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Meet Marjorie Elaine Harvey: Steve Harvey’s Doting Wife

Steve Harvey is a famous personality worldwide. His fans know him as a lovable and hilarious character in front of the camera and over radio airwaves. But beyond hosting gigs and putting his audience in splits, the comedian is also all about his personal life. He calls his wife, Marjorie Harvey, the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Even after so many years of marriage, the couple seems to do better and stronger. So, who is Marjorie Harvey, and what does she do?

Here’s everything to know about the lady love of Steve Harvey.

Who is Marjorie Harvey?

Marjorie grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. She is a fashion designer and blogger who leads a non-profit youth organization.


She is known for her elegance and beauty as the owner of the fashion and lifestyle website, The Lady Loves Couture. The lady started her brand in 2014. Many brands and designers seek her to sport their latest runway looks and bring beautiful and stylish pieces to the market.

The Most Memorable First Meeting

How many couples cherish the moment they first met their partner? The story of this couple’s first meeting is the most beautiful thing you will read today.

It begins back in 1990. At that time, Steve was doing his stand-up gigs at a comedy club in Memphis. One night, Marjorie came to watch him perform. She showed up late for the event. While making her way to the seat in the front row, Steve stopped his performance and started staring at her. Marjorie thought the comedian would give her the business on why she was so late for the show. On the contrary, Steve stood silently and kept looking at the lady.

He then blurted out in front of the crowd, “I am sorry, I do not know who this is, but I am going to marry her”.

He was right, but it would not happen for a while yet. Both of them found an instant connection with each other. But at that time, Steve was still married. Marjorie once mentioned how he disappeared out of the blue after their meeting. To this Steve said, when Marjorie first came into his life, he was not properly settled with his career or finances.

The couple was destined to meet again as fate brought them back together in 2005. This time, Steve’s second marriage had ended, and his run on the popular sitcom, The Steve Harvey Show, was also over. Steve and Marjorie dated for two years. He finally fulfilled his promise of marrying his lady love. The couple diet the knot on the 25th of June, 2007.

It Was Not Marjorie’s First Marriage

Steve Harvey is not the first husband of Marjorie. She married twice and had three children before settling down with the comedian.

Her first marriage took place in the late 1990s with Jim Townsend. Following his criminal records, the woman cut all ties with him and divorced him while he was serving five years of imprisonment.

Her second husband, Darnell Woods, became the father of her three children. Darnell was nothing less than a mystery. The information about her second marriage is limited, and the woman also remained silent on the topic.

Harvey, too, married twice before tying the knot with Marjorie. He has seven children: two daughters and one son from his first marriage; and a son from his second marriage.

What Does Marjorie Do?

Marjorie is a multi-talented person and has many feathers in her cap. She is the founder of the fashion and lifestyle brand The Lady Loves Couture. She is also the co-founder of The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation. The foundation provides youth outreach services, helping cultivate the next generation of responsible leaders by providing education enrichment, mentoring, life transformation skills, and global service initiatives.

Marjorie is extremely passionate about travel and adventures. She is called the Queen of Slay-Cations. The couple has successfully climbed Australia’s Sydney Harbor Bridge, cruised the Mediterranean by yacht, made friends with many parrots in the Dominican Republic, and vacationed their hearts out through Italy.

In 2019, the couple even embarked on an emotional pilgrimage ‘home’ to Ghana.

Things you Didn’t Know About Marjorie Harvey

Here are some little-known things about Marjorie Harvey.

She Belongs to Mixed Ethnicity

Marjorie was born on the 10th of October, 1964. Her mother is Doris BriCarrer while her father’s name is not disclosed.

Marjorie is a Drop Out

Although Marjorie attended the University of Memphis for graduation, she soon dropped out due to a bad report.

Her Two Ex-Husbands Were Criminals

Both the exes of the woman were notorious criminals. Both were involved in the smuggling of drugs. Her first husband, Jim L. Townsend, was even caught smuggling cocaine and was imprisoned after that.

Steve Proposed to Marjorie in a Hotel in Mexico

The proposal of marriage between the couple took place in Mexico. Steve took his lady love to Cabo, where he had planned to pop the question. The couple checked into their hotel. At that time, Marjorie was too sleepy, yet the comedian convinced her to go to dinner in a private room inside a wine cellar. It is where the comedian proposed to her, and she said YES.

Marjorie is a Comedian

Like her husband, Marjorie, too, tried her luck in comedy.

When Marjorie was Awarded an Honor

Marjorie Harvey is well-known for her philanthropic nature and charity work. In 2019, she was named Woman of Excellence honoree at the Ladylike Foundation Luncheon.

When Marjorie Divulged her Thoughts on the Divorce Rumors

Like other couples, Marjorie and Steve, too, have been subject to divorce reports. However, the woman shunned these reports and said, We’re good – always. We’re prayed up, prayers work, and we’re covered.

The Husband Penned Down a Heartfelt Note for her Wife

Even after a decade of their marriage, Steve and Marjorie are going strong as ever. Recently, the husband penned a heartfelt 15th-anniversary letter to the wife. It reads:

“I owe you a debt of gratitude because you simply changed my life. If people get tired of hearing me say that, that’s okay. It doesn’t change the facts. You are the single biggest reason outside of God’s grace that I am where I am today. You are the one”.

We wish the couple a life full of love, laughter, and a happily-ever-after.

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  1. I really hope she does a movie about her life, 2 husband’s drug dealers in a cuzing of one of the dealers in she had a famous bar the Gov took it a NBA player got it back from her I think she is the plug.

  2. Marjorie and Harvey are blessed by God. They love their creator. Both of them are fighters and when they believe, and have faith they know that all things are possible. The love that they share for each other and God guide them daily. They are warriors, strong and ready to battle to preserve what they have struggled to attain. The strong relationship with God and a lasting relationship with each other.

  3. I loved this story about Mr. Harvey and his stunning wife, Steve has always been my mentor, I was once watching the Steve Harvey show, and I heard him say it’s ok to date someone from online, just be careful. Well I’ve tried it and just about everyone I’ve met take online dating as a joke.. But as of today I still date guys online but, I don’t take them serious because they don’t take it serious… I’m 60 I work hard and play hard… I’m still waiting for my love…

    • Perhaps you haven’t tried doing some different things. I suggest that you contact me, my name is Pauline Murry & I am 65. I think we can come up with things that might interest us both. Gonna share my info to you , which I don’t do, don’t like Facebook, or any of the sites to get to know someone. I read what you wrote and thought I’d try this one time so here it goes. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. That was a heart full story your my inspiration Steve one of those with your wife very good .you guys are awesome I met a guy that he’s my angel cause he almost lost his life and we connect so good but we’re friends I have alot on my plate and I’m scared to follow my heart I wish you guys the best of luck for your future your a good looking couple

    • Yes they are.
      Love all of Steve shows he keeps you laughing.
      His wife is into fashion. I love fashions. If you send out fashion magazines please send me one.

  5. I will never condone a marriage such as this one! I don’t believe God would you marry that many times and have all them children with different Daddies nor impressive at all!

      • Steve does not have 7 kids from a few women. He and Marjorie have 7 kids total. Her 3 and His 4 from previous marriages.

          • He may not have been a good husband but he is a extremely good father all the kids love him from past an present marriage an every marriage that is put together isn’t from God how you know this one is the one God picked. Stop hating on.people happiness. Try God yourself

      • God is the best makeover artist. Their costed are happy. And Marjorie, through the power of the Holy Spirit, was the one who made it so. That’s one of the reasons he appreciates her so much. All the children are thriving.. Many of these negative comments show that the people writing them have not experienced challenging circumstances, which then allow God to redeem, save, heal, and create beautiful relationships.

    • But it’s okay to have many children with different mommies? Who should she be trying to impress anyway? At least she wasn’t their baby mama. She was married to them.

      • I’m happy, if you two are happy! It seems as though you are in love! We’re not suppose to look back at the pass, because God wants us to live for today! LOVE is the key, that unlocks the door; so Steve and Marjorie seems like they have that key, and they’re not letting it go!!❤️ I love it!! Be blessed Harvey’s and always keep God 1st in your life! 💕💕

    • The Lord has brought them together with or without kids. Three marriages or one doesn’t matter they are happy and have worked hard for their success. They plowed forward took a chance and the almighty show their sincereity and made it happen. Lots of Luck to the happy couple True Love comes around only once

      • Terry how about if they don’t have any skeletons , in there closet then open their door! Until then don’t judge or throw the stone! That part!

    • Keep your negative comments too yourself you aint nobody special if you dont have nothing nice yoo say then stfu hater an get a life

    • I am happy to know that Steve and Marjorie are happy with one another God bless them and for those who say negative things towards them you need to get a life Steve Harvey wrote a book out and my husband and I lived across the street from one another I met him one month and July coming from visiting my family at a wedding in Albany and a month later I ran into him again he gave me both his home and cell number and ask for mine he stated to me that he’s not going to let me get away this time and he said if he have a chance he will make me his wife and so he did I said to him I’m going to be on the radio after 7 you can call me I opened up for Doctor love moving forward we both had the book think like a man but act like a lady we fell immediately in love dated for 2 years after 2 years he proposed to me and we were married August 31st 2016 we have many challenges and trials and tribulations but we’re still holding on to one another thank you Steve Harvey for the advice that you have written and that you always given daily God bless you and may you and your wife have longevity and your children and family as well

  6. Both Steve and Marjorie deserve God’s Blessings. Their work with the Nation’s youth should be commended and encouraged. May they always rely on and receive the Guidance they seek!
    More of us should emulate them.

  7. Word out is that he loves her, but she loves an ex, who is the love of her life, a real man. One who is out of jail. Women love that type. Not easily gotten over. But Steve is delusional, it is alleged.

  8. “Such A Beautiful Queen Pin At The Top Of Her Game…She’s Running “Her” Empire Again…Mrs. Harvey Has The “World” At Her Feet..She Has Successfully “Reinvented” Her Prior Life Without Blinking..”What Or Who Can Stop Her?”..Salute Mrs. Harvey For A Job Well Executed.

  9. Well, even though I’ve never thought Steve to be a good comedian, his life with Marjorie as his wife is definitely a game changer. They appear to be as beautiful together as it gets. Because of their marriage, I actually think he’s a better comedian and person on general. Prayers for your continued success Mr.and Mrs Harvey. The World is actually better with the two of you in it.

  10. People evolve and change, that is why we need God’s grace! Her marriages were when she was a young woman, when we know better we do better.

  11. We (All) have done well in our lives somehow, but the bad does seem to follow some of us forever. They look like lovely couple, I would just like to say to Mrs. Harvey, you are a beautiful women 😍 there is no need to have the desire to be half dress to be noticed

  12. Proving putting God first always prevails. We all have a past. And we are all given a Measure of Faith how we develop it it’s up to us and God gives us the results. Congratulations you two!

  13. I had a chance to work with their non-profit organization, “Girls who rule the world” and it was enlightening! She and The family were very nice! They even let me ride with them to a venue! I pray the marriage continues to prosper!

  14. I have a problem, with Steve’s talk and innuendos.I have ready people think he is a Godly man, but I see&hear in Godly talk, to the point I have been u listening to him.
    I pray he changes, because he has sure been Blessed .He could be so damaging to Satans kingdom, here on earth, if he was not so worldly.I am 🙏 for Steve.Were to be in this world, but not of.

  15. Well been honest. To me Marjorie, she fake as hell. She’s nice looking, fine as a MF. But she got Steve wrap around her finger. You don’t adopt grown-ass kids & give them your last name. At the end she gonna hurt him real bad.

    • You are soooo right on,who in there right evil mine set would do that,Majorie, yep it’s gone be a sad day,but you tight sir,they woman is fake,she has a criminal mind set,she was married to 2 smooth,criminals they taught her every thing she know,Steve not gone see it coming,but she is saying him up for the big fall,Majorie know what she doning,putting all her kids in Steve last name she knows it’s goning down she making sure Steve real kids ,his real blood line want inherited ,if anything if something happens to Steve, she show her hand long time ago she stop Steve real children’s from coming to Steve home,one Xmas she only brought gifts for her kids only, Marjorie is evil as Hell,she is a witch,you right,Sho holster
      If you live Steve,he ask you to take off the see threw dress,she refuse to do so,Red Flag, she not happy,with Steve,she was demage when he got her she saw a Beatdown,man like Steve,she took advantage of it.she was married to one drug dealer, then she Married another drug dealer, Steve is her number 3 Drug dealer,but he not a drug dealer in her little mind set he really is ,she just sooo smooth with it he can’t see it, she doning lots of crazy stuffs to get the deals on the business they have goning on now, her yourgest daught Lori , Marjorie want her to be like her, she break up with every man she date,cause Marjorie want her to be like her,I don’t think Lori want to be like her mom but she been given instructions on what to do, yes I believe hard, and deep Marjorie setting Steve Harvey up,he see it ,and he knows something is coming, Steve problem is ,he don’t want to Remarried any more and Marjorie knows that,cause he repeat it all the time,Red flag. He knows it’s not what it should be, she keep changing his style of clothes,from long coats to short coats dress suit,Red flag,she ongoing trying to change him, she not happy with who he is,he knows this, but Steve is willing to continue to bet on the Farm,he knows she a smooth criminals,get real she was married to not one drug dealer but 2 she can’t get him to change,she don’t love him ,she Marjorie only there for game, money good time like she did her other 2 drugs dealers husband’s, Steve May not be a drug dealer but he is her next Fall guy The FOOL, he not gone see it coming that Fast,he knows it’s there,STEVE GET OUT NOW ,Take her kids out of your name They not your Blood line,FOOl

      • You need too get a life you are a hater an miserable an just sad with your comment find something safe to do an clean your house if your bored haven’t your mother taught you better than that if you dont have nun nice to say then stfu you aint nobody special Sharron miserable Mannis

      • Amen!u r so on point. The feds were about to get her also
        I’m from Memphis and we all know about her. Y’all don’t! She sold drugs also. She wanted the rich life and now she got the real one. Stupid Steve
        She sure landed a real one this time!and still loves her x ! Y’all gone see.

  16. This lady inspires me. She gorgeous, smart, survived two bad marriages and her skin… wow just perfect! I would watch a movie of her life for sure.

  17. I say congratulations to all good marriages regardless of who you are. To me all have trials and tribulations and everything is not always as it appears. I can smile everyday and be a millionaire tomorrow but that doesn’t tell my story. Stay blessed everyone.

  18. They are made for each other no matter about his or her past life it is the here and now they are in love I pray that their union succeed

    • Everyone has a past.There are lessons you learn in this life. Their past life created their future life. Seek and ye Shall
      Knock and the door Shall be open. Marjorie and Steve was knocking at the same time.
      May the Creator continue to bless their union.

  19. I personally am happy for them both and think they are a beautiful couple. I don’t know them to judge their life. I expect negative comments but and do not understand why there are so many. And this includes the writer who decided to point out Majorie’s past relationships. Her relationships are not who she is but where she was. If you are a black southern woman especially back then most woman did not set out to date a drug dealer. Just like most drug dealers didn’t say I’m going to grow up and be a drug dealer. It happened because of the environment they had no choice to grow up in. So stop it!

  20. The Devil comes to kill steal and Destroy.Their the power couple 🙏🏿💪🏾🖤 What God has joined not a Devil in hell can tear it apart.Steve and Marjorie is Good and gon be even Better 💯All haters need to just take a seat 🪑 before you fall judging.

  21. Marjorie comes across as pretentious. Steve Harvey is mesmerized by her “beauty “. He alleged abandoned his family and took his son from his birth mother. His fortunes allowed him to hire the best team of lawyers. They truly deserve each other. He is not the type of man that attracts her. That is why she reinvented him..created a look that would not make her cringe!

  22. He needs God in it because Steve know he married to a gold digger.¹All the bad things he done to his previous wife’s will catch up with him.Please treat your own children right ,and don’t put her kids up on no pedestal. Show love to your daughters and own son.Her kids just wants your name and money’s. Also, don’t be no fool for that woman she show you what she want you to see and believe. You should pray everyday. Steve you know what you got in a wife’s and everyone else does to. Now, I been real watch your money’s man be smart and leave a Will.

  23. I never tire of hearing how STEVE AND MAJORIE GOT TOGETHER!!!! I think their story is UNIQUE but shows if LOVE is really what you want NEVER STOP taking that chance it may be the next person that shows up late but right on time!!! HOLLA!!!

  24. We have no right to jude them. None of us are perfect.
    I love the fact that God is in their life.
    We all fall short sometimes.

    Steve said he was going to Marry her someday well, He did . They are happy why not support them.
    Steve really don’t care about
    The negativity. He is living his best life.
    Marjorie, have the gift to dress, she have that gift.
    Let’s be happy for our African American couple.
    Remember no one is perfect. God is love and they are in love.Blessing to Them. Psalms 91..

  25. Gift of getting men with money! And her daughter really thinks she’s his daughter. You never hear about Steve’s children??? Lorie has come in and took over. I hate men like Steve. Stupid over a good piece. She is blessed because the feds tried to get her but she slipped away..

  26. I’m giving this a shot & hoping & alittle praying that this may go & grow. Not gonna say to much more because I’d rather here more from you. I may not be what you’re interested in but am not here to hurt you because I don’t want to be hurt. Let’s start out getting to know each other, do some things we both like and/or try each other’s likes. I think it’s better being friends first. We taken chances @ other things , now it’s time to add one more even if it’s just for the experience.

    This reply is going out to: Cassandra Guillory


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