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15 Interesting Facts About Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees is a fictitious character from the horror film franchise Friday the 13th. He made his first appearance as the little son of camp cook-turned-killer Mrs. Voorhees in Friday the 13th, played by Ari Lehman. Whether following and slaughtering other characters or posing as a psychological menace to the protagonist, the creature has primarily served as an antagonist in the movies. “He’s not real,” everyone thinks after watching Friday the 13th and attempting to fall asleep. The character enthralled us, and there’s a lot more to him than most people realize; there’s so much about him that we’ve discovered in order to share it with you, even though we were inquisitive about him as well.

15 Interesting Facts About Jason Voorhees

Here’s a rundown of 15 mind-blowing Jason Voorhees facts to help you understand more about him. Here’s what we didn’t know about the most terrifying killer till date. For those who haven’t seen the movie yet, the additional information may include spoilers.

1. Jason Was Nearly Given The Name Josh!

Let’s start with the fact that Jason was almost given the name Josh. Consider the name “Josh Voorhees,” which we couldn’t abide because we are so habitual of the name Jason. Mr. Voorhees was named after a student who had tormented him at school, since screenwriter Victor Miller recognized this first name as a horrible idea.

2. Jason Was Recommended To Remain Deceased

Following the production of the Friday the 13th movies, it was clearly stated that Jason Voorhees would be completely deceased during the occurrences of Part 4. This is compounded by the fact that he was substituted by a copycat killer in Part 5. Without him, the film franchise would be incomplete.

3. Jason Was Never Supposed To Be The Center Of Attention

Friday the 13th was supposed to be an anthology series initially. Each movie would have taken place on Friday the 13th, apparently. But, after Jason’s horrific reappearance at the conclusion of the first movie, Jason not only became the series’ center, but the date in the name became a important part. Now that he’s a star, the movie isn’t as interesting without him, as to how a killer gained popularity.

4. Jason Didn’t Get His Mask Until The 3rd Part

Everyone who has seen the movie knows that Jason didn’t obtain his scary hockey mask until the third installment of Friday the 13th. Jason had been wearing either no mask at all or a sack on his head with only one eye opening up until that time. Shelly, a teen from part 3, had a luggage full of strange silly prank props, toys, and costumes. Jason decides to take the goalie mask as one of the props and wore it.

5. Someone Attempted To Steal Kane Hodder’s Mask

Kane Hodder, the longest-running Jason in film history, is well-known to fans of the Friday 13th franchise. “I was outside alone getting ready for the shot, sitting on a bench, with the mask off,” Kane explained. Just then, this stranger comes by and tries to steal it! I don’t know if he knew the value of it, but he tried to make a getaway with my prized possession. I grabbed him, and he took a swing at me! So I punched him on the side of the head, and he went down so hard he hit his head on the curb.”

6. Regarding Jason’s Father

Jason, without a doubt, has a father. Jason’s father emerges out to be an alcoholic who is abusive and obese. He allegedly used to assault Pamela while she was pregnant. This could explain why Jason was born with so many birth problems. He did, after all, appear in the comics.

7. Kane Hodder Frightened Residents Attired As Jason

Jason is feared by all. Apart from the mask theft, there was another incident with Kane. Hodder was confronted by a local who asked if he was with the Friday the 13th production while heading past from filming at 2:00 a.m. on a dirt road. Keep in mind that Kane was decked up in full Jason costume. The local got so terrified that he stumbled over his own feet and ran away. If we had been present, we would have been terrified as well.

8. Jason Was Also Portrayed By A Female

Yes, there was a time when Jason was played by a woman. Ellen Lutter, the film’s costume designer, appears in the opening scenes of Jason in Friday the 13th Part 2. Even if it’s only her legs in the view, the fact that the Jason we’re witnessing isn’t the Jason we’re familiar to is a fascinating concept.

9. Before Freddy, Jason Battled Leatherface

Crystal Lake is contaminated with hazardous waste, and this bothers Jason for some purpose. So Jason boards a train bound for Texas, where he encounters Leatherface, who welcomes him to his family. Everything ultimately goes downhill, allowing us to witness the dramatic clash between the two.

10. Jason’s Mother Assists Him In Killing

If you’ve seen the movie, you’re probably aware that Jason orders his mother to murder from beyond the cemetery. With the words ‘Kill’ and ‘Mom’ focused in on, Manfredini developed something that appealed into Pamela’s troubled thinking. Whispering into the microphone and altering the audio.

11. Jason Isn’t The First Villain To Appear On The Movie

As we all know, Jason isn’t the first evil in the Friday the 13th franchise, but he is by far the most popular. He is one of three antagonists in the critically praised franchise. Pamela Voorhees, heartbroken over her son’s death, has taken it upon herself to slaughter anybody who enters Camp Crystal Lake.

12. Many Actors Have Taken On The Role Of Jason

As previously stated, Jason was also played by a woman, although he has also been performed by a variety of individuals. Well, congrats to the actors who were cast in the role of the legendary serial killer. Kane Hodder is one of the actors that has performed the character the most.

13. Victor Miller’s Kept His Sons Name

Jason Voorhees was named after Victor Miller’s children, which is a fascinating detail regarding his name. Jason resembled a cross between Josh and Ian. As a consequence, Jason Voorhees was formed, a name that is generally considered as scary. Everyone agreed that it was the ideal fit for the character.

14. Jason Battled Many Terror Legends

In the guise of Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash, the movie had a sequel. Not only did Jason Voorhees battle the nightmare demon, but he also battled the king personally. In the movie Freddy vs. Jason, he battled Freddy Krueger, which is the most prominent example.

15. Jason Was On The Verge Of Becoming Rambo

In Jason Lives, Jason encounters a bunch of paintballers. Instead, these individuals were supposed to be hunters. Murdering them would have provided Jason with a large arsenal of weapons. Thankfully, someone recognized that Jason carrying a gun was inappropriate for the character. It would have been even terrible than the machine gun-wielding zombie.

So, there you have it, some fascinating facts about the fanatical killer Jason Voorhees. If you know of any other facts about Jason that we didn’t cover, you could let us know in the comments area.

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