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30 Fun Games To Play On Zoom

Who doesn’t love to play games in their free time? However, the ongoing pandemic has almost destroyed the option of playing physical games. But we are here with the best solution for the problem, i.e. 30 games to play on zoom. Yes, you heard it right, you can play games on the same app that you are currently using for your business meetings and online classes.

Doesn’t matter whether your mood is happy or sad, Zoom has something for every mood. You can try out these games with your college friends, office colleagues, or your family members. So, enough of talking, let go straight into mentioning 30 games to play on Zoom.

30 Games To Play On Zoom

Zoom has become one of the most used platforms during this ongoing coronavirus pandemic. If you talk about the numbers, as of July 2021, 9.9 trillion annual meeting minutes are hosted on zoom.

Nevertheless, let’s look at 30 games to play on zoom along with your friends and colleagues. We have tried to mention games for almost all genres so that none of you feel isolated.

1. Zoom Jeopardy

Zoom Jeopardy is very much similar to classic jeopardy, but with a little bit of virtual mix-up. While playing this game players can even learn about various interesting topics. Answer right to questions asked by the game master, and every right answer earns you points, whereas you lose points for every wrong answer. Just find 5-6 players, and get on with Jeo-party.

2. Virtual Murder Mystery Party

This interesting game can be played along with your coworkers. The gameplay is very simple, you have to solve a murder mystery and catch the killer from making his next move. This game is completely designed to improve the bonding and trust level between your team. This game also enhances the problem-solving ability of every team member. Just sign up with your team members and start solving mysteries.

3. Zoom Icebreaker Box

The Icebreaker Box is a perfect activity to enhance team bonding, employee engagement, and meeting productivity. Start your business meeting with a 10-minute Icebreaker in order to make your employees feel relaxed, and let them chat with each other. Your colleagues aren’t going to feel hungry during an important Zoom meeting. Enjoy a 60 seconds chill time on your way to ice-breaker heaven.

4. Virtual Comedy Hour

Virtual comedy hour is one of the best games on Zoom to improve co-workers and employees bonding with each other. Making someone laugh is the best way to improve your relationship with that person. Your team is going to love you for planning a virtual comedy hour to bring on laughter to their face. Head towards a website to book a virtual comedy hour for your team.

5. Coworker Feud

Work as a team to answer right to various survey questions before the timer runs out. The team with the right answer earns points. Whereas the team with the incorrect answer gets eliminated. It is a must-try game as it will get teammates talking and building chemistry between them.

6. Geoguessr Game

Roam around the world, without moving an inch from your office chair, with Geoguesser. This game is the perfect platform to check your geography knowledge and challenge your teammates in one on one matches. This game puts the brain at work and ensures your team is having a blast. You can click on this link to find every detail about Geoguessr.

7. Virtual Taboo

Virtual Taboo is an online team-building game, and it puts your team on work to guess the target word before the timer runs out. This game is mobile-friendly and the perfect platform to test your team word association and problem-solving skills. You can play this game by dividing your colleagues into two different teams with a couple of players up to a handful.

8. Crossword Puzzle

The crossword puzzle is the best game to put your brain on work and perform some mental yoga. The team is definitely going to love this game and the challenges that come along with it. But remember, this game is extremely addictive. The game teaches your team the importance of patience and helps in improving their bonding. Just invite your friends by clicking on the above link and start playing.

9. Virtual Game Show Night

Virtual Game Show Night contains different kinds of virtual activities in which you can involve your team, they are absolutely going to love it, and they will want to be a part of such activities every single night. This game helps coworkers to think out of the box and play as a team to solve problems. Undoubtedly, all players are going to have the time of their life by playing this game.

10. Werewolf

Werewolf is an interesting party game. The gameplay is very simple, your team will be divided into two groups and each member of the two teams will be ring different roles, and the last one standing wins the game. The only way to win this game is to play its strategically and with proper planning.

11. Skribbl.io

Skribble.io is one of the most popular games on our list. It is a multiplayer game where one player will draw a drawing as per the word given by the computer, and other players have to guess the word by looking at the drawing. The player with the most correct guesses wins the game, whereas the player with the least point gets eliminated.

12. Pasta Making Class

Wouldn’t it be cool to learn the making of the most famous Italian cuisine, Pasta between the free time that you get in your meetings? Pasta Making Class will teach you to make mouth-watering pasta and learn some other tips and tricks of cooking from chefs of different countries. Just submit the name of the dish that you want to prepare, and the chef will help you in preparation.

13. Virtual Wine Tasting

Want to make your online business meeting memorable? Try out the virtual wine tasting game in which your colleagues can enjoy an online wine tasting experience. Talk over glasses is always considered the most honest talk, your team will share their stories and the best things they have ever experienced.

14. Online Escape Room

The online escape room is an interesting virtual activity that you can do with your colleagues and coworkers. Everyone has to work as a team to escape the virtual rooms. Your team members have to solve different challenges in order to proceed further, i.e. go to the next room. Click on the above link for the signup, and get totally involved in an online escape room.

15. Hangman

Hangman is a very simple game that you can play on Zoom. The gameplay is also very simple, one player thinks of a word and tells the other player how many letters it is made up of, the other player will have to guess the exact word. Each correct answer gives you one point, whereas the wrong cancel brings you closer to being eliminated.

16. Kahoot

Kahoot is an online multiple-choice quiz game that you can play with your co-workers and fellow students. Being a student you can take the help of your teacher to increase the level and topics of the Kahoot. You can click on this link to know more about Kahoot.

17. Logo Quiz

Logo Quiz is a trivia game in which you have to guess the name of the company by looking at their logos. One can play this game using their colleagues or even family members during their free time. Go to the web if you are unfamiliar with any logo asked by the game.

18. Guess The Sound

Guess The Sound is a game that is specially designed for students. This game helps in enhancing the learning and listening skill of students. Being a teacher, you can take the help of this game and make your students listen to different sounds, ask them to identify them.

19. What’s The Question?

What’s The Question is a very interesting game that anyone of any age group can play. Just write down answers to some questions on a piece of paper and let the other player guess what could be the question of that answer.

20. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, paper, scissors, a game that we have all grown up playing. Now with the advancement of technology, one can play this game online. You can play this game on a zoom call with your friends, or even try this game with your computer by clicking on the link mentioned above.

21. Pictionary

Another OG game, that doesn’t need any introduction is Pictionary. This game allows you to showcase your art skills at a party. It’s very simple to play this game. First, divide players into teams. Team one will draw an item on the zoom whiteboard, and the team will have to guess that item. The team with the most guesses at the last wins the game.

22. Name, Place, Animal, Thing

We all have grown up playing this game on the back of our notebooks. Now with the advancement of technology, we can play the same game on Zoom call. The rules are very simple, just pick a letter for your opponent, and tell him to give a name place animal, and the thing that starts from that’s from that particular later. The team with the most point at the last wins the game.

23. Ghost Stories

Ghost stories don’t require any particular weather or timing, they can be shared anytime. But they are most impactful during Halloween and Christmas. Once everyone has settled on the Zoom call, you can ask everyone to share their ghostly experience one by one. The one that comes up with the scariest tale wins the game.

24. Spot the Difference

Spot the difference is a great option for people of all age groups. Again players into 2 teams. Both teams will start spotting the difference in one picture at the same time. And the team that sports all the difference first, wins the game.

25. Likes and Dislikes

Likes and Dislikes games are best to know your colleagues better. Just appoint a referee, and tell all the other participants to write down the likes and dislikes of their colleagues. In last, the referee will read out in front of everyone what are the likes and dislikes of a person.

26. Among US

Among Us is an in-trend game that you can play with your colleagues on Zoom call. The rules of the game are very simple. There will be one imposter, if you are a crewmate, then you will have to complete all the tasks while trying to figure out who is the imposter. And if you are the imposter, you will have to kill all the crewmates before they complete their task.

27. Musical Chairs

Yes, we know you won’t be able to dance around a circle of chairs on Zoom call. But there is still a way through which you can play musical chairs on zoom. Tell everyone to arrange chairs and start recording your zoom call. Play the music, and the last person to sit on the chair when the music stops lose the game. You can check the recording to find out who lost the game.

28. Scavenger Game

Scavenger Game is another popular option that you can play on Zoom call. All you have to do is create a list of items objects, and the other person on this home call will have to find all the items that you have listed in his house. The number of items that they can found in their house will be equal to the number of points they get. The person with the most point at the last wheels the game.

29. 5-Minute Presentation Night

In this fun game, everyone will have to decide on a topic of discussion. And further, create a PowerPoint slide discussing the chosen topic. For example, you can choose, Why Ross kissed Chandler’s mother”?

30. Laughing Game

The last name on our list of 30 games to play on Zoom is Laughing Game. In this game, all you have to do is control your laughter. Put on a laughter TV series or movie and the person who laughs first loses the game.

So, this was a complete list of 30 cool and fun games to play on Zoom. Let us know in the comment section which game you find the most interesting.

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