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Is Walgreens Open on Christmas? Holiday Hours Explored

There are high chances you are going to need Walgreens to get things on very short notice this Christmas as there’s plenty to keep track of on the holiday. So, is Walgreens open Christmas 2022, and what are the opening & closing hours on December 24th & 25th?

From the missing grocery items for your big Christmas feast to decorations, last-minute gifts, party items, and even prescribed medicines, everything is available at your nearby Walgreens. The store always makes sure that every celebration goes as planned.

If you need anything urgently on a special occasion, Walgreens is the first name that pops up in your mind. However, many businesses and services are closed on Christmas as it’s the biggest national holiday of the year.

Is Walgreens Open on Christmas Day 2022?

Yes, Walgreens will be open on Christmas 2022 and won’t be taking a day off, unlike many other stores. A company representative has confirmed to us that most Walgreens stores will be open on Christmas Day and will be operating at an adjusted schedule.

This is to make sure that their customers don’t have to face any nuisances while making sure that their staff gets sufficient time to spend with their loved ones. If you need anything for your Christmas celebrations at the last minute, you can go to Walgreens.

What are the Walgreens Working Hours on Christmas?

According to the update shared by the representative, most Walgreens stores will open during reduced hours on Christmas Day 2022. You can visit the store between 9 AM and 6 PM at most locations while some will also stay open till 8 PM.

The 24-hour Walgreens locations and 24-hour pharmacies will also remain open. However, the hours may vary based on locations and many of them will be closed at certain hours. The pharmacy hours also vary according to store locations.

It’s better if you can make a call and ask about the closing hours of your nearby Walgreens store before heading out of your house. You can also use their store locator tool to find the nearby one.

What About the Same Day Delivery and Pick-Ups?

Walgreens is also keeping Same Day Delivery orders and Pick-Ups live on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 2022. However, you must place the orders before 7 PM local time for the Same Day Delivery in as little as one hour on December 24th.

And, you need to place your Same Day Delivery orders before 4 PM local time at most locations on Christmas Day. For pickup, you need to place your orders at least an hour before the Walgreens store closes.

Walgreens Opening & Closing Hours on Christmas Eve 2022

Walgreens will stay open during regular hours on Christmas Eve 2022. However, some locations will operate on an adjusted schedule will reduced hours to allow their staff to get quality time to prepare for Christmas.

The pharmacy hours also vary by location on Christmas Eve. Most stores will be closing early to get ready for the grand celebrations to begin across the nation. If you are going out late, it’ll be better if you can make a call to the nearby store and confirm specific hours.

That’s all for this story. May you have a safe and healthy Christmas!

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