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Meet Kendall Jenner’s Boyfriend Devin Booker

Kendall Jenner is a stunning model who is regarded as one of the best in the world. Many people are curious about her current relationship status regarding Devin Booker. Is it true that she’s dating, or is it simply a rumor?

Being a celebrity means that your dating life will be the subject of numerous rumors. So, let’s go into the specifics of the basketball player’s relationship with the famous model.

Kendall Jenner isn’t as transparent about her relationship as other celebs; she prefers to keep things private, although it does come out occasionally. To be pretty clear, she has been dating Devin Booker for almost a year. And they announced it a long time ago.

Little About Devin Booker

Let’s explore a little about Devin Booker before we get into Kendall and Devin’s relationship. And it’s probably that’s why everyone’s around. Devin Armani Booker is a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association for the Phoenix Suns. Melvin Booker, a former basketball player, is his father.

Kendall has been really supportive throughout Devin’s career. Jenner congratulated her boyfriend on his Olympic gold medal in the US team’s triumph over France on her Instagram Story on August 7. Though they weren’t that transparent before regarding their relationship, but now they are!

Closer Look At Kendall’s & Devin’s Relationship

On Valentine’s Day in February 2021, Kendall and Booker gave the audience a closer glimpse at their romance. She used Instagram Stories to share a photo of herself cuddling with him on her kitchen counter. The image is absolutely adorable. They’ve gone to a number of parties, events, and other activities together.

‘365’ Days Of Their Relationship

The couple has been dating for more than a year. What evidence do we have for this? Jenner marked her one-year anniversary with the athlete by posting a variety of sneaky pictures to her Instagram Story with the simple statement “365.”

In one photo, the two were seen cuddling on a private jet, while in another, they were seen entertaining Booker’s dog, Haven. Devin Booker was also tagged in the Instagram story. They just hint at their connection in minor ways. They are currently both private and transparent related to their relationship.

Devin Celebrated Kendall’s Birthday

This has recently been discussed in a number of media outlets. Devin shared a touching tribute to Kendall on his Instagram Stories for her 26th birthday.

Devin remarked, “Most beautiful woman,” as he uploaded a snapshot of him smiling and gazing at Kendall, who was facing away from the camera. That was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Kendall is in love, and the rest of the world now knows it. Devin Booker, on the other hand, has finally found love. And they both undoubtedly make a cute pair.

What do you think? They encourage each other and are truly glad for one other’s accomplishment. We’re hoping for a long-term relationship over here! For more gossips like this, stay tuned with us!

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