table in Minecraft, where players manufacture a variety of goods and materials.

49. Every 10,000 times you play Minecraft, the main menu will display a typo of the game’s title, such as “Minceraft” instead of “Minecraft.”

50. Creepers are afraid of Ocelots.

Well, there you have it, a few Minecraft facts that were fascinating to discover and even more fascinating to share with you. The game will get more interesting now, hopefully. Well, of you are an expert Minecraft player (Pro) you must already be aware of most of the facts. If you’ve tried it or know of any facts that we didn’t include, please let us know in the comments area below.

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