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Best Weekend Getaway Ideas in Australia

Australia is an impressively diverse continent, and there’s something for everyone. When the weekend comes, we all want to get away from the big city and breathe some fresh air, relax, and enjoy ourselves. There’s so much to do in Australia, but when it comes to forging ideas, we often get stuck.

If you feel this way, you should know that it is normal. Every activity seems like it’s not worth doing, it’s too far away, or something is stopping us from doing it. However, there are plenty of positive sides to all these stories, and you should focus on them.

Looking for ideas means you should always upgrade the list and come up with the best one of them all. That’s why we created a list of activities to help you make the perfect decision for the upcoming weekend. Keep reading and decide what the best weekend getaway idea is.

1. Wine tasting

Australia is known for its wine. It is among the top 10 countries in the world for producing, exporting, and consuming wine. That tells everything about this delicious drink. If you’re a wine lover, you might want to check the wine route of the country and have a different location for wine tasting every week.

There are many different vineyards that you can visit. Some areas are especially known for their production, and some are adjusted to accommodate tourists and allow them to enjoy some wine tasting. If you’re looking for ideas, you might want to check out Barossa Valley in South Australia or Margaret River in Western Australia. These are two locations you won’t regret visiting if you love wine.

2. Off-road driving

Off-roading is a popular weekend activity for many Australians. If you own a 4×4 UTE, like a Toyota, for example, with an excellent 79 series canopy that provides excellent storage, you’re ready to hit the off-road tracks.

Some people argue that off-road driving is boring, but it is different from ordinary driving on paved roads. Off-road tracks are specifically designed to provide various obstacles that drivers must solve to get from the beginning to the end.

Adventurers can enjoy fantastic sights, explore the wilderness, enjoy the untouched nature, and experience something new. Some of the best off-road tracks in Australia are the Canning Stock Route in Western Australia, The Old Telegraph Track in Queensland, and the Birdsville Track in South Australia and Queensland.

3. Hiking

Hiking is a wonderful activity for everyone who loves nature. Going on a lightweight hiking adventure during the weekend means spending time in nature with friends or family, but you also get to breathe fresh air, enjoy the sounds of nature, and see some fantastic sights.

Simultaneously, you’re activating your body and burning calories. In these times of working on desks and computers, we all need some physical activity. Try the Grampians Peak Trails in Victoria or Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory for some exclusive hiking experience.

4. Mountaineering

This one’s for those who love some more extensive physical activity. With mountaineering, you can climb mountains and enjoy the thrill of getting to the peak from where you can see everything below. People always say this feels like you’re on top of the world.

With many fabulous mountains on the continent, everyone can afford to enjoy a mountaineering experience if that is what they love. Don’t forget to get adequate equipment and spend some time on Mount Ossa in Tasmania or Mount Barney in Queensland.

5. Surfing

With oceans surrounding the country, it’s logical that surfing is among the most wanted attractions and activities for many people. Australia has a rich surfing culture and some of the best surfers and locations for surfing in the world.

The waves are stunning at the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, or Bells Beach, so if you’re looking for some top time spent in the water, you should visit these places. Surfing is among the best weekend getaway activities among Australians.

6. Wildlife spotting

Australia has some animals that only live on this continent and nowhere else. For example, the kangaroos, emus, koalas, dingoes, and the Tasmanian devil are some globally known and famous animals.

If you love wildlife, you can book a weekend at some of the most popular places where these animals roam freely through the vast lands. Think of the Grampians in Victoria, the Kangaroo Island in South Australia, or the Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania.

7. Cycling

Cycling is a specific sport or activity that millions of people worldwide enjoy, and Australians are also cycling lovers. Many places around the continent are excellent for practicing it.

If you live around the big cities of Sydney and Melbourne, you will find tons of locations where you and your friends can enjoy some cycling – for example, the Main Yarra Trail, the Narrow Neck, or the Manly Beach.

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