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Is McDonald’s Open on Christmas 2023? Business Hours Explored

McDonald’s is the perfect place to go with your loved ones and munch on your favorite food items on holidays, and Christmas would be no different. Find out if McDonald’s restaurants, Drive-Thrus, and cafes will open on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve 2023.

If you are hosting a grand Christmas dinner or visiting at one on December 25, then there is a great chance that your stomach will be growling with hunger during the daytime. This is because dinner usually takes place late and you still need something in the daylight.

And, on December 24, you’ll be out prepping up for Christmas with last-minute shopping having no time to prepare lunch. The solution for these problems is one- McDonald’s. You can just visit them and satisfy your hunger with yummy fast food items.

Is McDonald’s Open on Christmas 2023?

Yes. McDonald’s restaurants across the United States, and the U.K. will stay open on Christmas 2023. A company representative has confirmed the information to us. However, not all outlets will stay open due to their specific decisions.

Some McDonald’s will stay closed because their hosts are closed while others will be closed to give their staff much-deserved time off to spend with their loved ones. According to the official website, 93% of McDonald’s restaurants are run by independent owners. If you visit McDonald’s on Christmas you can submit your feedback on McDVoice.com website for exciting rewards.

This means a standard decision can’t be followed at all the locations. As a result, some McDonald’s will be open on Christmas while others will be closed. You must give a call to your nearby outlet before heading out to confirm it.

And, is McDonald’s Open on Christmas Eve 2023?

Yes. All McDonald’s locations will be open on Christmas Eve which falls on Sunday, December 24, 2023, this year. If you are outside and thinking about getting the Big Mac and Fries, you can visit the nearby McDonald’s location and satisfy your hunger.

McDonald’s restaurants and Drive-Thrus will be operational during regular weekend hours on Christmas Eve at most locations. However, some outlets will also be working on reduced hours. You’ll have to call at the respective restaurant and confirm their hours first.

McDonald’s Opening & Closing Hours for Christmas

McDonald’s restaurants usually open at 6 AM in the United States and remain open till 10 PM at most locations. Some locations even open at 5 AM while others open at around 8 AM and stay open till 11 PM or midnight. There are also stores that are open 24 hours a day.

However, on Christmas Day (December 25) and Christmas Eve (December 24), many McDonald’s locations will be working a custom schedule. The outlets may open late and will be open for reduced hours.

However, you can still visit most McDonald’s locations between 10 AM and 8 PM on both days. Still, we’d recommend making a call to your nearby McD and confirming the opening and closing hours with them.

This way, you can save yourself from the disappointment of looking at the closed door beneath the big golden arch. But, if you’re already out and your nearby McDonald’s is closed, there will be several other options available around you.

Many restaurants are completely operational on holidays to serve their customers who urgently need their services. You can give them a shot and who knows you might end up finding a new favorite.

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