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Is CVS Open on Christmas 2022? Opening and Closing Hours Explored

A visit to CVS can be required anytime and it’s often unforeseen. If you need to visit the nearby CVS Pharmacy, find out if the stores are open on Christmas Day (December 25, 2022) and Christmas Eve (December 24, 2022) before heading out.

The festive season can be hectic and it’s normal to forget to stock up on your prescriptions and beauty & wellness items. However, there’s no need to worry as CVS will be serving its customers on most holidays including Christmas and New Year.

If you want to buy your last-minute medicines, first-aid supplies, vitamin packs, snacks, or even party supplies, you can head over to your nearby CVS and get them quickly.

Is CVS Open on Christmas, December 25, 2022?

Yes. Almost all CVS store locations are open on Christmas which falls on a Sunday this time. The outlets will be operational during regular hours on the holiday while some stores may also follow a custom schedule on Christmas.

Some CVS stores might have different opening and closing hours while others will have closed sections of the store. For instance, the photo counter will be closed at some stores due to the holiday.

Most CVS locations will be open for 24 hours on the holiday but with reduced staff. There wouldn’t be many vehicles in the parking of the well-lit store but you can still grab your supplies like you normally would.

Is CVS Open on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2022?

Yes. CVS Pharmacy will be open on Christmas Eve 2022 without any change in the schedule. Most locations will be operational during regular business hours and you can stock up on your supplies for Christmas and even New Year in the evening.

CVS Opening and Closing Hours on Christmas 2022

Most CVS stores are open 24 hours on regular days and also follow the same schedule on Christmas as well as Christmas Eve. This means you can visit the nearby CVS store at any time without worrying if they are open or closed.

If you don’t know what’s your nearest location, you can also seek help from the CVS Store Locator. Just enter your ZIP code and the tool will explain the rest of the things. You can also make a call to the nearby store to confirm if they are open before heading out.

Remember that some CVS stores don’t open for 24 hours and follow different closing hours for different services. For instance, the store and photo hours usually end at 11 PM while Pharmacy hours end at 8 PM and the MinuteClinic hours are the first to end at 7:30 PM.

Will CVS MinuteClinic Open on Christmas?

MinuteClinic is a division for retail health-care inside CVS stores. If you are planning to visit MinuteClinic on Christmas, then there’s bad news for you. Most MinuteClinic locations will be closed on Christmas 2022, including the ones inside open CVS stores.

The good news is that you can visit MinuteClinic on Christmas Eve but some of the locations will be operating at reduced hours, especially the ones that stay open late at night. We’d strongly recommend calling them ahead before you head out.

You can also use CVS’s MinuteClinic locator if you don’t know which one should you visit.

That’s all for this quick guide. May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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