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How Long Do Cats Live?

Cats are precious. When you bring one home, you invite oodles of happiness in your life.

These fur balls are moody, eccentric, but very adorable and a loving pet. If you have got one or are thinking about making a feline a member of your family, you might be looking forward to knowing everything about them – their food habits, nature, and even their lifespan.

The life expectancy of any cat depends upon many factors, such as their health, diet, and the environment in which they thrive. According to a recent report, the average lifespan of a domestic cat is 12-14 years. However, some felines can outgrow this parameter and live up to 20 years.

The world record for the oldest cat goes to Crème Puff, a cat from Texas. It lived for 38 years. No other pet or wild cat has broken the record since then. What’s good is that the increasing veterinary care and awareness of good cat welfare have made many fur balls live longer than their expected lifespan.

Lifespans of Popular Cat Breeds

Not all cats share the same lifespan. Listed below are the average lifespan of some popular breeds.

American Shorthair – 15-20 years

Bengal Cat – 14-16 years

Burmese – 16-18 years

Calico – 12-15 years

Manx – 8-14 years

Maine Coon – 10-13 years

Persian – 10-17 years

Munchkin – 12-15 years

Ragdoll – 15-18 years

Russian Blue – 15-20 years

Siamese – 12-20 years

Savannah – 12-20 years

Sphynx – 10-15 years

What Happens When a Cat Ages? 

Aging in your feline may be characterized by many physical and behavioral changes. For instance, their skin gets thinner and less elastic. The blood circulation reduces, and your cat becomes prone to allergies and infection.

It is also important to note that older cats groom themselves less effectively than their younger counterparts. It may result in skin odor, hair matting, and even inflammation. The claws of aging cats get overgrown, brittle, and thick, and you may need to clip them more often.

Old cats tend to hear less than younger ones and often experience changes in their eyes, such as haziness, reduced vision, and others. Several diseases, particularly associated with high blood pressure can affect their eyesight severely. Older cats are also prone to many dental diseases. They eat lesser food than expected because of their teeth pain.

Here are the other things that may happen to your feline as it grows old.

  • Your feline may experience a decreased sense of smell, which may be partially responsible for the loss of interest in eating. This discomfort is often associated with dental disease.
  • The kidneys of your cats may undergo various age-related changes, kidney failure being the most common of all. Be careful about the kidney changes to spot the problem in its early stage.
  • If your cat suffers from degenerative joint disease or arthritis, know that it is aging. It may also experience difficulty gaining access to its litter box or water dish.
  • Hyperthyroidism, hypertension, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes mellitus, and cancer are other conditions that you should watch out for in your pet. Sometimes, these conditions may be seen in younger cats too.
  • Other behavioral changes and alterations in their personality, such as loss of memory, wandering, apparent disorientation, excessive meowing, and avoidance of social interaction are other signs that you must not turn a blind eye to while petting your cat.

What Factors Impact Life Expectancy in Cats?

Keeping aside the average life expectancy of a cat, many factors may affect its growth, quality of life, and lifespan. If you are a cat parent, take care of the below-listed considerations to ensure that your pet lives healthily for long.

Routine Medical Care is Important

Just like humans, animals, too, need routine medical care. Your cat would not come to you and complain that it is not feeling good. In many cases, you wouldn’t notice what is wrong with your cat until things have progressed to the point that it may get late for an effective treatment.

It is, therefore, essential to take your cat for routine care. When you take your pet to the vet, they examine their overall health and provide timely vaccines. These vaccines act as a preventive measure to protect them from diseases and infections.

Feed Them Good Food

Diet plays an essential role in the growth and nutrition of your cat. An ideal diet for cats includes moisture-rich food. There are many options available when buying food for your cat. The best deal is to discuss these various diets with your vet. The vet may also give recommendations of brands, products, and other details.

The Role of Exercise

Similar to humans, the benefits of exercise or active life extend to your pets too. Some cats are notoriously lazy. Too much laziness and a sedentary lifestyle are unhealthy for them. It is good to get your cat to exercise or stay active. You can keep them engaged with the many indoor games such as laser pointer, string game, or others.

Your cat will love to chase the laser pointer or catch the string you hang over them. Investing in a cat wheel or treadmill is an excellent idea if you want to take their fitness to another level,

Prevent their Boredom

Cats may look lazy and unbothered, but they need attention and affection from their owners. Thus, make it a point to spend a good portion of the day playing or spending time with your doting feline. You can buy them new toys, take them for walks, and provide climbing opportunities on cat towers.

Groom Your Feline

Grooming your feline now and then is another way to keep them healthy. Regular baths and cleaning for your cat ensure that their fur doesn’t house bacteria or germs. Usually, a cat cleans its fur by itself. But it is good to bathe them once every two weeks to keep them well-groomed. You may as well take them to a cat spa to do the needful.

Your cat is your best mate, take care of it.

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